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The Recruit - Robert Muchamore

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20 Reviews

Author: Robert Muchamore / Format: CD-Audio / Genre: Children's General Fiction /Title: The Recruit / ISBN 13: 9781844564064 / ISBN 10: 1844564064 / 352 Pages / Book is published 2004-04-15 by Hodder Children's Books / Alternative title: The Recruit: Bk. 1 / Alternative ISBN 10: 0340881534

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    20 Reviews
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      23.06.2012 14:55
      Very helpful



      Brilliant story once you get past a few improbabilities.

      Although I really enjoyed Robert Muchamore's 'Henderson's Boy's" series, which is set in the second World War, I had no intention of reading the more modern Cherub series. The whole idea of using children as spies is just a bit far fetched, but in the first series, it all gets started by accident. You later have a very small group of orphans - usually from occupied France, who speak the language and can easily blend in. Another key factor in make this slightly more believable is the fact that it was a lot easier to keep secrets in wartime Britain. A closed off base with a few children could easily be kept secret although as their numbers grown the likelihood of someone spilling the beans grows too - you know what they say- three people can keep a secret - if two of them are dead.

      The whole idea behind the modern Cherub series is terribly far fetched. The government collects stray children whom the agents in charge feel have aptitude and trains them to take part in secret missions across the globe. What makes it really hard to swallow is that hundreds and hundreds of children have been trained at a huge school like base, with swimming pools, sports facilities, dorms for 100's of children, classrooms, firing ranges, etc.... The logistics of such a big operation would be mind boggling and the chances of keeping something like this completely under wraps would be virtually impossible. Keep in mind, most of these children grow up, leave the organisation and go on to live relatively normal lives, never speaking of the years they spent growing up with cherub.

      So - as I found the idea completely far fetched, and didn't fancy reading this - you may be wondering why I am reviewing it. Amazon recommended this, but the price is what made the decision for me. Amazon had this on offer at only 74 pence, with free postage. I was very short on cash, having spent all of my dooyoo vouchers on birthday presents and books for the boys, and desperate for something to read. I also felt that although I felt my son was too young for the Henderson's Boys series, these are at least books which add to out home library and my sons will be able to read eventually, so with such a low price - I took the plunge. I am clearly not in the target audience for this book. This series is intended for teenage children, and while I do think many girls would enjoy it as well, the target audience is obviously teenage boys. I wasn't expecting a lot from this book, hopefully just something to combat my insomnia. Once this arrived, it laid about for a few days, until I had absolutely nothing else to read, a terrible case of insomnia, and even my Nintendo DS battery was dead. I opened the book up and tentatively started to read.

      The book starts off with 12 year old James Choke being tormented by his school mates - a very typical childhood scene. James' life doesn't sound too different from that of many young boys growing up on a typical council estate. He doesn't know his father, his Mother and stepfather drink too much, and the stepfather is a complete loser. He does have a younger sister, who he obviously cares for a great deal, and he does love his Mother - but he is also ashamed of her - again common feelings for many teens or preteens. As tough as life is for James though, things soon take a definite turn for the worse when James finds his mother dead. James is separated from his sister and placed in care. With no other family, and a shortage of foster homes, it appears James will spend the rest of his childhood in institutions. As one might expect he ends up in a bit trouble, and it begins to look as he may end up spending his childhood behind bars if he doesn't make some changes soon. This is when Cherub steps in.

      The Sunday Express had this to say about The Recruit "Punchy, exciting, glamorous and, what's more, you'll completely wish it was true". The world James wakes up in when he arrives at Cherub is one that every young boy will wish really existed. Muchamore seems to have captured the teenage psyche perfectly and I could so easily picture many of the boys from our youth groups in such a setting. Cherub does have danger - and a training programme to rival the SAS, but it is also a boy's fantasy come true. Guns, sports, assault courses - everything a bot could want. The first mission is a real dream for a preteen boy as well. They need to make a break in look like vandalism so the the kids job is basically to wreck a place - complete and wanton destruction - a boys dream come true.

      Things do get more serious though, and James must learn the value of trust and friendship as well. And once he has truly learned to appreciate friendship - he is sent on a mission where he must use friendship as weapon against other teens, to get to close to a homegrown terrorist group which is planning a serious act of domestic terrorism. James courage and strength will be put to the test, but he will find life is not as simple as he once thought either. He will find himself feeling sympathy for the " bad guys" and in a situation where he must chose the lesser of two evils - and then live with the results.

