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Horrid Henry's Revenge - Francesca Simon

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2 Reviews

Author: Francesca Simon / Format: Paperback / Date of publication: 10 September 2001 / Genre: Children's Humorous Stories / Publisher: Orion Publishing Co / Title: Horrid Henry's Revenge / ISBN 13: 9781858818252 / ISBN 10: 1858818252

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    2 Reviews
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      03.07.2009 08:03
      Very helpful



      4 short stories featuring Horrid Henry

      This is a book which again was bought for my eldest on his 7th Birthday. The book is part of a collection and he now has quite a few of them as he really does enjoy the stories and characters.

      The book is a paperback and the cover is orange with a picture of Henry at the top holding a spider on some string and the title below this. The book is not one full story but is in fact 4 shorter stories. The stories are:-

      1. Horrid Henry's Revenge.

      This story starts with Horrid Henry and his brother Perfect Peter having a fight. Henry soon gets sent to his bedroom and thinks it is very unfair as Peter never gets sent to his. Perfect Peter is always trying to get Henry into trouble by telling on him for even the smallest naughty thing he does. Henry wishes he could do magic so he could turn Peter into a worm and then show everyone his worm brother but as he cant do magic he is going to have to think of another way to get Peter back.

      Henry decides that he is going to have to make a plan to get Perfect Peter into very big trouble but what could his plan be and just how much trouble would he be able to get Perfect Peter into?

      2. Horrid Henry's Computer

      Henry is on the computer but is soon told he is not to be on it as it is for Mom's work Dad's work and school work and not for playing games on, Henry thinks this is funfair as everyone has such cool games for their computers. Henry wonders what the point is of having this computer, Perfect Peter tells Henry that he could use it to practice his spelling or write an essay but Henry says he does not want to do this. Peter tells his Mom that he does not want to play games on the computer which makes Henry mad as he does so Henry starts fighting Peter and soon ends up being sent to his room.

      That night when everyone was asleep Henry decided to sneak downstairs to the computer to see if their were any games hidden, unfortunately Henry did not find any but he did find Perfect Peter's work. What would Henry do now he had the chance to get back at Peter and what would the consequences be?

      3. Horrid Henry Goes to Work

      Henry's Mom and Dad are arguing over you is to take Henry to work with them as the following day is a 'take your child to work day' and neither want to take Henry but both wanted to take Perfect Peter. Dad finally gets the job of taking him and warns Henry that his boss is taking his son who apparently perfect, Peter says he would love to meet him! Henry thinks he is going to be able to spend the day playing computer games and eating donuts.

      When they arrive at Dad's work Henry is warned to be good and nice to the boss' son Bill, Henry says he will try. Will Henry have the fun day he thinks he will be getting and just what will he make of Bill?

      4. Horrid Henry and the Demon Dinner Lady

      Henry is angry as he is told he is not allowed to take a packet lunch to school and he has to have school dinner, he tells his Mom and Dad how horrid they are. Perfect Peter say show much he loves the dinners. Finally after weeks of moaning Henry gets to take a packet lunch but only as he promised he would eat everything inside his lunchbox. The next day Henry gets to go into the schools packet lunch room where he thinks of food fights, food swaps, yummy food and no school dinners.

      Will Henry's packet lunch and the lunch room be all he has hoped for and will he get the yummy food and keep his promise to his Mom and Dad or will something or someone stand in his way of the fun and food?

      William (my eldest) had great fun reading this book by himself and found it very easy. The way the book is written makes it really easy to follow and there are no big words which children could trip up on. The stories are all very basic and simple and therefore really easy to read.

      The text is a nice big size and black and is always on plain parts of the pages so it is very easy to see. There are illustrations in the book which are all black and white and they do help with the telling of the story and help to visualise characters and things which are happening. Some of the pictures do make William giggle as they are funny.

