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I Want a Cat - Tony Ross

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2 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Author: Tony Ross / Paperback / Reading Level: Ages 4-8 / 32 Pages / Book is published 2007-07-05 by Andersen Press Ltd

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    2 Reviews
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      11.05.2007 22:59



      And Now I WANT....

      Having both read the book and watched the DVD I find this story a delightful one.

      Jessie - a young child with all the patience and reasoning of any toddler decides she wants a cat. Her parents say no. So as any young child would she decides to work on them.

      Dressing as a cat, acting and eating as only a cat would she keeps going. The deciding factor in her getting the cat is when she is yowling outside.

      They go buy a cat, knock on her door and out pops Jessie dressed in a dog suit.

      You never can please children, and in this age of want and not need this is a funny story by Tony Ross, who also produces another good story called *I want my potty*

      The pictures in the book are the same as in the DVD so having both is a nice idea for kids, we often read the book and they ask for the dvd being able to connect them.

      Worth a read and you can buy this and many others by the same author from most good bookshops for £5.99.


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        11.05.2007 20:38
        Very helpful



        book by popular author

        I want a cat

        Amusing story by a popular author.

        The story actually makes me smile, reminding me as it does of all the “wants” children 9and adults) have, until they get the “want “ and then they want something else.

        The story focuses round Jessy, who really does want a cat; there she is, in true Tony Ross illustration style, languishing on a chair, surrounded by toy cats and cat books. She really does need a pet, because all of her friends have a pet, but when she asks her parents, they tell her that they will not have a cat “crawly, creepy, yowly things”.they give jessy lots of toy cats, but this is not good enough, so Jessy comes up with a cunning plan. At this point, we see her running out of the room, carrying white cloth, needles and cotton. The first time I read it to Little Miss, she was quite fascinated by what Jessy was going to make, and came up with lots of ideas. Of course, she didn’t guess the truth- Jessy makes herself a white cat suit, and there she stands, arms outstretched with a grin on her face in her cat suit. We think she is being quite naughty because she then goes to bury all of her girl clothes in the garden, and purrs that she is going to be the cat in the house.

        She does look very insolent when, with arms folded, she tells mum that if she never gets a cat then she will have to be a cat forever.

        From that moment, Jessy behaves like a cat: on Monday, she gets chased to school by a dog (she IS a cat!), and once at school, she sits on top of the chalk board; Tuesday, at the restaurant, Jessy sits under the table and eats milk and trout from a saucer; when she goes in the bath, she sits in her cat suit; at night, she curls up next to the bed. I think the turning point for mum and dad is in the middle of the night when they hear a terrible noise “like a million pigs falling downstairs”. Of course, children guess that it’s jessy making the noise, and there she is on top of the roof, yowling “I WANT A CAT!”

        The neighbours demand that she is bought a cat, and, battered down by peer pressure, dad goes to the pet shop, choses a cat for Jessy and takes it home.

        Is she happy? Not at all! The last page shows us Jessy in a dog suit…”WOOF! WOOF!...I WANT…” Yes, it’s not hard for children to guess that this time Jessy wants a dog!

        ~~Who is it for?~~

        I would say definitely for children in Key stage 1- probably for 3-7 year olds. When I have read it to young children, they definitely see the humour in it, and there is always plenty of discussion about Jessy’s behaviour. Children from about the age of 6 who are familiar with the story line could probably, using picture clues, read the story themselves.

        ~~Other bits of information~~

        Published by: Red Fox
        Published: 1989
        ISBN: 00996720X
        RRP: £5.99

        ~~Other books by the same author~~

        Quite a prolific story writer with lots of amusing books for young children. Quite heavy on the “I want…” front. Other titles include:

        I Want My Dinner
        I Want My Mum
        Say Please!
        I Want to Be
        I don’t want to go to bed
        I Want My New Shoes
        I Want My Potty

        ~~What I think of it~~

        Well, the general opinion amongst most of the children I have read the book to is that Jessy is very spoilt and that they wouldn’t be allowed to eat under the table and go in the bath wearing a cat suit. I have to agree that she is quite disagreeable, and does look incredibly spoilt!

        The pictures are all colourful, and include sufficient amusing detail to keep children entertained, and the text is almost incidental because the pictures tend to tell the story.

        This is a fun book which generally illustrates how contrary children (and adults) can be. It tends to make me laugh because it’s so typical, that when an “I want” item becaomes and “I have” item, then it very often loses its appeal.

        My chuckles aside, it does have its place on the shelves of young children. Not only are the pictures fun, and it is an amusing read aloud book, but it also gives the opportunity for a great deal of discussion. Children are often quite amazed with what Jessy gets away with, not only at home, but at school; I think they wonder what would happen if they climbed to a great height, and refused to be tempted down even when shown a saucer of milk. Of course, we touch upon the fact that it’s a story, and sitting on roof tops is not recommended, but overall, children tend to see it for what it is- a fun story.

        A recommended book.

        Thanks for reading.

        Daniela xx


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      • Product Details

        Jessy feels like she is the only girl in the whole world without a pet, and Jessy badly wants a cat. Her parents can't stand cats. But Jessy is determined to have one, so she makes herself a fluffy white cat suit and refuses to take it off until her parents buy her a real cat. She even goes to school in her cat suit, and eats raw fish under the table! Jessy's parents finally give in, but to their surprise, Jessy seems to have changed her mind about wanting a cat, and has her sights set on something else.

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