      Once I started this book, I did honestly enjoy it - quite a lot in fact. The initial premise may be a bit far fetched - but once you get past that, this is a well written story with very exceptionally life like and well developed characters. It combines action and adventure with a bit of humour and common teenage angst. As an adult, I thoroughly enjoyed this. As a child or teenager - I would have absolutely loved it. This book does not have any graphic sex or really over the top violence, and I did consider sharing this with my son, age 7. While I do think he would enjoy it, right now he does prefer his superhero books and I decided to wait until he is a bit older for this book for personal reasons. I do think the part of the mother being unwell, dying and leaving the children with no one to care for them might upset my son. I also feel that he would miss a lot in this book as he has not experienced the same preteen issues and feel this book would be good now, but so much better if he waits a bit to read it. Finally, while I'd be happy enough with him reading book one, having read a few other reviews, I don't think I would want him to read the whole series yet.

      Although technically an spy book - I would not class this a thriller. I think further issues may get a bit more high adrenaline, but I would class this more as a coming of age book. If you can enjoy a good book that will take you back to your school days, and what it is like to be a teenager, pick this up. I have come to the conclusion that I do not have a specific genre in books. What I like is a book which is truly well written, and I have to admit, Muchamore is a genius with words. But where this book really shines is in creating a world that young readers are going to want to visit again and again. I honestly can not see many boys not wanting to read, once they have discovered books like this. I think this should be in every school and local library. If you have boys age 10-16, or girls who prefer a bit of action and adventure to vampires romance - then this book should be on your bookshelf as well.

      As to Amazon selling this book at such a low price - I can't help but wonder if it is clever marketing ploy. I think most people who read this will want more books in the series. I've already ordered book 2.


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        17.06.2011 17:53



        If you're a fan of Alex Rider type book, this is most certainly for you.

        The cherub series are amazing. If you've read the Alex Rider series, you mind find them too unrealistic and far fetched, but not cherub. No, cherub is incredibly realistic with amazing characters and even better plots. It starts of with us meeting the main character, James, who is your average teenagers. The book doesn't take long to get going before you're hooked and James' whole world gets turned upside down. The characters and the way Muchamore builds the relationships between them is good and we can instantly relate to them and believe them. I won't spoil the surprise for you but it's an amazing idea. This book is only the beginning of a very large series of Cherub books, all as good as or better than the rest, something the Alex Rider series can't say as they got progressively worse. Be warned though, there are some quite adult ideas and language in these books so I wouldn't give them to someone under the age of maybe 13 or 14 to read. These books will keep you entertained for hours!


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        02.05.2011 15:43
        Very helpful



        A fantastic book which you shouldn't miss.

        If you're looking for a light-hearted and fun book for children, look away because this is CHERUB: The Recruit, a violent story by popular author Robert Muchamore. It features a great plot, some interesting characters and you won't be able to put it down!


        James Choke's life turns into a bit of a mess when he gets himself into a lot of trouble of school, and soon after, his mother dies. With no family left but a sister, he is sent to Nebaskra House, a home for children. Despite making friends with another boy named Kyle, things aren't any better - he can't get over the death of his mum, plus his sister, Lauren, is taken by James's horrible stepdad.

        James wakes up one day in a mysterious place named CHERUB. He finds out it is a branch of British Intelligence, but uses kids instead of adults. Why? Because criminals don't think for one moment that kids are spies. James has to go through five tests to join CHERUB, and he surprises even himself by passing.

        His life has taken a turn for the better, but things aren't perfect quite yet. Before becoming a proper CHERUB agent, however, he has to pass a gruelling training course, which takes place over one hundred consecutive days. The head instructor, Mr Large, takes pleasure in making the kids suffer in tough assault courses and straining physical exercises. Failure would mean going through the whole course all over again. It makes James's life not just sad anymore, but extremely tough.


        James Choke, who becomes known as James Adams later in the book, is the main character. Despite being funny at times, he is a couch potato and finds himself in trouble a lot of the time. He's arguably one of the best characters in children's books today - he's likeable and his feelings are constantly described, so boys can connect to him.

        Lauren Choke, whose surname also becomes Adams, is James's sister. They do fight sometimes, but generally get on well. She's not the girliest of girls - she's quite tough and wants her hair dyed black. She is, like James, quite a likeable character and it is good to see her appearing quite a lot in the book.

        Kyle Blueman is James's best friend. He is very funny, pulling some hilarious pranks on James. He's an experienced CHERUB agent, going on several important missions in his time. He is shown as a fun and cheerful character, but does get himself into quite a lot trouble, like James.

