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Horrid Henry's Underpants - Francesca Simon

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6 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Author: Francesca Simon / Paperback / 96 Pages / Book is published 2003-08-21 by Orion Childrens

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    6 Reviews
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      14.08.2012 10:44
      Very helpful



      a funny story which will encourage your child to read

      Horrid Henry is written by Francesca Simon and there are a whole series of books available as well as also films, books on cd and it also available on CITV.

      Horrid Henry is a modern version of Just William and features Horrid Henry who is a basically a boy who does everything he shouldn't and his little Brother perfect Peter.
      Horrid Henry's underpants:

      In this story Henry's Aunt send him some pants for his birthday the only problem is she thinks he is a girl and send him frilly pink pants! One day running late Henry accidentally puts the pink frilly knickers on!
      The story focuses on how Henry tries to get rid of the knickers and how will he survive the school day without his friends finding out that he has girls knickers on. The adventures Henry has whilst wearing these are very funny and it really carries the reader along.

      I have listened to this on story Cd and it was very funny proving a hit with both my girls and indeed this has sparked a love of Horrid Henry the eldest loves reading these books. I personally think these are brilliant as they are very funny and in my experience the children in my daughter's class aged between 5 and 6 are desperate to find out more about his adventures.

      Cost and stockist
      This book is available from Amazon at £ 3.24 or it is also available as an early reader which has larger print at £ 2.99 www.amazon.co.uk I would also suggest having a look in your £1 shop if you have one as I picked up a couple in my local branch.

      My 6 year olds comments.
      I like this story because it is very funny Henry is very silly and I like it when he has Pea ns when the teacher finds the knickers and shows the class I think both boys and girls will like this story.


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      01.04.2011 08:26
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great book for boys

      **This is the easy reader version of the book but I was asked to put it here**

      I am a great believer than children should be encouraged to enjoy books and I am very lucky that my son is a very able reader and likes to read books. I have always bought my son books for my son ever since he was a baby but this Christmas I was looking for some books which were more advanced but that he could still have a go at reading. This was how I stumbled across the Horrid Henry early reader books which I thought would be perfect for him. One of the books was called Horrid Henry's underpants which is what I am reviewing today.

      I am not overly familiar with the horrid Henry character but from what I do know I believe little boys find him very funny as he is cheeky and more than often a bit naughty too! I thought that the character would appeal to my son and so I was confident in buying the books.

      The book is written by Francesca Simon and is illustrated by Tony Ross. It is a small paperback with 76 pages but the book is separated in to six chapters making it more manageable for a child to read.

      The story begins with Henry receiving a late birthday present which of course he is very excited about. However, it turns out to be a pair of frilly knickers from his old Aunt Greta who is convinced that Henry is short for Henrietta. One day whilst Henry is half asleep and rushing in the morning he manages to put the knickers on by mistake and heads off to school. Henry realises at school that he has made a mistake and must work out a way of making sure that no one can find out he is wearing the pants so of course lots of mischief and mayhem occurs!

      What is nice about this book is not only is the text of a good font size for an early reader but it is also broken up with pictures which I feel keeps my sons attention. There are also sections of text or individual words which are in bold or italic lettering which makes it jump out of the page and look more interesting to read. My son is five, six in May, and has no problems reading this book but he is reading at a level which is above average for his age.

      The illustrations in the book are classic Tony Ross and whilst they look a little messy they are incredibly well drawn and often funny to look at.

      My son and I read this book in bed together one night where I would read a chapter and then he would read the next. We both had a drink of hot cocoa and it was a really relaxed experience where we enjoyed some quality time together.

      I feel these books are great for boys around the 5-8 age range as they are funny and more like a "grown up" book than what they are perhaps previously used to as the books contain chapters. You can pick this book up for £3.00 with free delivery from amazon but I got it in a pack of five from the book people where the set cost around £8.00.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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        26.03.2011 22:34
        Very helpful



        An excellent fun read for kids and parents alike

        My eight year old son and myself have been working our way through Francesca Simon's excellent series of Horrid Henry stories over recent months. Horrid Henry is a character guaranteed to be a firm favourite with boys (and I'd imagine girls) between the ages of around five to ten. Throughout the series of novels, Horrid Henry manages to live up to his nickname and gets up to all sorts of mischief and naughty behaviour, often at the expense of his rather nauseating little brother, Perfect Peter.

        This particular book is a collection of four short stories; Horrid Henry Eats a Vegetable, Horrid Henry's Underpants, Horrid Henry's Sick day and Horrid Henry's Thank You Letter. Out of the numerous Horrid Henry books so far - all of which have been excellently written and entertaining- this one has to be my personal favourite so far with the Underpants and Thank You Letter stories quite literally making me laugh out loud as I was reading!

