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Everyone Hide from Wibbly Pig - Mick Inkpen

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3 Reviews

Author: Mick Inkpen / Format: Paperback / Date of publication: 05 November 2009 / Genre: Picture Books / Publisher: Hachette Children's Books / Title: Everyone Hide from Wibbly Pig / ISBN 13: 9780340997543 / ISBN 10: 0340997543

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    3 Reviews
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      12.01.2013 15:16
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      Another fun Wibbly Pig story

      As my girls both love their 'Is it bedtime Wibbly Pig?' book by Mick Inkpen I thought I would add to their collection with some for daytime reading. Mick Inkpen is also well known for the 'Kipper' books for children and Wibbly is another popular character of his.
      'Everyone hide from Wibbly Pig' caught my eye when I was out shopping and as my girls have always loved playing peek-a-boo I thought they would enjoy this.

      The story follows Wibbly Pig playing a game of hide and seek with his pig friends. We start off with Wibbly Pig counting as everyone hides and then follow the fun he has trying to find everyone. The book has lots of flaps for your little one to lift and look for the hidden pigs. There are only a few words on each page and this book is a visual game as well as a story.

      The illustrations are full of detail and this book easily keeps my girls interested as they (in theory) take it in turns to lift the flaps. The pigs are hidden around a house, we find scruffy pig in the shower and the pig twins under the bed. By the end of the book all the pigs have been found except tiny pig, where a series of flaps have to be lifted to complete the story.

      The copy of the book I have is made of thick paper but not as sturdy as a board book. The flaps have needed to be sellotaped back on and have torn in places, it looks well read in other words which is good in that it means my girls have read it lots.

      Price and availability
      I bought our copy from Tesco last year and I think I paid just under £4, it is currently (January 2013) available for on Amazon. I feel we have got our money's worth from this book as it's still one of their favourites.

      Would I recommend?
      Yes, my girls were about 20 months when I bought this book for them. They are always pleased to see Wibbly in a book although they aren't as keen when he is on tv. They have just started to play hide and seek themselves and I'm sure it won't be long before they are hiding in all the wonderful places they've read about!


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        13.07.2009 17:01
        Very helpful



        Fantastic, no child should be without a copy.

        Who doesn't play hide and seek with their children? And if your answer is 'me' then I question your parenting skills. This book is timeless, children through all ages, across cultures and backgrounds play hide and seek but what is so beautiful is all parents have a memory of their own children hiding behind something inappropriate which fails to hide them. Tiny pig does exactly that at the opening of the book which pulls you in immediately. You can relate to every character and it is extremely user friendly - even very young children can handle the book, turn the pages, lift the flaps without damage. If a child can interact with a book in this way, they learn to love books but it helps their attention, hand eye coordination, ability to anticipate, empathise and so the list goes on. I defy anyone, adult or child, to not read this book time and time again. Educationally brilliant - you can teach positional language (under, on etc), humour (why is the spotty pig in the dog's basket). And finally, as always from Mick Inkpen, so delicately illustrated. Yes, not everything has to be big, bold, bright and noisy, like most kid's TV these days, it can be gentle and subtle and still engaging. A must have for all families with young children and a great read alone book for those slightly older.


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        31.01.2007 07:59
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        A fantastic book for young children

        This little pig has to be one of the most adorable children's characters of his time, children and adult just warm to his 'wibbly wobbliness'!

        In this series of books, Wibbly Pig does just about everything that a toddler may do thereby gaining huge universal child appeal

        ~ The story ~

        This is a very simple hide and seek / peek-a-boo 'lift the flap' book.

        'Wibbly Pig is counting, everyone hide!' And so begins the game........ Tiny Pig, Big Pig and all of the other friends scamper off to find the best hiding place.

        And then Wibbly Pig sets off to find them all:

        Who's in the shower? Who's under the towel? Who's hiding under the bed?

        One by one all of the characters are found, all except for Tiny Pig!

        After searching high and low, they eventually find him as his hat and scarf are peeking out of the mouse hole! The book ends with 'Everyone hide, Tiny Pig is counting.'

        ~ The style ~

        This is an extremely simple text, ideal for pre-school children who find it easy to join in with the text after the first or second reading.

        ~ The illustrations ~

        Mick Inkpen's talent is very evident in this book. He has given each of the pigs personalities through his expressive drawings.

        They are set against a white background and are simple but bold and charming.

        Young children love to play along with the hide and seek game by lifting the flaps and never seem to tire of this activity.

        The use of the multi-layered flap at the end of the story is an extra surprise for little ones as they think they have found Little Pig as soon as they lift the first flap, but they haven't!

        ~ Educational values ~

        * It encourages children to nurture a love of books.
        * It encourages children to participate with the story by helping to find the characters who are playing hide and seek.
        * It develops fine motor / manipulative skills through lifting the flaps.
        * The simple text enables children to join in with the story line and develop memory skills.
        * It develops language relating to position: under, in, behind etc.

        ~ Mick Inkpen ~

        It is no surprise that Mick Inkpen is one of the top selling picture book artists and writers. He has an enviable talent in this area and has sold millions worldwide.

        He is perhaps best known for his stories about Kipper, but don't overlook Wibbly Pig books as these are fantastic.

        * Is it bedtime W.Pig?
        * Tickly Christmas W.Pig
        * W.Pig can make a tent
        * W.Pig makes pictures
        * W.Pig can dance
        * W.Pig opens his presents
        * In W.Pigs garden

        ~ Price and Publishers ~

        My Hodder Children's Books paperback (ISBN: 0-340-68138-1) was £6.99 but check out www.amazon.co.uk for some bargains:
        * paperback used and new from £1.31
        * hardcover used and new from just 46p
        * pop-up version from 1.73

        Published by Puffin, Hodder Children's Books & Viking Books.


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      • Product Details

        Play hide-and-seek with Wibbly Pig in the pages of this lift-the-flap book. Where is Tiny Pig? Open doors and lift cushions to find his hiding place. There is a double flap surprise at the end.