        Kerry Chang is James's partner in the training course and comes across as strong and tough, but quite friendly at the same time. She was part of the last CHERUB training course, before breaking her kneecap, needing titanium rods in it. This means that she's helpful to James as she knows the best ways to complete the assault courses and is excellent at physical exercises.

        -My Opinion-

        I really enjoyed reading The Recruit. It has an excellent storyline which is easy to follow and features characters that kids and teenagers will be able to relate to. Throughout the near 330 pages of the book, you are completely gripped and you can never guess what happens next. The Recruit is also very descriptive, especially about it's characters. If there's a teenager or maybe even an adult who is looking for a book, this is a perfect choice!


        Despite being called a children's book, The Recruit is quite strong in terms of content. I'd recommend it for anyone ages 12+.

        - There is some violence but injuries are not often described.
        - Several characters in the book smoke.
        - There are uses of strong language; s*i* is used sometimes and there is minor language such as p*ss and cra*.

        This reviewis also posted on Ciao under my name YoshiCheesePuff.


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        24.11.2010 17:50



        A great book, and a must have for anyone

        The Recruit is the first book in the CHERUB series, written by Robert Muchamore. CHERUB is almost like MI7 for kids. Orphans are recruited by this top secret organisation and are sent on undercover missions.

        To be honest, at first I thought: 'Great, another Alex Rider spin off' but I was totally wrong. CHERUB is so much different and appeals to teenagers and you adults alike. It is all realistic, all with scenarious that could happen. There is no super advanced unrealistic James Bond tech, just pure realism.

        It starts off with James Choke, son of a london thief, who is highly intelligent but can't be bothered with school. Everything is given to him on a plate. However, when his mum dies, it leaves him as an orphan, and is sent off to homes, causing trouble and getting into trouble.

        One day he wakes up in a new place. He has been drugged and taken to CHERUB to undergo recruitment tests. After doing fairly well, he is accepted into CHERUB.

        We then see him undergo 100 day basic training, which includes all kinds of activities, and is harsh In my opinoin, one of the best bits on the book.

        Without giving too much away, he is sent on a mission to stop a terrorist organisation.

        Overall, it was one of the best books I have read in a while. Compelling yet realistic. Thoroughly recommened


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        02.04.2010 23:01
        Very helpful



        Well-written, and well-worth passing to any reluctant teenage boy readers

        Despite being far too old for them, I have a weakness for the young adult genre. This one was picked up for a whole 50p at a car boot sale (though Amazon is selling it for £3.50) and I settled down for a good read.

        First impression: This is a book for teens not for kids, even kids with a good reading age. The subject matter is just not suitable for the littler kids. While there's little mention of sex in this book (though there is later on in the series) there's bad language, and some violent situations that I wouldn't want a smaller kid to deal with.

        Second impression: At LAST a YA author who is aiming squarely at boys, not girls. There's a HUGE need in the market for this -- this is just about the only series I've read where I could hear my kid brother in the characters. Most YA books, boys are written less as boys and more as women-would-like-boys-to-be. I've since tossed copies to several friends who work in schools, who've started reccing it to some of their kids.

        Basic plot then: The British Secret Service sometimes have a need for kids to work jobs. Why? Because no-one suspects kids. So they recruit kids from childrens' homes (no-one suspects an orphan), smuggle them away for testing and, if they pass, gives them top schooling in return for them working.

        This first book is mostly taken up with scene-setting through the eyes of James, a kid who is slowly drifting into trouble (getting into fights, shop-lifting) before CHERUB picks him up.

        I love this. I love the writing style, I love that the writer anknowledges the ethical issues enough to have a (non-corrupt!) Ethics Committee, I love that James isn't some super-powered wonderkid but could just as easy end up being a bad sort (and CHERUB doesn't magically fix that). The plot doesn't get me waving my hands and ranting 'BUT THAT COULD NEVER HAPPEN!' and my suspension of disbelief remained intact. I also liked the very gentle lesson of "look, you can start small and harmless in crime but it's easy to end up in serious trouble". Well-written, and well-worth passing to any reluctant teenage boy readers (though perhaps not to those younger than twelve or so).


