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Farm Peekaboo! - Charlie Gardner

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Genre: Junior Books / Author: Charlie Gardner / Edition: Brdbk / Board book / 12 Pages / Book is published 2007-08-20 by DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)

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    1 Review
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      27.03.2012 08:21
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      A fun interactive farm themed book great for under 2's but not the most durable of books

      My twin boys have an ever growing book collection. This is probably not helped because I'm constantly buying new books when I see bargains online or on book shops and I also ask family members rather than buy new toys when they want to get my twin boys "a little something" they maybe buy a book as my boys enjoy books so much plus it helps us with storing all of these "little something's". One of these gifts my mum purchased for my boys was Farm Peekaboo by Charlie Gardener.

      The description of Farm Peekaboo is "Play peekaboo with your baby and hear them giggle in delight as hidden surprises are revealed! Read the book together and lift the giant flaps to reveal cuddly toy farm animals; then explore the soft, shiny and bumpy textures. "

      The Farm Peekaboo book is basically a brightly coloured farm themed book with fold out pages and textured sections on each of the pages. The book is interactive for a child and the story follows different farm animals hiding behind various different objects. On the pages there are different textures for a child to feel and on each of the pages there is a fold out page where the child needs to lift outwards in order to reveal the animal hiding.

      The cover price of this book is £5.99 which I feel is quite standard for a childrens book although because this is quite a basic book I do think is a little expensive. You can purchase the book from Asda, Tesco and Book Depot and also Amazon. My mum paid £4 for this book from Tesco which I feel is reasonable however Amazon sell this title for £3.50 delivered.

      Farm Peekaboo is a short book with a very short story that spans across five double pages. The book has a brightly coloured red cover with a cow on the front. Inside the book the pages are white and each of the pages starts with asking where a certain animal is. For example on the first page the story asks "Who's that hiding behind the green tractor?" on the left hand page. One the right hand page there is a large green fold out shaped tractor. When this is lifted out over the story says "peekaboo it's the woolly sheep" "say baa baa" and reveals a sheep. The sheep hidden under the tractor fold out section is large and has a textured woollen patch on the illustrated drawing for a child to feel.

      The next few pages are very similar and the words on the page follow a similar pattern. The following page has a cow hiding behind an orange fold out blanket and says "moo moo" with a textured section. The following page has a textured pink pig that says oink oink and is hiding behind fold out red wellies, and then a page with a textured rooster hiding behind a gate that says "cock a doodle doo". On the final double page the story asks "where have all of the animals gone are they in the bed time barn" on the right hand side of the page there is a colourful fold out barn and when this is folded out over all of the animals from the previous page are revealed and the story says "peekaboo" and lists all of the noises that these animals make.

      Story wise I do think that the book is very basic and although my boys at 2 years old still enjoy reading this book I probably would not buy for a child over 2 years old as the book is very basic and aimed at children in my opinion who are under 2 years old. My mum purchased this book for my boys when they were around 18 months old and they have read the book over and over and loved the story but I do think that they would have enjoyed this book from around 9 months old when we started to read together because of the "peekaboo" flaps on the pages and the textured animals on the double pages. I think because of the peekaboo game this is a very interactive book and encourages a child not only to listen to the story and look at the pictures in the book but it stimulates their senses with the different colours and the different textures to touch. It also encourages young children to lift the flaps to find the different animals.

      The farm themed book is also educational for older toddlers and helps to encourage speech development. Farm Peekaboo helped my boys to recognise different farm animals and encouraged their speech development as they would say the names of the different animals and the book would prompt them to make the noise that particular farm animal would make.

      I would say the main downside to Farm Peekaboo is its durability. The main pages are made from a thick hard durable cardboard that most books aimed at under 2 are made from. These pages are very durable and can't be bent and have a wipe-able coating to prevent marks on the pages from sticky fingers. Even the textured sections on each of the pages are durable and despite being touched over and over (quite roughly at times by my boys who are less than careful) these sections have suffered no damage or wear and tear.

      The Peekaboo sections on each of the pages are the main issue with this book. On each of the double pages on the right hand side the object hiding the animal is made about the size of the page of the book (about 20cm square). This "peekaboo" fold out section folds out over to reveal the animal. This fold out flap is made from a thinner cardboard material which bends quite easily and on a number of occasions my boys got excited and the fold out section bent as they tried to lift this page too quickly. I have tried to supervise and read this book with my boys so after reading for six months the book was still in reasonable condition. However once my boys got to 2 years old they became more independent and often wanted to "read" without mummy. Although I would supervise "independent reading time" one of my sons very easily was able to rip one of the fold out sections off completely with not a lot of effort which I did find quite disappointing as with a peekaboo flap missing the book is not so exciting and entertaining!

      I would definitely recommend this book to other parents who have children under 2 years old. The book is a cute looking book with attractive illustrations that interest even young children from about 9 months old. This is also a lovely interactive book which is great to read with a child because of the different textures on the pages and the peekaboo sections. At £3.50 I feel this is a good value book considering how interactive it is and how much enjoyment my boys have got out of this book. My only criticism (or warning) is that because of the fold out pages which act as flaps for the "peekaboo" game the book is not the most durable and these fold out pages can get easily bent or even ripped if a child gets overly excited when reading this book.


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