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In the Night Garden: Time to Wash Faces!

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5 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Board book / 16 Pages / Book is published 2007-09-26 by Penguin Character Books Ltd

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    5 Reviews
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      31.01.2013 13:46
      Very helpful
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      Nice book at reasonable price that any kids into the night garden will enjoy.

      I was given this book second hand when my daughter was still a baby. It would seem most children go through a In the night garden stage as my son did too and now my daughter is in that stage. In the night garden for those that don't know if a children s programme set in the woods and Iggle piggle, Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka are just some of the characters in it. It is not a animation but real people in very good costumes.

      I personally have never really liked it as they talk in weird language like Makka pakka akka wakka wooo! but there is lots of colours, music and tuneful birds in it to keep the children entertained.

      Each character has it's own book and story in the series of them. Makka Pakka likes to wash the other characters faces which is the base of the book.

      It is a hard board book just 7 pages long. RRP is £3.99 but can currently be found on Amazon for £1.99.

      The story tells how Makka Pakka spends his day doing his favourite thing which is washing faces. He wakes and leaves his little cave then he travels around on his Og-Pog (trike to me and you). His Og-pog has a little holder on it for his soap and sponge to go on. He then proceeds to travel round cleaning all his friends faces coming out with weird wonderful sayings. Hum dum agga pang...

      Each page has bright colourful pictures on it. My daughter shouts out the character names as she sees them. Being only 7 pages long it only takes a few minutes to read through it but you can extend this by adding more info and asking questions for the child to answer during the story.
      Being a board book it is lasting well and only a tiny bit of wear and tear on it so far.

      Pip pip onk onk


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        29.05.2010 14:14
        Very helpful



        Follow Makka Pakka as he travels around the garden washing his friends' faces.

        Despite the fact she is almost upon her third birthday, my youngest granddaughter still very much has a soft spot for In the Night Garden. I wouldn't say it's a favourite now but she still asks for the occasional read of her various In the Night Garden books, so while browsing a wonderful little bookshop in the Peak District I bought her a copy of Time to Wash Faces! for the princely sum of £4.99.

        This hardcover board book is one of a series of In the Night Garden books which the BBC produced some time ago now, each one focuses on a specific character from the television programme and follows their interactions with the other characters through the 16 page book. Time to Wash Faces! is based on Makka Pakka and his job of washing all his friends' faces with his special soap and sponge. It is book 3 in the series - and the one my granddaughter needed to complete her set, luckily!

        Of all the books, this is the one which shows the rest of the characters more fully. Every major In the Night Garden character is represented (although the Pontipine family are notable by their absence) as Makka Pakka visits each of his friends' in turn to wash their faces. With the final page showing all the characters together in a 'group photograph' - and all with very clean faces.

        Time to Wash Faces! is very nicely thought out; each double page features a clear and recognisable still from one of the television episodes, the chosen pictures tell the story as thoroughly as the text on each facing page so that even the youngest non-reader will be able to look through this book themselves. There are all sorts of clever little touches on each page to make the book as appealing as possible for younger children; the pages themselves are bright and cheerful colours with silhouettes of the characters to match to the main photograph, the photographs themselves have been touched up with basic detail using the colour of the page to help blend the otherwise rather stark looking stills. My granddaughter will sit rapt for a reading of Time to Wash Faces! and enjoys spotting all the smaller details on each page - sometimes to my annoyance when I find a 'quick story' turns into a 30 minute epic!

        The text is in keeping with the narration you would expect if you were to watch an episode of In the Night Garden. I must confess these are not my favourite stories to read for the very simple reason that it is not, in fact, a story. To read the text from beginning to end is simply a very basic description of Makka Pakka meeting the rest of the characters one by one followed by the declaration of Upsy Daisy's or Igglepiggle's face being clean. I can hear you all thinking it and yes, I agree - I am far older than the target audience this book is written for but, in my defence, I am the reader and I find the text somewhat hard to put into words.

        You see, I am most certainly not Sir Derek Jacobi. Listening to him narrate such sentences as 'Who's here? Hello, Upsy Daisy' or 'Ikka, akka, ooo!' is fun and entertaining, listening to this in my less classically trained South London accent is, frankly, gibberish. I find myself faltering over words as I'm reading, never quite sure on which specific syllable to place the most emphasis. While reading aloud Time to Wash Faces! (or indeed any of these books) I feel so terribly self conscious that it really cannot be much fun for my granddaughter to listen to. For this reason I do tend to chop and change the wording around, generally elaborating the story to fit my style of speech rather than attempting (and failing miserably) to mimic Sir Derek.

        However, despite this I still completely recommend Time to Wash Faces! to any of you who have little ones with a penchant for In the Night Garden. The book itself is well put together and the thick board pages will, I am sure, prove durable as have the rest of the books in this series which my granddaughter has owned for a longer period. If you purchase a copy from Amazon they are priced at £3.39, which is a hefty saving off the cover price of £4.99, or alternatively you can buy this as a bundle with two other books from the series for £9.99.