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        30.12.2009 20:56



        Great Book

        The Recruit is about an ordinary boy called James Adams who is around 12 years old, and as he is sitting in a science class and a girl is making fun of his mum being fat. He eventually takes too much and pushes her against a wall unaware that she has been cut by a nail sticking out of it. James storms out of the school and he then goes home, he is about to tell his mum, but he sees her with his sisters dad (they had split up but he still comes round now and then for money) who he cannot stand, he is told to tell her later so he goes away.
        Later he wants to tell her but when he goes to tell her she is dead. He is then put in a childrens home, but his sister goes to live with her dad.
        One day he wakes up to find that he is somewhere completely different, and when he puts on the clothes provided and goes into a strange corridor, no one will speak to him. He eventually finds his way to the person in charge and through speaking to him he finds out that this is no ordinary childrens home, it is in fact a place for child spies, run by the british government.
        The place is called C.H.E.R.U.B and only uses children because no one expects them. After some tests he goes through he is offered a place at C.H.E.R.U.B. And after a while he accepts, and after basic training (everyone has to do it to become a spy) he goes on a mission to stop two people killing lots of people with a poison.

        I really enjoyed this book and finished it in just under three days, it is action packed and funny, a truly great read.

        I also enjoyed the fact that even when you thought the book was just coming to an end, a new storyline came up and surprise you once more.
        I would highly recommend this book to any teenager who doesn't read that much, because you will definitely enjoy this book.


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        30.10.2009 19:13
        Very helpful



        Very Enjoyable book to read, You'll never want to put it down!

        This is the first time I've delved into the book section, any tips on how to improve on this would be very grateful.

        ,.-¬*''*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*' The Recruit - CHERUB '*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*''*¬-.

        The Recruit is written by Robert Muchamore, a writer which I had never heard of before, which made me slightly cautious. The book is the introduction to a 12 book CHERUB series, aimed at teenage readers and contains come bad language and swearing, so it's not exactly suitable for younger readers. The book was published in 2004 by Hodder Children book's, winning the Red House Children's Book Award in 2005.

        My younger brother took this out of his school library not long back and I noticed it lying around in his bedroom while he was out at school, so I decided to take a look. From the front of the book, you wouldn't guess much about the story line, but If you come back to it after finishing the book, it all fits in. There is a young boy wearing a muddy and stained orange t-shirt with the CHERUB symbol on the front and along the bottom of the cover the title and author in big bold letters. Leaving it blank like this drew me in, because I was curious of what the symbol meant.

        The blurb, on the back of the book, explains that a terrorist wouldn't let a stranger into her flat, (Don't ask me why it's a her), but the terrorists children bring all of their mates home and the kids run all over the place. It then goes on to say that one of these kids has bugged every single room in the house, stolen her address book and made copies of all of her computer files. This child is a CHERUB agent, aged between 10 and 17, these children are trained Government operatives who go into real world scenarios to gain information that sends criminals and terrorists to jail. After reading the blurb I was impelled to read the book, the idea seemed pretty clever, of sending children in to do intelligence jobs which adults can't do, adults never suspect children of spying on them.

        The blurb on the back gives you a good idea of what the general story line of the book is, although by the eighth chapter I was wondering whether they had got the wrong blurb on the back of the book. The book started off pretty plain and didn't have much special about it, but it does pick itself up. James Choke is the main character in the book, he lives with his Mum (Gwen Choke) and his Half-Sister (Lauren Onions). James gets excluded when one of the girls in his class starts making jokes about his Mum, he pushes her up against the wall and her cheek goes into a Nail sticking out of the wall, which puts her into Hospital. James comes home to find that his Step-Dad is visiting and him and his Mum are drunk in the living room, he goes out to fetch Lauren from school and when he returns he finds his Step-Dad gone and his Mum asleep in bed. He goes into his Mum later that evening to find her tragically dead. James blames Ron, his step-dad for this because his Mum was taking pain killers for an ulcer on her leg and wasn't meant to be drinking. Ron had come over with the Beer to get her drunk in the hope of getting some money out of her. This takes up the first three chapters of the book.

        The story carried on, James and Lauren were taken into a care home, but after the first day Lauren is taken home by Ron, who refuses to take James as well because they have a deep hate of each other. James is put in a room in the care home with Kyle, another main character that we see quite a bit in the book, and starts attending the new school near to the home. Each evening James would hang out with a group of Yobs, some of them living in the home. On the first night he smashed up a car with them but that was all they did until two weeks later when they volunteered James to steal a few bottles of beer from the local Off-licence. He runs in but the gang hold the door so he can't get out and he's caught by the owner of the shop who calls the police. This is the turning point of the story, he is taken to the police station and given a lecture on people like him who end up in young offenders for the rest of their lives. Next thing he knows he wakes up on the CHERUB campus and after completing some tests he is offered a place as a CHERUB spy. It was here that the blurb started making sense. James completes his 100 day training and sets out on his first CHERUB mission. I am not allowed to tell you any more of the storyline because it is highly confidential.