        Each of the stories contains elements that are recognisable from everyday family life, making this a book that kids and parents alike can immediately relate to. Horrid Henry Eats a Vegetable, for instance, looks at Henry's attempts to avoid eating his greens (whilst trying to fool his long-suffering parents that he's eaten them.) Fortunately, my boys are quite good with their veggies and will eat most kinds but they are certainly picky eaters in other ways so I can totally empathise with Henry's parents as they resort to bribery to encourage Horrid Henry to eat healthily. This is one story where Horrid Henry's has the tables turned on him though and his attempts at outwitting his parents are, for once, unsuccessful. This was a welcome change from a parent's perspective as I don't want my children getting too many ideas about how to fool me!

        Horrid Henry's Underpants is one of my personal favourites and it also had my son giggling too. We've all been given totally inappropriate presents from well-meaning relatives and here Horrid Henry ends up getting a pair of frilly pink girl's pants from an Auntie! Following a rather unlikely (but incredibly funny) series of events, Henry ends up wearing these to school and has to come up with an ingenious plan to avoid getting discovered wearing girls' knickers at PE. Anything involving pants (or bums and farts) is guaranteed to appeal to young boys' sense of humour so this one is a really funny read. The only confusing aspect in this story was the use of the word 'debagging' which was something that neither I or my son had heard of before. From the context of the story, it sounds as though it's the 'art' of pulling somebody's trousers down to reveal their pants!

        Horrid Henry's Sick Day is another fun story with a ring of truth, as Henry tries to wrangle a day off school by feigning illness. I can imagine this is the kind of story that some parents might be reluctant to read to their youngsters just in case it gives their kids any ideas about new tactics! Fortunately, this is another tale where Henry's naughtiness backfires on him in the end.

        Out of the four stories, Horrid Henry's Thank You Letter is definitely the funniest and really confirms Henry's reputation as a thoroughly rude but incredibly resourceful boy. Here, he has to complete the loathed task of writing thank you letters to his relatives and, as ever, tries to come up with a lazy alternative. This story features 'handwritten' examples of the letters that Henry comes up with. He invents the 'no thank you' letter for the crap presents he received and ends with a request for money next time. This is the sort of letter that many of us wish we had the guts to write! His inventiveness leads him to roll this out as a money-making venture to his school friends, coming up with a one size fits all standardised letter with multiple choice options! I found this really hilarious, probably more so than my son did, to be honest. The copies of the letters really added to the sense that this was a real letter and I couldn't help but admire Henry's total cheek and his entrepreneurial skills! The only disappointment with this story was the ending. I do find some of the stories can end quite abruptly and many of them have the potential to become full-length stories in their own right, rather than just short stories.

        Like all of the stories in this series, the words are brought to life beautifully by Tony Ross' fun line drawings. This is one for confident readers as some of the vocabulary can fairly tricky but the books are such good fun that any parent would be mad to give up the opportunity to read this to their kids! As with all of the Horrid Henry books, this one comes highly recommended.


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          08.11.2008 18:55
          Very helpful



          A good read for children

          The dastardly deeds of Horrid Henry are currently the subject 17 books written for children aged between 6 and 11. The author of these books is Francesca Simon and each one is focused around Horrid Henry and his equally horrid friends. As you can probably guess from the title of the collection Henry is a horrid child whereas his brother Peter is perfect. Henry's mum and dad sincerely wish that Henry was like Peter but we don't because then there wouldn't be any fantastic antics from Simon to right her books about.

          Horrid Henry's Underpants is book number 11in the collection and was published in 2003. The book contains four stories entitled, Horrid Henry Eats a Vegetable, Horrid Henry's Underpants, Horrid Henry's Sick Day and Horrid Henry's Thank You Letter.

          Each story is roughly 20 pages in length and so is more than manageable for children. The stories are also interspersed with fantastic illustrations by Tony Ross, which help to engage children even further.

          OK so what are the stories about? Well in short they're about all the horrible antics that Henry gets up to during his day-to-day life. To give you a bit more insight however I have written a short synopsis for each of the stories within the book.

          **Horrid Henry Eats a Vegetable**
          Horrid Henry does not like vegetables; in fact he hates them with a passion and frequently refuses to eat them. But when Mum and Dad offer to take him to Gobble and Go for his tea if he eats all of his vegetables for a week Henry soon becomes a boy on a mission. The chance to eat at Gobble and Go is not something he is going to pass by but eating vegetables for a whole week, how will he ever cope?

