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Eat Your Peas - Kes Gray

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2 Reviews

Author: Kes Gray / Format: Paperback / Date of publication: 01 January 2009 / Genre: Picture Storybooks / Publisher: Random House Children's Publishers UK / Title: Eat Your Peas / ISBN 13: 9781862308046 / ISBN 10: 1862308046

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    2 Reviews
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      24.02.2011 10:27
      Very helpful



      A plain but enjoyable book

      Eat your peas is one book in a series of books about a little girl called Daisy. I picked this book out of our local library after my son has eaten peas for his tea and decided that we needed to count every single pea before he ate it so this seemed a great choice.

      Who is Daisy?

      Daisy is a typical strong willed young girl who knows what she does and doesn't like , She is drawn as a simple cartoon like character with dots for eyes and not much detail but in her stories her character as a young child does show through.

      The story.

      The story starts with Daisy looking down at her plate which is empty but for a pile of peas and her mum tells her to eat her peas. Daisy says she looked at the plate and believes the peas were ganging up on her so tells her mum she doesn't like peas. Her mum goes against everything that Super Nanny advises and resorts to bribery. She initially starts by offering pudding but the bribes get bigger from staying up longer, no bath, and bike but on each occasion Daisy simply replies she doesn't like peas. Due to her mum's frustration she decides to promise the earth. All kinds of animals from Elephants, zebra are a chocolate factory, trips to the moon and still she continues to respond she doesn't like peas. After mum offering everything she can think of Daisy says you really want me to eat my peas don't you mum and agrees to on the condition her mother eats the Brussels sprouts. This is when the tables are turned and mum doesn't like Brussels sprouts and they both decided to indulge in pudding instead.

      The illustrations.

      The illustrations are by Nick Sharratt and very basic and while very bold and doesn't have great detail. This can work in two ways with children either it doesn't have enough detail to draw them in or actually allows them to concentrate on the story. In this case I tend to notice the expressions on bother the mother and Daisy's face to tend to stand out.

      Writing Style

      This book has a great comedy style to it and a stubborn child which every parent will recognise. It also has a repetitive theme and after each page the first offer is repeated and additional enticements are added on. The page where Daisy response is identical. I do find that the repetitive element does draw young children in

      Awards and child's perspective

      This book is the winner of the 2001 children's book award. This does have a logo advertising this fact. The book also does have reviews by three children which are aged between seven and eight years of age which obviously are all positive.

      My Son's experience

      My son does like peas so although I did think a book about peas was something he would enjoy I did have a concern that the book would actually put him off peas. My son has actually enjoyed the book more each time he read it. The first time he found little to occupy him in the illustrations and though he did listen to the story it became more enjoyable once he understood the rules of this book. After a couple of reads he began to join in with the line that she didn't like peas. After further reads he does try and join in with the list of offerings although after a couple of illustrations without been able to read the words. I do find though he will try and count things such as a pudding which educationally may be great but when you are trying to get your child to sleep you don't want them counting and when it gets to 50 I tell him there are too many to count. I actually found my son reading this book to himself and he did make up much of the bribes but did know the ending where they both like pudding. It is a book that has so many elements to it a humorous story, Counting, Repetitive text all of which add up to a simple book that my son thoroughly enjoys. I don't actually think it would encourage a child to particularly eat their peas though.

      Additional information
      The series does have a supporting website www.daisyclub.co.uk which does gives basic information on the characters throughout the series and also colouring pages and fun things that do add onto the book. It also gives additional information about other books in the series and notes for parents.
      The book is currently available on Amazon for £4.38 with free supersaver delivery.


      While very plain illustrations so doesn't appear it is going to be the greatest book it has been a great book and one I would definitely recommend for a preschool child and I shall look out for further books in this series.


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        11.08.2010 22:16
        Very helpful



        See review.

        The book I will now review is - "Eat your peas - Kes Gray and Nic Sharratt".

        Before she knew it, it was dinner time again and Daisy knew what her mum was just about to say, "eat your peas Daisy".

        But Daisy says she doesn't like peas, so once again her mother is faced with the dilemma that most of us mums have to face from time to time....how to persuade a child to do something that they just don't want to!

        Will Daisy mum managed to get the job done, or will Daisy just not eat them!?

        I loved this book, let alone how much my son enjoyed it, with him getting very excited when he found it at our library, having read it previously at school.

        The mum and her methods remind me of myself and probably thousands of other mothers around the country, with her starting to promise an ice cream if the peas are eaten, to ending with the promise of hundreds of ice cream shops, and elephant and various other ridiculous and somewhat desperate promises....just to finish her dinner!

        The illustrations are perfect, being detailed and extremely colourful, with everything that has been promised being shown at the top of the page, so towards the end, there is rather a lot of pictures on each page, which my son loved sitting and counting!

        The text again is made up of reasonably easy words, but due to the amount of words this is not what I would deem as a starter reader.

        The clincher of the book is the fact that Daisy discovers a loophole at the end of the book, and it is something that I could imagine my children saying, so this just finished the story perfectly for me!

        Price wise the RRP of this is £4.99, and is available from www.amazon.co.uk.

        Thanks for reading x

        ISBN 0-09-940467-2


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