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Christmas In The Toy Shop - Enid Blyton

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Hardcover: 48 pages / Publisher: Award Childrens Books / Published: 1 Dec 2009

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    1 Review
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      10.11.2012 15:22
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      A lovely book for Christmas time

      Personally I feel that it is important to read to your child from an early age, it is a great way to help them learn, my Mum would read to me on a daily basis from just a few months old and I have always loved reading myself so now that Jayden is 6 months old I decided that it was time to start getting him interested in books, whilst he obviously doest actually know what it means to read a book the whole time he is learning and absorbing information whilst being stimulated by brightly coloured pictures.

      Me and my husband have bought Jayden a few books as have my parents but I decided to get my Dad to get some of my old books out of their loft, they are in near perfect condition so I was pleased that Jayden would be able to enjoy them as much as I did as a child. One book which was in the large pile of books my parents gave to me was Christmas in the Toyshop written by Enid Blyton and illustrated by Sue Pearson, as a child I loved Enid Blyton books and I can remember reading this, I have also read this several time to my niece and nephew when they were growing up and they enjoyed it as much as I did so I decided to read it to Jayden, it has lovely colourful pictures so I was sure he would love looking at this with me.

      The Christmas in the Toyshop book is a hardback book, the front cover has a white boarder around it with the majority of the front cover being taken up with a bright and colourful Christmas scene consisting of a large Christmas tree with toys all gathered around the base of it. The back of the book is a light green with a cream box in the centre which contains a brief outline of the story as well as a picture of a toy train and a teddy bear.

      The inside covers of the book are a darker green with a picture of a toy solider in the centre of each one, there are a further two pages at the beginning of the book one of which contains the name of the story and the other contains the title of the book, who it is written by, who it is illustrated by and a picture of a fireplace with stockings hung around it.

      This is a lovely Christmas story for a child to read, the book is basically about a popular toy shop run by a lady called Miss Roundy who decides to shut the shop for a few days over Christmas whilst visiting family, when no one is there the toys come to life and make plans for how they are going to celebrate Christmas together whilst the shop is shut, the story goes through all the different jobs each toy is given to make the day extra special and how the toys are happy to be spending Christmas day with all their friends and family.

      What I particularly like about this book are the pictures, on some pages they are around the edges of the page framing the writing and on others there is writing on one page and a larger picture on the other.

      All of the pictures are bright and colourful, the illustration of this book is excellent, the pictures reflect on what the writing on that particular page is saying allowing children to easily follow the story. When I used to read this to my niece and nephew they too enjoyed looking at the pictures that accompany the story, also when I read this story to Jayden whilst he is much younger and didn't understand the story as such he loved looking at the brightly coloured pictures and would stretch his hands out to touch them, he really showed interest in them.

      This book is recommended for children aged 5 years plus, however personally looking at the writing I would say that this book is aimed at children older than 5 years old but each child's reading ability should also be taken into account as some young children could manage this book alone whereas others may need help.

      As I have mentioned I used to read this to my niece and nephew and they loved this book and I have also recently read it to Jayden, I know he is quite young for this book however I wanted to read it to him as I enjoyed it so much myself as a child and I knew he would love looking at the pictures.

      I have no idea where I got Enid Blytons Christmas in the Toyshop book from, however it does have a price of £4.99 on it. I have looked this up online to see where it is now being sold and there are various websites that you can purchase this book from, although the front cover has changed slightly to the version I have. The price depends on where you purchase the book from, however from what I have seen it is now sold for around £8.99 so it has now doubled in price. I do think the book is worth the money as it really is a lovely story aimed at both boys and girls, any child would love reading this book and looking at the bright and colourful pictures that accompany it.

      Personally I would highly recommend Enid Blytons Christmas in the Toyshop book, this would make a lovely present for any child and is reasonably priced despite doubling in price over the years.

      I do think Jayden was a bit young for me to read this book to him, however he did love sitting listening to the story and looking at the pictures and would reach out and touch them as I read, the story was a bit long for him as towards the end he did start to get fidgety. However when I read this to my cousins they were older than Jayden and sat and listened to the whole story, the story is lovely and will capture your child's imagination.

      Reading is so important in a child's development and I still maintain that it is important to start from an early age, I will certainly read this book again to Jayden in the future and allow him to sit and look at the pictures as he really seemed to enjoy this and I would highly recommend this book to anyone.


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