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          08.08.2009 19:37
          Very helpful



          Book number 3 in the set (of 4).

          Unless you have been living in a shell for the last few years you'll know that 'In The Night Garden' is one of the countrys biggest childrens (mainly pre-schoolers) programmes right now. The shows main characters consist of Upsy Daisy, Igglepiggle, Makka Pakka and The Tombliboos.

          Makka Pakka is a strange looking little character. He is brown, fuzzy, chubby, has dark circles around his eyes and 3 cone like objects on his head. Sounds quite creepy but he isn't! Makka Pakka lives in a cave and his favourite thing is his Og Pog, which is a scooter full of cleaning essentials - soap, sponge and dryer (otherwise known as an Uff Uff)... and a trumpet! Makka Pakka just loves cleaning.

          My daughter owns a book called 'Time to wash faces!' which is a book all about Makka Pakka.

          Most people don't realise but the book is actually part of a 4 book set. The other 3 books are about the other 'In The Night Garden' characters and are called 'All aboard the Ninky Nonk!', 'Ooh, pretty flower!' and 'The happy waving game!'. The Makka Pakka book is the third in the set and the reason I know this is because there is a number three on the edge of the book.

          The book is a good size (not too big, not too small) and is about half an inch thick. It is a hardback which means it's very durable - our copy is over a year old and looks brand new. It is also easily wiped clean. The cover is very bright, glossy and eyecatching. There is a picture of Makka Pakka in the Night Garden with a sponge in his hand and his Og Pog in the background, which covers the whole front cover.

          The book has 16 pages and starts on the very first page. The pages are quite thick and are easy for little fingers to turn, aswell as being quite durable.

          Each page has a different colour (blue, lime green, darker green, orange, purple, and red) which is not only very nice to look at but can aid children in learning their colours. On one page is writing (with silhoettes of characters in the background) and on the other page are big, glossy scenes and characters from 'In The Night Garden'. The pictures are exactly as they appear on tv and are great to look at.

          The book contains lots of quotes from the programme, such as 'Hum dum, agga pang!' which 'In The Night Garden' fans will love as it will be familar to them and they can even join in with it even if they can't read the words.

          The book has short and simple story to it. It starts with Makka Pakka venturing into the Night Garden with his Og Pog (complete with soap and sponge) when he bumps into Igglepiggle. He gives Igglepiggles face a wash and makes it nice and clean. Upsy Daisy comes along to see what a good job Makka Pakka has done of cleaning Igglepiggles face and gets her face washed too. Makka Pakka then comes across The Tombliboos and washes all three of their faces. He then goes home and has one more thing to clean, but what is it? well Makka Pakkas face of course! The books ends with everybody looking very happy to have their faces washed by Makka Pakka.

          Overall I think this is a lovely little book with a cute story about friendship and how washing your face can be very fun. This may just be enough to encourage a child that can't stand getting their face wet that washing their face is a very good thing to do "because Makka Pakka and everybody in the Night Garden love to wash faces". The pictures and colours are great, aswell as the length of the book - long enough to have a story but short enough to hold a young childs attention until the end.

          It can also work out handy for grandparents that have no idea about 'In The Night Garden' too! Is there anything worse than an uneducated 'In The Night Garden' grandparent? Certainly not!

          The only downsides to this book is that it wont really appeal to children who don't watch 'In The Night Garden' because the characters and references will seem abit confusing. It goes without saying that this book probably won't appeal to older children either.

          The RRP of this book is £3.99 but you might be able to get it cheaper if you shop around or buy the book with the rest of the set.


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            16.08.2008 19:59
            Very helpful



            Daisy doo! Ooh! Mikka makka moo!-In The Night Garden - Time To Wash Faces Book

            Daisy doo! Ooh! Mikka makka moo!-In The Night Garden - Time To Wash Faces Book

            ~ About The Book ~

            Spongeable chunky board book with a picture of makka Pakka holding a sponge and his Og-Pog (trike) on the front.

            Makka Pakka I hear you say, whos he? good question.

            Makka Pakka is a character off the BBC's new landmark preschool programme In the Night Garden. He is beige and brown in colour, quite cuddly with a tubby tummy and strange conch shell shaped ears, a conch shell in the middle of his head and a conch shell tail. Makka Pakka seems to be most childrens favourite character from the programme. Makka Pakka and the other characters talk in a strange language:

            Mikka makka moo!
            Agga pang!
            Pip-pip, onk-onk!
            Daisy doo! Ooh!
            Makka Pakka, akka wakka!

            Makka Pakkas friends:

            Igglepiggle: Pale blue with red tufts of hair.

