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Growing Frogs - Vivian French

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2 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Author: Vivian French / Edition: Library ed / Paperback / 32 Pages / Book is published 2008-01-07 by Walker

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    2 Reviews
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      30.07.2013 08:59
      Very helpful



      A great book

      ==The Gift of Reading==

      My eldest daughter was given this book by her head teacher, in the school they run a scheme where the children get a stamp every time they read 2 books at home in the space of 1 week, if they manage to get 30 stamps by the end of the year they get a book. Sophie was thrilled when she received her book and I was really proud of her as at the beginning of the year she wasn't very keen on reading so this is quite an achievement.

      ==The Look of the Book==

      The book is a large one about A4 sized in height and nearly as wide which I really like as it makes it easy to share the book with each other when we read otherwise in our house we end up with a tug o war with one girl either side of me. The front of the book has a little girl on it looking at a Frog, there is frogspawn and tadpoles also pictured and the background is bright blue for the water. The colours on the front cover are stunning and it really jumps out at you from the book shelf, the book is written by Vivian French and illustrated by Alison Barlett. The book has a RRP of £5.99 and it looks a really great quality book certainly worth the price it sells for.

      ==Inside the Book==

      When you open the book there is a box for your child to put their name in to say that they own the book although I do personally try and discourage this as I think books should be passed down to younger children when they are finished with. The next page has a little piece about both the author and the illustrator which I actually think is quite a nice little touch.

      ==The Story==

      The story starts with the little girl being read a story by her Mum about a frog that kept drinking and drinking and as it did it kept growing bigger, the Mam suggests to the girl that they could bring home some Frogs eggs and watch the Frogs grow but the little girl is scared by the thought of giant Frogs until her mam reassures her it was just a story.

      They go to the pond and they bring home some Frogspawn in a bucket after the little girls Mam has explained about frogspawn to the little girl. The little girl counted and she had 27 frogspawn, every day she would get up and check out the frogspawn to see how much they had grown, 10 of the frogspawn didn't grow and had to be taken out of the bucket.

      Finally the tadpoles grew into little baby Frogs, the little girl and her Mam return the Frogs to the pond where they began as frogspawn and when they return a few weeks later there are loads of little Frogs all jumping around them.

      ==Our Thoughts==

      This is a bit of a strange book as not only is it a story but it also tells you all about Frogs and how they grow so it is educational too which I suppose you would expect as a gift from a head teacher. There are lots of little facts throughout the book and then a little checklist at the back of what to do if you decide to take some frogspawn home.

      I remember when I was a child we had a bucket with Frogspawn in and I used to love watching the frogs grow. There are facts such as the Male frogs will croak to attract the females and then the females lay the frogspawn and always use pond water for growing Frogs as tap water has Fluoride in it which may poison the Frogs. Sophie was intrigued by this book the first time we read it and she wouldn't believe that I once had frogspawn as a little girl, of course she now wants to grow some Frogs too but I have managed to put her off.

      The book is quite long and has a lot of writing on each page but the words are not very difficulty on the whole so Sophie is able to read the majority of the book herself. There are 2 types of text in the book, big and bold for the story and then smaller and more of an italic design for the writing of the facts so you can choose to read either of them or both.

      The pictures in the book are lovely and bright and drawn largely, the backgrounds and the pictures all seen to centre around the colours yellow, green, blues and orange. After reading this book I would quite like to read some more books from this author as I was really impressed by this book, Sophie loves the book and often reads it although my youngest who is nearly 3 gets bored by the book and wanders off, we give this 5 stars.


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        27.12.2010 14:29
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A good childrens' book that teaches and entertains

        I'm often on Dooyoo looking for reviews about children's books which give me inspiration when buying presents for my daughters, so for those I've read, thanks! This review on the book "Growing Frogs" by Vivian French wasn't in the Dooyoo catalogue so here it is, and hopefully it might be useful for people with small children in need of a new present for their book hungry youngsters.

        The book fulfills two main functions - it serves as a cute story about a girl and her mum who nurture some frog spawn into tadpoles and also there is an educational side-plot which details what is happening to the frog spawn as they develop.

        Personally, I'm terrified of frogs and get cold spine shivers when reading this book to my youngsters with all it's graphic detail. However, my two daughters enjoy this book greatly - as a story it's entertaining and they also learn about how frogs develop from the sticky mass of jelly into a fully grown croaker. They say that knowledge dispels fear - I've read this book to my girls at countless bedtimes and I'm still scared of frogs! I think that people underestimate how vicious frogs are - why have you never heard of frogs attacking people? - because they don't leave survivors to tell the tale.

        The author has written around 200 books for children, and the illustrations are provided by Alison Bartlett who has done a good job of providing background images that compliment what is occuring in the story.

        On the back of the book is a blurb by that well known reviewer of childrens' educational books - the Financial Times (!). Whatever next? - Jeremy Clarkson reviewing eco-friendly renewable energy sources, Karl Pilkington writing travel destination reviews here on Dooyoo?


        I would recommend this book for those with young children that have a desire to learn and be entertained at the same time.


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