      Personally I like how the book is split into 4 stories as it keeps Williams attention whereas if it was only one long story he might start to get bored. The stories are only short and I found when reading them to him they only took two nights as we only read for about 5 - 10 minutes each night but obviously when William reads them on his own it does take him much longer as he only reads 3-4 pages each time.

      This book was written by Francesca Simon and Illustrated by Tony Ross. It was published by Orion and has a retail price on the back cover of £4.99. If you look on both Amazon and EBay the you will be able to pick up a copy for much less.

      I am definitely going to recommend this book and indeed the others in the same collection as they are great for encouraging independent reading as they have fun stories which children love to read and they all have nice basic wording.

      If you would like any further information on this or any Horrid Henry book then please visit www.horridhenry.co,.uk


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        18.11.2008 17:51
        Very helpful



        A brilliant read for children

        The Horrid Henry collection of stories is currently the subject of 17 books written for children aged between 6 and 11. The author of these books is Francesca Simon and the subject for the stories, a boy called Henry. As you can probably guess from the title of the collection Henry is a horrid child whereas his brother Peter is perfect. Henry's mum and dad sincerely wish that Henry was like Peter but we don't because then there wouldn't be any fantastic antics from Simon to right her books about.

        Horrid Henry's Revenge is book number 8 and was published in 2000. The book contains four stories entitled; Horrid Henry's Revenge, Horrid Henry's Computer, Horrid Henry Goes to Work and Horrid Henry and the Demon Dinner Lady.

        Each story is roughly 20 pages in length and so is more than manageable for children. The stories are also interspersed with fantastic illustrations by Tony Ross, which help to engage children even further.

        So tell me what the stories are all about I hear you shout. Well give me a second why don't you as below I have written a short synopsis for each of the stories in order to give you a little bit of an insight into the horrid antic of Henry's that each story talks about.

        **Horrid Henry's Revenge **
        Now Henry's brother Peter is perfect in every single way or so Henry keeps getting told anyway but Henry is fed up of Peter snitching on him and has decided for once and for all to get his own back. Peter however is much too smart to fall for any old trick and so Henry must come up with his most cunning plan yet in order to fool Peter and get him into serous trouble.

        **Horrid Henry's Computer**
        Upon getting a computer, mum and dad ban Henry from using it for games exclaiming that it is only for work and homework. Peter of course is more than satisfied for this and after mum and dad have produced their reports and spreadsheets Peter types a lovely essay about his favourite teacher. Later that night however Henry sneaks downstairs and changes Peter's essay at the same time he also manages to password the computer. Will mum and dad ever find out about his sneaky antics?

        **Horrid Henry Goes to Work**
        It's take your child to work day once again and mum and dad are battling over who has to take Henry. Dad looses out and so traipses Henry to work with him warning him that he must be on his best behaviour because his boss is bringing his son to work. The two boys immediately do not get on with one another, as the Bosses son is exceptionally sneaky and smarmy doing everything he can to get Henry into trouble. Henry doesn't take to this lightly as no-one messes with Horrid Henry.

        **Horrid Henry and the Demon Dinner Lady **
        After finally persuading mum and dad to let him have a packed lunch for school Henry resolves to swap all the food he doesn't like for food he does. Henry proves were good at bartering and usually manages to swap all his vegetable based foods for chocolate, sweets and cakes but this proves useless because every day the demon dinner lady snatches up all goodies. Can Henry outwit her and claim back the spoils of his efforts.

        Now I am aware that these synopses are short but the stories themselves are short and so only warrant short synopses as if I wrote more I would be telling you the entire story, which really isn't the point of a review at all.

        My favourite story out of the four has to be Horrid Henry Goes to Work because this story shows us another side to Henry. It highlights how Henry isn't the only naughty child in the world and I think that this is a good thing for the collection of stories as a whole.

        I would highly recommend these stories to all children within the target age range. They are simple yet entertaining reads and are sure to capture the imaginations of all that read them.


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