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Disney First Baby Books Set

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Genre: Junior Books / Set includes: Disney Babies at the Big Circus, Disney Babies at the Farm, Baby Goofy Catches a Fish, Pooh's Best Day, Bambi's Big Surprise, Watch and Learn / Published by Grolier

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      15.06.2010 19:00
      Very helpful



      Brilliant, educational yet fun disney books!

      For Christmas my mum treated my boys to a whole set of Disney books. These were going to be books we could stack high on a shelf so they couldn't get ruined and actually be used for story and activity time together. My mum went about doing this through Grolier, a book company who specialises in book sets for different age ranges. We actually found out about it through a leaflet through the door advertising various childrens book sets but Grolier do have a website that you can visit and register on. My mum made small, regular payments as agreed with Grolier, through debit card payments and we received the whole set of Baby's First Disney books, which is what we chose from the sent out advertisement.

      There are a few books in this particular set, and you can always purchase them seperate or in a set on sites such es ebay or amazon if you wanted, especially secondhand.

      My 2 year old twins love Disney characters anyway so we knew these books would be a great hit.

      All the books in the set are hard books, so not quite as easily breakable as paper ones yet I wasn't prepared to let these books be 'toys' for the boys as I wanted them kept on a shelf, out of twin toddlers reach to keep them in mint condition to grow up with them and for our quality family book time which we have alot of but it always seems to be with ripped and torn books decorated in crayola crayon lol!

      Each book measures 6.8 x 5.9 x 0.3inches so not too large or bulky and each only contains about 3 extra 'hard' pages within the covers of the book. Each book is vibrant, colourful, fun and on top of that educational which was my main purpose of buying these. Each book introduces some or all of the disney characters and uses them to teach children the simple things in life that they will soon be accustomed to as they grow up. It is a fun and childlike way of teaching them these things, allowing them to enjoy the disney characters and learn at the same time.

      Each book in the set is designed the same, with each double page in the book acting as either two seperate pictures or one whole picture. Whether the pictures are on one or two pages they are just as large, bold and eyecatching. The writing in each book is also exactly the same, small yet clear, black text on a white background ensuring it stands out and is clear to read. There is at most 2 sentences on a page but they are only about 4 word sentences making these books perfect for children who are actually learning to read as well, which is what I wanted also. Books for my boys to just begin with, without an overflow of writing on a page to confuse them and they can even use the large illustrations to help them out if need be. The words used are short and simple, and thanks to the bold text it makes these books practical and fairly understandable for a young child without too much confusion.

      The education and fun throughout the books doesn't end there though as at the back of each book are pictures relating to something that's just been read inside the book and a small, fun yet educational task for children to do such as describe how the objects shown on the back feel .. as that is what they have just been reading about in the book, or even asking children to find the opposite of what is shown on the picture etc. These are just small, poky, fun tasks for a little extra fun and learning, they are short yet fab confidence builders for young children and are very encouraging too which I like.

      I will briefly describe each book in the set;

      Disney Babies At The Big Circus - A Book About Opposites; The front cover of this has a pale orange background with the baby disney characters dominating the front page. Each character has a beaming smile on their face and look as if they are enjoying themselves playing around, trapezing and balancing, resembling a circus theme for the book. The cover alone looks fun and exciting so I was quite looking forward to going through the rest of the book to see how educational methods were mixed in with what looks like was going to be upbeat, exciting fun.
      The first two pages immediately involve the child in the extremely short story by offering you a picture of every disney character in the book and asking a question for a child to answer. All the Disney babies pictured are going to the circus and your child is asked 'what they will see'. The story then tells us what each character sees at the circus, for example Baby Daisy sees the little elephant, but as this is a book about opposites when Baby Donald sees an Elephant on the next page do you think it is small like the one Daisy sees? This 'story' continues for the next few pages taking your child through the fun and exciting circus giving examples of opposites that they see. An older child would appreciate the learning aspect of this book and begin to realise and learn the opposites in things such as direction and size, thanks to the clever way they show you throughout the book in Disney fashion. For a younger child like my 2 year old twins, it's more the enthusiasm in my voice and the bright, in your face pictures that keeps them involved and happy, as well as the fact it is very short so they don't become bored whilst I read either. The task at the back provides pictures from the book and asks your child to match the opposites.