          **Horrid Henry's Underpants**
          Due to the fact that she thinks he is a girl, Great Aunt Ruby always sends Henry birthday presents that are suitable for a girl and this year she has sent him a pair of pink and frilly pants. With Rude Ralph on his way upstairs Henry stuffs them to the back of his drawer but in the dark next morning Henry mistakenly puts them on to go to school. Can things get nay worse?

          **Horrid Henry's Sick Day**
          When Peter walks up one morning rather under the weather and is granted the day of school Henry sees this as the perfect opportunity to bag a day off too. A day in front of the TV eating ice-cream and crisps is exactly what he has planned but as usual things don't exactly go the way he hoped they would.

          **Horrid Henry's Thank You Letter**
          Henry hates having to right thank you letters but mum insists that he does. Deciding to just write them and get them out of the way Henry heads to his room. It is here he has a marvellous plan - why not write no thank you letters? His friends think this is a good idea too but will the relatives on the receiving end?

          Now I know these synopsis' are short but you must appreciate that so are the stories and therefore writing too much would simply give away the entire story and therefore make buying the book useless. My favourite story out of the four has to be Horrid Henry's Underpants simply because it extremely funny to read and because I think it'd be fantastic if someone actually did this.

          I would highly recommend these stories to all children within the target age range. They are simple yet entertaining reads and are sure to capture the imaginations of all that read them.


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            18.09.2006 16:04
            Very helpful



            Fantastic books for boys and girls 5 plus, with charectors they will enjoy. will have them laughing

            Horrid Henry's antics have had my children laughing out loud, nodding in empathy and captivated into open mouthed awe.
            Francesca Simon is the author, and the creator of Horrid Henry, and his little brother Perfect Peter. It tends to follow the classic 'one child is good whilst another is playing up' scenario, which most children can identify with.
            Despite Henry's naughtiness, he is an endearing charector and there are times when you find yourself feeling sorry for Henry who cant seem to do anything right.
            I have at times wondered whether Henry's and Peter's behaviour has been adopted by my own two, having given them seeds of ideas and roles to identify with, which i think is testament to the authors understanding of sibling relationships. I think every child will see a part of themselves in Henry or Peter, whether they are male or female. There are also a whole class of school friends to become aquainted with, such as Moody Margeret or Sour Susan, featuring in most stories, so your child can get a feel of their whole lives as the series goes on.
            Francesca Simon writes humourously about some tricky issues, such as in Horrid Henrys nits, which could provide a good opportunity to talk to and normalise with your child about some of the more unpleasant aspects of hygeine!
            Also good for encouraging older children to read for themselves as they are rewarded with laughing to themselves.

            Books are available new and second hand from ebay and Amazon, WHSmiths, Waterstones (and other good retailers!) CD, tape and book sets are also readily available at reasonable prices (£7.99 plus) and great in occaisonal place of a bedtime story or in the car.


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              06.02.2006 22:42
              Very helpful



              A wonderful book of 4 short stories for kids to enjoy!

              This is one of 10 books in the Horrid Henry series that I bought for my son this Christmas. I bought them as part of a pack of 10 for only £9.99 from a book club which visits the primary school I work in….They leave a selection of books for you to browse and order from, I am sure it was The Book People ( www.bookpeople.co.uk ) but cannot be 100% sure as I have visited the website and cannot find this offer available now.

              You can however still buy this book on it’s own and in the 10 pack from various websites like Amazon and Ebay, prices starting from about £1.99 for the single book and from about £9.99 + p&p for the multi pack.

              Francesca Simon

              A little bit about the author….

              She was born in USA and went to Yale and Oxford Universities. She was a freelance journalist for 10 years and now writes full time. She now lives in North London with her husband Martin and son Josh.

              She started writing children’s books in 1989 after the birth of her son, when she realised that all she was reading was children’s books and ideas of her own were popping into her head.

              Her first book “But what does a hippopotamus say?” came from a conversation with her son when they had been reading a book on animal noises and he asked “What noise does a caterpillar make?” She thought it would be great to do a book with the more unusual animal noises which children see in books.

              The Horrid Henry idea came when a friend asked her to write a story about a horrid child……read on to find out more about this little boy that every parent/teacher/grown up will relate to!

              Horrid Henry’s Underpants

              This is a book of 4 short stories so I will review each one individually.