        I really enjoyed reading the book because it did put into context some of the experiences some people go through, I got really absorbed by the book and read all 322 pages in one sitting. Once you pick it up, it is hard to put it down. One of the key parts which upset me was the death of James's Mum, which really did hit me even though it is a book. My Mum was diagnosed with cancer years ago and the first few chapters really do put into perspective what they had to live through and what I might have had to go through. The care home community which they were introduced to sounded like an appalling place to live, at one point James was sat in the office and one of the workers was sat at the desk smoking, James was looking at the No Smoking sign and the worker said, "If they sack me, they'll be six staff short," and then proceeded to ask him if he wanted one! It was really portrayed as a dump and a very bad environment, which I'm not sure is 100% true in real care homes.

        Having never read one of Robert Muchamore's books before, I was very impressed at the way it was written. It was very gripping and written perfectly to keep you curious as to what would happen next. The book also has hints of humour added into it, cleverly placed where you would least expect it. He has also cleverly left plenty of loose ends which are, hopefully, explained in the later books.

        When the story is finished it has an Epilogue of what happened to the majority of the characters seen in the book between the end of this book and the start of next book. After the epilogue there's a brief history line of the CHERUB organisation and then finally the Blurbs or a quick explanation of the second and third books in the series.

        When you get past the first six chapters, the story starts to kick in properly, it's extremely fast paced and I'm surprised they managed to fit everything into the 322 pages. The book is a thrilling read and even though it is clearly written for Teenagers I wouldn't consider it to be just aimed at Teenagers any more, anyone with a good imagination and a good sense of humour is almost guaranteed to enjoy this book! I will definitely be reading on through the rest of the series of the CHERUB books.

        This is all 100% fiction but it really did leave me wondering whether there is an organisation like this that exists. Knowing society today, there would be a major problem with the Health and Safety concerned with putting children into dangerous situations.

        ,.-¬*''*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*' The CHERUB SERIES '*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*''*¬-.

        1.The Recruit
        2.Class A
        3.Maximum Security
        4.The Killing
        5.Divine Madness
        6.Man vs Beast
        7.The Fall
        8.Mad Dog
        9.The Sleepwalker
        10.The General
        11.Brigands MC
        12.Shadow Wave
        Another book was written with the CHERUB storyline but doesn't officially come under the series. This book is called Dark Sun and was written for the 2008 world book day.

        ,.-¬*''*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*' Prices '*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*''*¬-.

        You can find The Recruit for;
        Amazon, New - £4.89 (www.amazon.co.uk, enter this code into the Search bar: 0340881534)
        Amazon, Used - £2.76

        Ebay, New - £2.40 (Search, "The Recruit CHERUB" and select Lowest first)

        ,.-¬*''*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*' Other Information '*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*''*¬-.

        Product Category : Books
        ISBN Code : 0340881534
        Book Title : The Recruit: Bk. 1 (CHERUB)
        EAN Code : 9780340881538
        Authors : Robert Muchamore
        Binding : Paperback
        Publisher : Hodder Children's Books
        Publication Date : 24th May 2004
        Pages : 336
        List Price (MSRP) : 6.99
        Height : 0.87 inches
        Width : 4.88 inches
        Length : 7.72 inches
        Weight : 0.4899 pounds
        Keywords : Fiction


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          16.08.2009 18:11
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Brilliant child spy book

          The Background

          During WW2 a British spy called Charles Henderson worked along side teenagers and children behind German lines to sabotage and gather information for the British. More children were trained with this specific goal and after Henderson's death in 1946 the secret organisation continued to train youngsters under the age of 17, this secret organisation is called Cherub.

          The Story

          The main character is James Adams (born James Choke) who does not have a good upbringing and when his Mum dies of a heartattack he is taken into care while his younger sister goes to live with her Father who is not a nice man.

          Whilst in care he finds himself selected to undergo training for the Cherub Organisation. Before long he finds himself sent on his first mission, every boys dream to be just like James Bond.

          The book describes the school hierarchy with different students wearing different t-shirts - if you a wearing an orange t-shirt nobody will speak to you, as you haven't got in yet! Wear a black shirt and you get the respect you deserve, as you must have done something special to get this one.

