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ELC Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell

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    1 Review
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      11.01.2014 17:40
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      A lovely little story, which captures the interest of children and is enjoyed by all!

      Norman the Slug With the Silly Shell by Sue Hendre

      ---Introduction- Why I brought this product--

      I am currently training to be a Primary School teacher and I am on placement in a school at the moment. This week I have been based in Reception and there is nothing they like more than a good story at the end of the day before they go home. The teacher I am working with asked me if I would like to read the story yesterday and so I popped to W H Smiths to have a look for a book to read to them.

      I was immediately drawn to this product because the picture on the front cover is a slug with a doughnut strapped to his back. The background of the cover is a deep purple colour and the sprinkles on the doughnut were glittery and sparkly. The front cover of this book is very appealing and when I brought it out to show my Reception class they were all very excited by the colours and the sparkles and they were very intrigued as to why a slug would have a doughnut strapped onto its back.

      --- So What's the Story? ---

      This book is a story about Norman, a slug who is very lonely and wants to play with the snails. The snails won't let Norman play with them because he doesn't have a shell, so Norman sets out to find himself one. He tries out many different items to use as a shell, including a tennis ball that is too bouncy and eventually settles on a doughnut for his perfect shell. The snails then allow Norman to play with them but whilst he is enjoying joining in on all the fun, he is grabbed by a bird and flown up into the sky to be taken home for dinner... I won't spoil the ending of the book, but I will tell you that my class loved it!

      --- My Experiences ---

      It is hard to find a book that both boys and girls enjoy and I have often struggled to find something that particularly the boys like. As soon as I brought this book out the boys were engaged and interested in why a slug would possibly strap a doughnut to its back. The picture on the front cover is a great hook to engage children because it is funny and also raises the question, why is this happening? The character of this book 'Norman' is a very cute cartoon slug and my class loved him!

      The story is very straight forward and easy for children to follow. There aren't a huge amount of words on the page, so this would be a good story for children who are beginning to read some words on their own. The illustrations in this book are really great. They are not the most artistic or detailed but they are modern and they do an excellent job of telling the story clearly. Norman is very cute and very recognizable, and he is drawn with a lot of personality which helps children engage with his feelings and story.

      The story line moves very quickly which is extremely good for young children as it keeps them interested in what is happening. There are lots of funny moments in this story which my class really enjoyed and they were all laughing along, especially when Norman was looking for was looking for something to make a shell with. This story isn't particularly long and I think it would be a good story to read before bed or if you just want a short story to read to your children.

      --- My Overall Opinion ---

      I let my class be the judge of this book because the whole reason I brought it was to read to them. They loved this story, they enjoyed laughing over Norman's adventures and were all listening intently to find out what would happen to him. As soon as we finished this story they were desperate to read it again! I also really enjoyed reading this story, the illustrations were really lovely and the storyline was fun and lighthearted. I had not heard of this book before I saw it in the shop, but I would definitely recommend it to others with young children. My Reception class are all aged 4 and 5 and they loved this story, but I think it would be suitable for both younger and slightly older children who would be able to follow the story easily and would enjoy the story line. This is a book I will definitely be using again with future classes and I am planning to take it to my Year 2 class next week to read to them. I'd highly recommend this book and I think most young children would really enjoy it!


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      At a Glance Norman is a slug who longs to be a snail - if only he could find a shell Features and benefits for ELC Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell Book Norman is a slug who longs to be a snail - if only he could find a shell. Children will laugh out loud at Norman's crazy antics as he goes to hilarious lengths to find a shell of his own. But will he be satisfied once he finds one, or will his dreams get bigger and bigger and bigger? Another crazy character from the creator of the hit picture book Barry the Fish with Fingers.