              ***Horrid Henry Eats a Vegetable***

              Here we have Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter (his brother) and his mum and dad sitting down to eat dinner and Henry refuses to eat his vegetables and his poor mum tries bribery….”if you eat your vegetables for 5 nights in a row, we’ll take you to Gobble and Go!” which is Henry’s favourite fast food restaurant. Is this an easy thing for Henry to do though? Can he eat the loathsome string beans, broccoli, peas, cabbage, sprouts? And will he get his reward at the end? Hmmmm read to find out!

              This is a great little story that most children will relate to about hating vegetables, my son laughed at this one.

              ***Horrid Henry’s Underpants***

              It’s Henry’s birthday and he has opened all his presents bar one….It is small and he thinks it may be some money that he can use to buy the toys he really wanted…..but opens it to discover his Great Aunt Gerta thinks he is a girl! Under the wrapping is a pair of…………..pink frilly lacy big girl pants!!!!
              He chucks them in the bin with disgust, when the doorbell rings he knows it is his friend Rotten Ralph. If Ralph saw those knickers his life wouldn’t be worth living…… so he hid them at the back of his underwear drawer. Next morning Henry oversleeps and is running late for school, He sleepily got himself dressed, reaching in for a clean pair of underpants and went off to school still feeling tired.
              Halfway through the morning he notices his pants are itching him and sneaks a peak and is shocked to discover he is wearing the dreaded Girl Pants!!!! He tries everything he can to get rid of the pants…..Does he succeed? Read and see!

              My son loves this story best of all, He laughs his head off and shouts girl pants all the time at his sister and I usually respond with “ I’ll make you wear your sisters girl pants if I hear anymore of it” lol

              ***Horrid Henry’s Sick Day***

              Henry’s brother Perfect Peter is sick…he wants to go to school but mum says NO! Henry is stunned….he wants to stay off school too. He convinces himself he is feeling sick too in order to try to get his dad to give him the day off school. It works! Mum had to take the day off work to look after them both.
              Henry wants to watch one tv programme but Peter wants to watch another so there is a big argument about it, in fact there is arguments about practically everything. Then dad comes home feeling poorly too…. Mum has her work cut out for her and is left running about after the 3 of them, This leaves her feeling very tired and rotten too…… 3:30pm comes and suddenly Henry feels much better, Does he get to go out and play? Read for yourself to find out what happens….

              I liked this one the best as it is something I used to do myself when I was in school…fake illnesses and suddenly get better, my own children haven’t discovered this one yet, and after reading this to them I doubt they will try it! (I hope)

              ***Horrid Henry’s Thank You Letter***

              Henry’s mum wants him to sit and write all of his Christmas thank you letters but Henry has other ideas of fun! He’d much rather be watching TV, playing games etc but his mum is adamant.
              Dad told him to write a whole page for each letter…..His first letter was to Aunt Ruby and he wrote in huge writing which covered the whole page “Dear Aunt Ruby, thank you for the present, Henry” Mum was not amused and told him he had to write 5 sentences. So 5 sentences he wrote…..But were they nice thank you letters?
              He thought he’d done extremely well and went about setting up his own little Thank you letter writing business charging money for each letter he wrote….He had now 17 letters to write arghhh. Now 2 weeks after Christmas the reply’s to the letters come back….are people pleased? Read and find out!

              This was a good little story but my son said it was his least favourite of the four…only because there wasn’t enough funnies in it I suspect though. Still a good little read.

              Whilst I have written a short synopsis on each story I feel I haven’t given the whole story away and will leave a few laughs and surprises in for the reader. Each story is short enough to be able to read one to your child in one evening or two evenings, If your child is old enough (I’d recommend from 7 yrs +) then he/she will have great fun reading this for themselves too.

              There are some nice illustrations throughout the book too by Tony Ross, these are black and white similar to pencil/charcoal drawings.

              The other books in the series of 10 that I bought are:

              Horrid Henry
              Horrid Henry’s Nits
              Horrid Henry and the Secret Club
              Horrid Henry’s Stinkbomb
              Horrid Henry Meets the Queen
              Horrid Henry’s Haunted House
              Horrid Henry and the Mummy’s Curse
              Horrid Henry’s Revenge
              Horrid Henry’s Joke Book

              There are more in the series too but not included in the pack I bought.


              Published 2003
              By Orion Children’s Books
              81 pages
              RRP £4.99

              Thank you for reading
              Michelle x


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            • Product Details

              Four hilarious new stories, in which Horrid Henry hits on a brilliant way to write thank you letters, negotiates over vegetables, competes with Perfect Peter over which of them is sickest, and finds himself wearing the wrong underpants, with dreadful consequences.

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