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Dragon Rider - Cornelia Funke

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Author: Cornelia Funke / Format: Paperback / Date of publication: 04 June 2005 / Genre: Children's Fantasy & Magical Realism / Publisher: Chicken House Ltd / Title: Dragon Rider / ISBN 13: 9781904442486 / ISBN 10: 1904442486

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    1 Review
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      08.04.2008 19:08
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      a dragon, brownie, human and a homunculi on a brilliant adventure

      Before I start my review, I would like to say that this book is inspirational, It shows what friends are for and why they are there, it show a great tale which belongs to this dragon called Firedrake!!! Seriously where do you see a dragon up in the sky on an adventure, but no this dragon is not alone, oh no he is with a courageous and very bossy also talk active cat called Sorrel who is a brownie? Not only is a cat flying on the back of a dragon, but there is 2 others on there, there is "the dragon rider" who is a human boy, called Ben, and there is also a bickering courageous Homunculi, who is called Twigleg (In my opinion I liked him and I thought he was CUTE!!!)
      Right onto my review, now before I begin I must tell you about all the characters, I have told you about Firedrake, Sorrel, Ben and Twigleg. But there are tons of friends and foes, I will list them below:

      Burr-Burr-Chan - He is another Brownie, a brownie with 4 arms instead of 2 and he is endlessly bickering with Sorrel. He is a Mountain Brownie, otherwise known as a Dubidai
      Maia - A she-dragon, the first to be woken from stone in the rim of heaven. (Sometimes called Maia the Reckless, or Moonstruck Maia.)

      Shimmertail - The second dragon to be roused from stone.
      Slatebeard - An old, wise dragon, living in the Valley of the Dragons

      Gilbert Greytail - A white, former seasick ship's rat, now a mapmaker, lives in a human city.
      Lola Greytail - fat grey rat; daredevil pilot, cartographer and tourist guide. Niece of Gilbert

      Rosa Greytail - grey rat and cousin of Gilbert, who warns the dragons about humans
      Sea Serpents - twin serpents who reign in the realm of salt water. One carries Firedrake, Ben and Sorrel across the sea and tells them the truth about Nettlebrand

      THE FOES:
      Asif - The Djinn with the Thousand Eyes. Lives in a large wrecked car and materializes from blue smoke. Tells Ben a riddle that reveals where the Rim Of Heaven lies. Asif is also a dragon hater.
      NETTLEBRAND - The Golden One: an evil, gigantic, golden-armoured monster disguised as a dragon.

      Gravelbeard - a mountain dwarf. LOVES GOLD, JEWLES AND LARGE HATS. Spies for Nettlebrand. Good at polishing.
      Plus lots of DWARVES, FARIES, SANDMEN, BASILISKS, GIANT ROCS, RAVENS and other fabulous creatures.

      Right now let's get on with my review, before you all die of boredom
      There is a group of dragons which live in a valley called the valley of dragons... they are hiding in fear of humans. Rosa finds out that humans are on their way up north towards their valley and they must leave soon. So Firedrake takes up this decision to try and find a safe place for the rest of the dragons. Slatebeard tells him to try and find the rim of heaven; it's the safest place, so he picks Sorrel for company. Rosa offers them to see her cousin, Gilbert, who is an expert at maps, so they make a quick stop there.
      They get a map, and they also get a new person for company, he's called Ben and he has no home and no one to love him, so he asks to join them on their quest to find the Rim of Heaven.

      I shall not tell you much more, I have already gave you the first bit, but not as much information as you will find out WHEN you buy this book and read it!

      I agree with what the Guardian's thought of the book, they said it is "A warm-hearted dream of a book

      In the back of the book there is extra info and really good games, I will write down a page I loved the best with tons of info in:
      Dragon Tales
      The word 'dragon' comes from the Greek word, 'drakon', meaning 'enormous serpent'. Dragons have featured in stories around the world for about 7000 years.

      In Western cultures, dragons are nearly always seen as bad, and the story are of the heroes who destroy them:
      In an ancient Roman story, the sun god Apollo killed a dragon with just a bow and arrow.

      A hero called Beowulf killed a dangerous dragon, but then died himself from its poisonous breath.
      St George battled with a dragon to rescue a young lady - and in doing so became the patron saint of England (even though he originally a Roman soldier).

      The Sraheens Lough Monster is a legendary Irish dragon. It is described as 'a little dinosaur with a swan neck that steals sheep and moves like a kangaroo'.
      In Scotland, many believe there are dragon-like creatures such as the Loch Ness monster

      In Wales, the Red Dragon (Y Ddraig Coch) is the national Emblem.

      If you don't like fiction or don't like books all together and you prefer jokes, puzzles, games and everything else, then this book is also for you, the reason for this is because what I have put above explains exactly a piece of information found at the end of this book, it also includes puzzles and competitions (that might be out of date now.

      And the best thing I LOVE about books as good as this is that there is something on the back which shows that it is a really GREAT book, it is right above the barcode, this one says "Read it! Try page 73", that's what I love. Have you ever read a book with that, or something like that, just above the barcode? If you have you know how brilliant these books are, if you haven't however, you don't know what you are missing! I'm not saying that when you next go into a bookshop to look at every book to try and find that above the barcode, what I'm asking you to do is buy this book and if you enjoyed it as much as I did, then look for books with the same thing on the back.

      I'm currently reading another book with almost the same thing on the back, if I was you, if you have, or are about to, read this book then look out for my review on the next book which has the same thing on the back. Or you could just raid a shop! The choice is yours but make the legal one please.


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