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ELC Dear Zoo Buggy

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    1 Review
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      07.11.2012 16:32
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      A nice book for little people

      Recently I have been spending a bit of time most days reading to Jayden as personally I feel it is never too young to start getting your child into books and reading, my Mum would read to me every day when I was Jayden's age and now I love reading and always have done. I have actually been reading him some of my old books that I had as a child, they are in near perfect condition and he loves listening and looking at the pictures. However as well as my old childhood books he has been bought some books of his own, one book which he received recently was Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell, he actually has two of these books one is a touch and feel book whereas the other is a smaller buggy book handy for taking out and about with you.

      The Story
      As I have said Jayden has this book in the form of a touch and feel book as well as a buggy book, however the story of both books is still the same. The narrator starts off by saying how they wrote to the zoo asking for a pet, it then goes on to say "they sent me a..." and each page there is a colourful picture of a zoo animal. This is where the two books differ a little with the story, both books say why the animal was not suitable as a pet depending on what the animal was, however the touch and feel book tells you which part of the animal to touch, the story then ends with the zoo sending the perfect pet. The story includes animals such as elephants, giraffes, snakes and many others, this will help your child to learn what different animals look like and their names and the colourful pictures will help capture your child's attention.

      The Buggy Book
      The Dear Zoo Buggy Book is a small square book with card pages, the front cover of the book is a red brick work pattern, it has a sign on the front with the words "Rod Campbell Dear Zoo Animal Shapes" written on it in black writing, beneath this is a picture of a brown puppy, the back of the book has a small amount of information written on it.

      The first page of the book is square however every page after that is cut to the shape of the animal whose picture is on it, the picture of the animal appears both front and back of the page and on the back of each page is written why the animal would not make a suitable pet. The writing is reasonably large making it easy to young children to read and it is kept to a minimum so that there is not too much for them to have to read, the pictures are bright and colourful so that they capture their attention making it ideal for very young child who cannot yet read.

      The buggy book has a bright yellow piece of elasticated fabric threaded through it with a large yellow plastic clip on it allowing you to clip it somewhere on your child's buggy so that they can read/ look at the book whilst out and about, the card pages are reasonably strong and tough to that it will not become damaged when you take the book out with you and the chunky pages and shapes of the pages makes them easy for little fingers to turn over.

      The Touch and Feel Book
      The Dear Zoo Touch and Feel book is a hard back book, it has a cream cover and on the front is a large red crate with a lion laying in front of it and part of the lions main is made from brown fur, the name of the book and the author is written in black writing, as with the buggy book the back of the book contains a small amount of information about the story as well as pictures of different zoo animals.

      Inside the book on the left hand page is the writing which is large making it easy for young children to read and on the left hand page is a large colourful picture of a zoo animal, the writing also tells you which part of the animal to feel. On every picture there is one part of the animal which is made from a different material including felt, rubber, fur and different textures, this is good for children who cannot read the book alone as it allows them to join in. This book will help to teach your child the names of different animals and what they look like as well as different textures. The pages are made from a thin card which probably isn't ideal for very young children as this can be a bit fiddly for them to turn.

      The Dear Zoo books can be purchased from a variety of book shops as well as online including Amazon, I'm not sure exactly where the two books we have were purchased as they were both presents, my parents purchased Jayden the buggy book whilst on holiday and the touch and feel book was part of one of Jayden's Christening presents. The Dear Zoo Touch and Feel Book is priced at around £7.99, however this can vary a little depending on which shop you purchase it from, the buggy book is sold for around £4.99, again this can vary a little.

      Personally I feel that both books are reasonably priced as they are of an excellent quality and ideal to start introducing your little one to reading and books, I would be happy to pay this price for the two books.

      My Opinion
      I have read the Dear Zoon Touch and Feel and the Buggy Book with Jayden several times now, I like the idea of the buggy book as it means I can take the book out with me and put it in Jayden's pushchair with him giving him something to look at and the chunky yellow clips means that he cannot drop the book over the edge and loose it, if he gets fed up looking at it I know that when he puts it down it cannot fall out.

      The touch and feel book is ideal for reading at home as this is much larger and not really ideal for taking out with you. Jayden loves both of these books as they are bright and colourful, he loves sitting and looking and the animals and whilst I read the story to him and with the touch and feel book he will feel the different textures and materials on the page. The books are just the right length for him to be able to sit and listen without getting board and fidgety. The books are reasonably priced and certainly worth the money. I would highly recommend the Dear Zoo Touch and Feel Book and the Buggy Book as they make ideal first books for your child.


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    At a Glance An elephant? Too big. A lion? Too fierce. Find the perfect pet in this brand new buggy book based on Rod Campbell's much-loved classic book. Features and benefits for ELC Dear Zoo Buggy Book An elephant? Too big. A lion? Too fierce. Find the perfect pet in this brand new buggy book based on Rod Campbell's much-loved classic book.With a handy strap that can be attached to a buggy or cot, this book is perfect for very young children.

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