          The plot is great and for a book with the main character only being 12 the author goes into the detail of how he is feeling and the rights and wrongs of doing things as James gets in deeper in his mission. The other characters begin to tell their stories and you just know that this will continue into subsequent books.

          My Thoughts

          I read this book when I borrowed it from my friend's son. It was described to me as a junior James Bond so I had an idea of what to expect to read. I was surprised to find myself totally absorbed in the story line and felt like I really knew the characters. I began to feel the pain as James went through the training, the loneliness and worry of being separated from his sister, the excitement and anxiety of a first mission. I could picture the campus, the rooms and the grounds and the amazing technical facilities and gadgets that they had. I could picture the Head of Training Norman Large who beasts the kids (they all hate him). Once I had started I just couldn't put it down. I loved the twists and turns in the story and the suspense. Once I'd finished I was straight onto the next book. The books may be for kids but I think that adults would like them to.

          More Info

          Take a look at http://www.cherubcampus.com/index.html for more information about the cherub series.
          The Series

          There will be 12 books in total in the series:
          1. The recruit
          2. Class A
          3. Maximum Security
          4. The Killing
          5. Divine Madness
          6. Man vs. Beast
          7. The Fall
          8. Mad Dogs
          9. The Sleepwalker
          10. The General
          11. Brigands MC (Due late August 2009)
          12. Shadow Wave (Due late 2010)

          There is also another book, which was written for world book day in 2008 - Dark Sun (Only available now online)


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            07.07.2009 19:07
            Very helpful



            Read it!

            The Recruit written by Robert Muchamore is the first book of the CHERUB series and is a brilliant book and has made me want to read the rest of the series which I hope are as good as this book.

            This book is and the series are about the secret organisation CHERUB. This organisation recruits young people to catch criminals. They use children to spy on criminals as they are not expected to be up to something and spying on them. The book is similar to other spy books like Alex Rider and you will like this book if you have read that and enjoyed it.

            James is fed up with school and he is part of a bad family and we learn about his younger sister Lauren. Their mother dies and Lauren goes to live with her cruel father while James is sent to an orphanage and recruited into CHERUB. James is then sent on basic training which lasts for 100 days and is hell and then is sent on his first mission to Fort Harmony.

            The book is very exciting and I found it hard to stop reading. Throughout the book you feel sorry for James and I think his character works really well with him and he acts as a typical teenager but comes from a bad and quite unlucky background. I also think the other characters work well and also the fact James has a sister Lauren who appears in the book a lot as well means the book can be read by all ages whether male or female and it is best suited for teenagers about the age of 12 -15. . Robert Muchamore has written the book very cleverly and it seems like it could be a true story and you can picture what is happening in your head and you do actually wish the book is true as it is so brilliant. The plot has many twists and turns and keeps you thinking and guessing throughout and I will say again is brilliant and suitable for all but is aimed more at teenagers.

            A brilliant book with a great story, characters and one that is exciting to read and makes you not want to stop reading.

            The book is part of a series with the following books which I will now read as I really enjoyed this book, look out for the reviews in the next month or two.

            The books are:
            The Recruit,

            Class A,

            Maximum Security,

            The Killing,

            Divine Madness,

            Man VS Beast,

            The Fall,

            Mad Dogs,

            The Sleepwalker,

            Dark Sun ( this was produced for World Book Day and is a minibook and I think it is out of print but you can download it for free from the cherub website which is cherubcampus.com which is really good and interesting.)

            The General,

            Brigands MC, (Coming out in September 2009)

            Shadow Wave (Coming out some time in 2010.)

            As you can see this is a big series and it will give me something to read for a few weeks or maybe even a few months which is good.

            This review will also appear on other sites under the names ns1209 or mariofan123.


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            06.06.2009 22:39
            Very helpful
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            The Cherub series of books is now coming to a conclusion, and this is the first one of the series. The books are about a young 11 year old boy called James Adams. James is left orphaned after his mother is killed by a heart attack, and he and his sister are entered into an orphanage. The twist comes when he meets a boy named Kyle, who is working for a junior version of MI5, named Cherub. James is recruited for Cherub and goes on his first mission in this book.

            The Cherub books are aimed really at the teenage audience, boys and girls. It features some action packed scenes, and for any teenagers is a great read. Any friends who I know have read these books in the past all agree that they were real page turners, most finished the book in about three days straight, you cannot stop reading these books once you get started.

