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I Love You, Daddy: Storybook and Cuddly Bear Toy

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Genre: Junior Book / Paperback + Gift Edition / Publication Date: 2012 / Publisher: Igloo Books Ltd

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    1 Review
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      29.06.2012 10:45
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      Not one I would reccomend

      This is a review of the I Love You, Daddy: Storybook and Cuddly Bear Toy my daughter received for Christmas from her Nana. I have to say up front, I am not keen on the clothes and toys that reinforce the love of one parent or another but you find you own some of it from gifts etc and it would be churlish to state these objections to well meaning family and friends. Maybe it's because it's her Son, but my MIL insists on these "I love daddy and daddy loves me," type artefacts.

      It doesn't get any better

      So, you're picking up the negative vibes already huh? Well it doesn't end there! For me the book has a lot of failings, from content to illustrations and accompanying toy but I am getting ahead of myself.


      In this set you essentially get a board book and a little toy bear in a presentation box. The bear is nothing like the one pictured in the book which to me is a fail and strikes me as cheap. It is reminiscent of Winnie the Pooh in that it is yellow but it doesn't wear a red jumper. It looks a bit rubbish as bear toys go but it is not falling apart or anything.

      The book

      On to the book. It is a hard back board book and already, the spine has broken but I have to say my daughter is heavy handed and could break most books if she is in that destructive mood. The front cover has gold lettering spelling out the title and features daddy bear (big) and baby bear (small). The first page inside shows daddy bear holding baby bear in the air with the words in black on dark blue (bad contrast) saying "you are the best daddy ever, because you hold me up high and make me fly" - pass the sick bucket. Attempts on rhyme here but not great.


      Next page is orange and yellow with the bears rolling in leaves, "we tumble and laugh down the steep, leafy path." and as Daddy bear is at the back and baby at the front they are similar in size and hard to distinguish.
      I am not going to type out every page, but we have a scene in the river catching fish, the bears next to a bees nest eating honey and then the last page which is so dark and dingy (in the cave?) "When I sleep at night you hold me tight. I love you Daddy, you're the best Daddy ever."

      Book gets picked

      My daughter does fetch this book to us to read often but the bear is not played with and ignored generally. The text is pretty dull so I ask her on ever page where is baby bear? and she can point at it. There are not many other points of interest on the pages which in children's books there are often other things to look for beside the story line.

      My thoughts

      As you can tell, I think this book is a bit naff with a rubbish rhyming story and not a lot to enjoy whilst reading it. The toy is rubbish and doesn't tie in with the story as most books and toys do (other than it is a bear!). This set does not come recommended by me and as it was a gift, can't comment on the price of this set but would be surprised if it cost more than a fiver. I would also not be surprised if there was an equivalent I love mummy too type book but I really don't want it!


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