      Baby Goofy Catches A Fish - A Book About Rhyming Words; Straightaway from the title and the front cover of this book we know which baby disney character it's concentrating on. The front of the book is baby Goofy sitting on a bit of grass fishing in a river, chirpy and smily holding a net with a fish splashing out of it. The book actually involves the other baby characters to, each character doing something that involves fun and play. Each page has just one sentence and the last word of the sentence is the key word for the rhyme, which is why it is highlighted slightly to make it stand out more. The rhyming words are easy words for a child to grasp and no doubt after listening to a few they would begin to reel off other simple words that rhyme. It's a clever way of helping a child engage in the rhyming task and think of more words that rhyme to. 'Baby Goofy catches a FISH, Baby Minnie gets a DISH'. The back of the book pictures things which have featured throughout the book and asks your child to name the things which rhyme.

      A Day At The Zoo - A Book About Size Relationships; Baby Goofy and Baby Pluto are at the zoo, meeting all new animals different shapes and sizes. It's through this book your child learns the size difference in animals such as who's the tallest and who's the smallest out of a giraffe and a monkey. The back of the book has 3 animal pictures and asks your child which is the tallest, biggest and smallest.

      Disney Babies At The Farm - A Book About Farm Words; This book shows the baby Disney characters at farm, on each page introducing us to new animals, highlighting the actual names of the animals for children to learn. The short task at the back of the book asks your child to match a picture of an animal with a picture of the food it eats.

      Rafiki's Quiz - A Book About Categories; In this book we don't see the mickey, minnie characters instead we are thrown into Disney's Lion King with the likes of Simba, Nala and of course Rafiki the wise monkey. Rafiki is helping teach Simba and Nala throughout the book, as well as our children at the same time, asking them to name animals that live in certain areas such as name a Bird that lives in a tree, allowing your children to think of names of different types of birds. The back of the book pictures different animals and asks your child to name which categories they fall into.

      Watch and Learn - A Book About Shapes; In this book we have dumbo guiding us through a fun and colourful circus, being a circus with all things fancy and exciting everything is different shapes and it is whilst reading this book your child can learn these different shapes. The back of the book has pictures of different shapes and asks your child to name each one.

      Follow Your Nose Baby Pluto - A Book About Smells; In this book Baby Pluto is following things all through the house, but instead of following with his eyes he's following with his nose and trying to recognise smells such as the smell of dinner and the smell of laundry. He also notices the difference between good and bad smells. The back of the book pictures various things and asks your child to tell you which ones are good smells and which ones are bad ones.

      Farm Friends - A Book About Animal Sounds; In this book we are reading about the dalmation puppies, they are all on a farm and are trying to talk to different animals each animal though has a different sound that they make and it's through this book your child learns animals sounds and noises. The back of the book pictures different animals and asks your child to tell you the noises that each animal makes.

      Pooh's Best Day - A Book About Weather; Here we read, and see, Winnie The Pooh in different weather, on one page it's snowing and on another it's really sunny, Winnie tells us why he likes each type of weather and why it's good. The back of the book has pictures of different types of weather and asks your child to tell you which is which.

      Yellow and Yummy - A Book About Colors; First we are told that Winnie the Pooh wants something Yellow and Yummy for his tummy, so he goes on the search for this. Along his search he comes across many things that could be yummy, but they are not yellow but we do learn what the colours of them are. The short task on the back has pictures of various things from the book and asks your child to name the colours of each picture.

      Play Ball, Baby Minnie - A Book About B Words; Baby Minnie is at a park playing with a bat and ball, she hits the bat with the ball and the book then continues the B theme by telling us what the ball hits and misses.and conveniently the ball always hits or misses something beginning with the letter B. The small task on the back of the book has pictures of various object and it asks your child to name the objects that begin with B.

      Bambi's Big Surprise - A Book About Action Words; We follow Bambi through her travels in this book, and we see everything she does. It's not quite as boring as it sounds though as it is more a rhyming book to make it more interesting for children and the 'doing' words are highlighted such as 'Run' and 'Eat'. The back of the book pictures Bambi doing various actions and it asks your child to name each action.

      Baby Mickey's Nap - A Book About Touch; Baby Mickey is very tired but he wants to go to sleep with something, to cwtch up and be comfortable. He has to find something suitable first though so through the book we help Mickey find something to sleep with, by doing this your child learns about the way things feel and why they are not suitable for Mickey to sleep with such as Dinosaurs as they are too bumpy, and Lumpy. The back of the book has pictures of various objects and it asks your child to tell you what each item feels like.

      I think these books are brilliant, the quality is fab and they look fantastic. The fact they are very short makes them enjoyable, and thanks to them being educational they are very involving to. Despite them being 'short' books with little story and more a teaching theme to them they are still fun, childlike and far from boring for any child. The illustrations in every book are bright, eyecatching and extremely appealing. 5 stars from me and the twins!


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