            Robert Muchamore includes some fast paced and action packed scenes, making for a riveting adventure to read about. The plot is always twisting and turning, and the idea of Cherub for most children is a fun fantasy to dream about it, it certainly seems like an enjoyable idea. The stories though have now I think, but I am not quite sure, reached the eighth novel, so the longevity of the series can be questioned, but as this is the first book, I would certainly recommend it to any teenage readers, as it is an entertaining and enjoyable read.


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              26.05.2009 12:03
              Very helpful



              If you enjoy action and thrillers CHERUB is the book for you

              The Recruit by Robert Muchamore is an extremely good book. It tells a story of how the teenager James Choke isn't enjoying secondary school. One person in particular really gets on his nerves, Samantha Jennings, she is a goody goody to all the teachers but James refers to her as a 'total cow'. He ends up hurting her, forgetting the fact that she has a sixteen-year-old brother who is a thug. To top things off James' mum dies and he is sent to a children's home. It's not long before he is head hunted by a part of British intelligence called CHERUB. He is then sent through training exercises and put straight out into dangerous territory.

              I really enjoyed reading The Recruit, at first I thought it would be really kiddie and childish, but it turned out that CHERUB is good for all ages! It is packed full of action and mayhem and it makes you think that it all could be real. I would recommend this book to people who enjoy books with action and secrecy.

              The Recruit is a really fun book to read! From cover to cover you'll enjoy yourself, I can all but guarantee it.


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              04.03.2009 23:38
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              Such a great story that you will wish it was true

              CHERUB - THE RECRUIT

              ~~~A little on the author~~~
              Robert Kilgore Muchamore is the author of the cherub books. He was born in Islington on Boxing Day 1972. For more information on the author follow the links below.

              ~~~What is The Recruit about?~~~
              The Recuit is about a secret organisation called Cherub. This organisation recruits children to work for them . This book is about a boy called James and his younger sister Lauren. At the beginning we learn about James and Lauren and their family. However unfortunately James mother dies and Lauren goes to live with her father. James goes to live in an orphanage and is recruited into Cherub. We are taken through his 100 day basic training. James is then sent on his first mission to Fort Harmony where he is told to find information on links between certain people and Help Earth. However he foils a plot which involves more than he and anyone else expected and runs into difficulties as the mission doesn't run as smoothly as expected.

              What is Cherub?
              It is a branch of the British Intelligence. All the children are orphans between the ages of 10 and 17 who have been taken out of their care homes and secretly work for the British Intelligence. In return they live on the Cherub Campus which is MOD owned land hidden in the British countryside. Children under the age of 10 also live on the campus and have a small amount of training but they can not go on missions until they have done the 100 day basic training and the age of 10.


              James Adams
              Originally James Choke before joining Cherub. The Cherub books are focused on James Adams who is the main character. He was born in 1991 in London and he joined Cherub in 2003 at the age of 12. His father is unknown and his mother dies of a heart failure. He has a sister called Lauren Adams. James character is funny, exciting and also lazy as you expect of most teenage boys. Boys can relate to him and girls can moan about typical boys!

              Lauren Adams
              Previously known as Lauren Zoe Onions, born in 1994 and also joined Cherub in 1994. Although the book is not about Lauren she appears quite a lot.

              Kyle Blueman
              Best friend of James he is a friendly boy who adds a lot of humour to the book. He joined Cherub in 1997 and is physically a lot stronger than James.

              Kerry Chang
              Kerry Change is another one of James' great friends. They spend a lot of time together in this book as they go through basic training together. We can see their relationship develop over time. The way Robert Muchamore has written this book allows girls and boys to read it through the different characters he has used and the way he portrays them.

              These are a few of the characters but there are many more to find out more follow the link below.

              ~~~Did I like this book?~~~
              I definitely liked this book. In fact I loved it. It is a very gripping book and very exciting. I loved the whole idea of children being secret agents and going on missions. The way Robert Muchamore describes things you can picture it happening in your mind. The way it is written makes it seems realistic especially to children and makes you wish the story was true. The book makes you feel the emotions inside. When James' mother dies you feel sorry for him and you understand how he feels. The 100 day basic training is cruel and you can't help but feel sorry for James and you hope he gets through it. The book is very well written and keeps you guessing throughout. You follow James through a journey on this book and looking back at the end you realise that you have seen him change. The characters are easy to associate with and make you feel almost as if you are part of the story. I can not honestly describe what aspect of this book makes it so addictive and exciting, I put it down to Muchamore being a great author.