            Upsy Daisy: Brightly coloured ragdoll with spikey hair.

            Tombliboos: Three chubby brightly coloured tubby rag dolls with blobs on their heads.

            If you have a young child you will probably have heard all about In the Night garden.....if not you'll probably think I'm going nuts.

            ~ Why I Bought The Book ~

            The two year old I look after Joe loves Makka Pakka and up untill now the only books he will read are digger and transport books. Whilst out shopping Joe spotted this book and got all excited so knowing this would encourage his reading I bought it.

            ~ The Story ~

            Once upon a time Makka Pakka decided to wash all his friends faces. He collects some soap and a sponge and puts it on his Og-Pog (trike). First he washed Igglepiggle's face. makka Pakka, akka wakka! next comes Upsy Daisy Ikka akk, ooo!. Then it is the tombliboos turn Hum dum, agga pang! Tombliboos faces are all nice and clean. Whose face is Makka Pakka going to wash now? Mikka, makka moo! Makka Pakkas face is all clean! All Makka Pakkas friends love to have their faces washed.

            ~ Me and Joe's Opinion overall ~

            I was unsure of buying this book but I am really glad I did. Joe loves it and rolls about laughing and makes me read it over and over. I will buy Joe more books in this range because I personally believe that even though it sounds like gobbledey gook to us, it helps babies and children start forming different sounds and encourages them to read. Yesterday Joe sat in the corner opened this book and said once upon a time pretending to read it to himself which he has never done before.

            ~ Pictures ~

            The pictures in this book are brightly coloured and are like photographs. The characters look exactly the same as they do on television. There are 8 pages of pictures and 8 pages of simple text.

            ~ Age ~

            This book is most suitable from nine months to three years old.

            ~ Price And ISBN ~

            I bought my copy from WHSmiths for £3.99.

            ISBN 978-1-40590-392-9

            Thanks for reading Pip - Pip, Onk- Onk! Mikka - Makka - Moo!


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              17.03.2008 20:08
              Very helpful



              a great book from the series

              Time To Wash Faces - A In The Night Garden Board Book

              As Jack's obsession with In the Night Garden grows so does his collection of related goods. (I think it may be me with the obsession and Jack is too young to be bothered either way!) This is the latest book we have bought to add to our fast growing collection.

              There is a 3 for 2 offer almost always in Waterstone's and on my last trip it was no different. They had this offer applied to the books from the In The Night Garden series and I just couldn't help myself. These smaller sized board books (in comparison to others from this collection) are priced at £3.99 pence and this is the RRP at which they are selling in this bookstore. So I was able to pick up three books for the total price of just under eight pounds. Bargain!

              Time To Wash Faces book is based around, the most popular (I personally think) character from the In The Night Garden programme, Makka Pakka. He is the only character that is pictured on the front cover and although other characters may appear in the book this story is really his story.

              Makka Pakka likes to wash faces in the programme and in this book that is exactly what he does. The story to the book is pretty simple and easy to follow which is exactly what the programme itself is like. We follow Makka Pakka around the Night Garden carrying his sponge and soap on his Og-pog (a small bike like creation that holds his soap and sponge). he washes the faces of Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, the Tombliboos, and even his own face. The end of the book shows everyone with lovely clean faces (looking pretty much how they did at the start as their faces are not visibly dirty).

              As I say the story is simple but easy to follow and enjoyable for small children. The book is a board book so the pages are thick and chunky making them easy for small fingers to turn. It being a board book the pages are easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and it is also very hard wearing even when being thrown about like Jack does.

              There are sixteen pages all together and each one is as bright and colourful as the last. There are photos in the book rather than drawings and these are clear, colourful and enjoyable to look at. The writing on each right hand page is in large bold print making it easy to see and read.

              The characters are shown in the book well and there is even a small speech bubble on the bottom of each page with something that one of the characters would usually say in the programme. This of course makes no sense to anyone who has not seen the programme and comes across as utter gobbledegook

              Al in all for the RRP or even the sort of reduced rate that I purchased this book at I think it was a great investment. It is so hardwearing that I think it will be around for a long time to come and long after Jack has stopped liking the show and all the characters in it. The story may be a little tame but it certainly fits well with the sort of things that you see in the programme.

              I would rate this book a great 10/10. Every time I read it to Jack for his bedtime story he makes these lovely squealing sounds because he recognises the characters and he can turn the pages best on this book rather than the paper books I sometimes read. I think it is not a book that can be read every night but once a week it can still be interesting and fun.

              I hope this has been of some help to you. Thanks for taking the time to come and read. xxxxx


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            • Product Details

              This is an enchanting storybook based on an episode of the BBC's new landmark preschool programme, "In the Night Garden". It is sure to delight little fans of Makka Pakka, Upsy Daisy, Iggle Piggle and the Tomliboos!

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