              Well I can not fix a specific age for this book and it is certainly not for just the males! I read this book as a teenager and loved it! I think the ideal age is for children/teenagers between the ages of 11 and 15. Although children who are older can also read it as I re-read this book when I was older (i.e. recently!). The reason this book is suitable for boys and girls is because it has scenes where boys can relate to such as how James feels and the way he acts. However I can not stress enough that although this is not your typical stereotype girly book it is suitable for girls. When I was reading this I was told that's not a book for girls but I loved it and so did my sister.

              ~~~Other information~~~
              ISBN: 0340881534
              Price: £4.49 (from Amazon and that's the best deal I could find!) But officially £5.99
              Publisher: Hodder Children's Books
              It is available as an audio tape too.
              It has also been published in several other countries such as USA, Eire, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and Hong Kong
              It is also available in the following languages: Russian, Germany, French, Ducth and others
              The BBC are thinking about making this book into a film, however a cast has not yet been decided yet as it is still in its early stages.

              ~~~Useful Websites~~~

              Thank you very much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.


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                28.02.2009 17:37




                As the first in the renouned CHERUB series- I can't help but reccomend this exciting read. It hits off with a fast paced first chapter, hooking the reader in to the world of James, no not Bond- but near enough. He, a clever, yet troublesome boy enters into CHERUB against his will, and finds out about the thrilling things that children there do. Now, I can't tell you that much because I don't wamt to ruin the amazing book that, hopefully, you shall soon be reading. I know I sound a little O.T.T. but I really can't stress enough how quite fantastic I find this book. It is a primarily young adult's book- but I'm sure that many adults would enjoy it just as much as teenagers. It follows the story of James and his exciting adventure in the CHERUB organisation. Be sure to pay attention to the 'Not suitable for younger readers' sticker on the back though :D


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                05.02.2009 14:10
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                Brilliant series

                This review is not only about The Recruit by Robert Muchamore, but about all of the CHERUB series. I have a large number of fiction books, but I have to say that the CHERUB series is the best. They are exciting, funny, exhilirating, and so much more. Robert Muchamore is a fantastic author, and has written 10 books of the CHERUB series so far. These are: -

                - #1 The Recruit - The first CHERUB book. Meet James and the rest of the gang for their first adventure.

                - #2 Class A - James and his mates try to bring down a big time drugs baron. The second book of the series.

                - #3 Maximum Security - CHERUB has put hundreds of criminals in prison, but this time, James has to break out. The third in the CHERUB series.

                - #4 The Killing - The fourth in the CHERUB series involves corrupt police men, and a dead body.

                - #5 Divine Madness - James and his mates go to Australia to try and unearth a sinister religious cult. The fifth in the fantastic CHERUB series.

                - #6 Man Vs Beast - An animal lab is under attack. But are animal experiments ever justifiable? The sixth in the CHERUB series.

                - #7 The Fall - In the seventh adventure, James' CHERUB career is at risk when one of his missions goes hideously wrong.

                - #8 Mad Dogs - Two gangs of drug dealers are at war on the streets of London. But will James running into an old friend work out for the best in the eighth CHERUB book.

                - #9 The Sleepwalker - In the ninth CHERUB book, the gang investigates when an airliner crash lands and 378 passengers lose their lives.

                - #9.5 Dark Sun - A very short CHERUB mini-story produced for World Book Day 2008.

                - #10 The General - The tenth in the series involves rioting on the streets of London and the biggest CHERUB training exercise ever.

                And there are more to come.

                I would warn parents though, that if they are planning on buying these books for their kids, I would warn that books 7 and above are not suitable for younger readers. I would advise them for the ages of 14+, and no younger than that.

                But they are all well worth a read. Congratulations to Robert Muchamore.

                Please read my other reviews.


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                10.01.2009 00:10
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                The most enjoyable series ive ever read and easy to get into

                These Cherub books have probably been one of the most gripping series i have ever read. About a boy who becomes an orphan and is recruited into one of the most secret intelligence organisations in the UK. These series tracks him on his journey through his Cherub career. Not really for very young readers, but around the teenage years it is a really easy to get into series that really does make you wish it was true. If you are looking for a series to say take with you on holiday, to school or for just general reading then i really urge you to give this series a whirl. It really is original and full of heart thumping moments, twists, turns and really contraversial plot lines that keeps the reader hooked on to every last word and makes them go out and buy the next one and the next one. There are 10 out at the moment but in the end there will be 12 and i can't wait until i can get my hands on the next one.


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