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Let's Go Home, Little Bear - Martin Waddell

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3 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Author: Martin Waddell / Edition: New Ed / Paperback / 32 Pages / Book is published 2005-04-04 by Walker Books Ltd

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    3 Reviews
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      01.10.2012 19:42
      Very helpful
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      a good read for children

      My 4 year old twins love me reading them a story at bedtime and are not fussy what books I read but they are starting to realise what their favourites are. I've picked up many books from charity shops to read to them and one of these favourites have been Martin Waddell's Let's Go Home, Little Bear.

      The story itself involves 2 bears, Big Bear and Little Bear going home, however their journey home isn't just a nice quiet walk there are noises that little bear can hear, plods, plops and woo's which makes little bear just that little bit nervous. Throughout the book we can enjoy reading Big Bears caring and loving nature as he comforts Little Bear on their journey home.

      The story may sound a little boring but these plods and plops make for funny reading with my boys it adds a little humour to the story alongside the caring and love, the nervousness and the happy ending. It is written very realisticly seeing as the 2 bears are walking through woods so my boys can really imagine these particular noises that little bear hears yet when they hear the fun plod plods and woo woo's they can't help but giggle, especially as they know Big Bear will tell them everything will be fine as the noise is just something so simple.

      It's a very caring and comforting story, one that certainly puts a happy ending to our bedtime routine.

      My boys also like looking at the beautiful illustrations on the book, they all look like they have been painted and they can see the expressions on the bears faces, such as when little bear becomes a little nervous of a certain noise.

      The RRP on the back of this book is £5.99 and it is definitely a book I'd recommend.


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        07.11.2011 13:26
        Very helpful



        A nice story and good for getting children involved with the text

        As a mum of two girls, all of us having a healthy interest in books and stories, we write a lot of reviews on books! The Martin Waddell Big Bear and Little Bear books all feature and rate quite highly! This one is a really nice story and encourages the reader and the child to make lots of funny background noises!

        As usual this book revolves around the lives and adventures of 2 bears - Big Bear and Little Bear, presumably father and son. In this particular story Big Bear and Little Bear are off exploring through the forest. During their walk Little Bear hears lots o unfamiliar noises - such as plod, plod plod and drip, drip, drip. Little Bear is afraid of the noises and doesn't know what they are. Big Bear does his best to comfort Little Bear and explains the various noises - the sound of their feet in the snow, the sound of the melting snow dripping off the trees etc. Little Bear is comforted by Big Bear but stays closer and closer to him as their walk through the forest. The story, as many of the others do, ends up with Big Bear and Little Bear safe and sound back in their Bear Cave, toasty and warm by the fire.

        This story is beautifully illustrated and the nature of the text really encourages the reader to make lots of interesting and funny noises to go with it. Children will enjoy joining in with the repetitive nature of the sounds too.

        This isn't one of my favourite in the series, but it does lend itself well to good interaction with the child while reading it.


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        20.02.2008 17:37
        Very helpful



        What will you hear in the woods?


        There are quite a few books in this Little Bear series by Martin Waddell although he has written many other books too. Illustrated by Barbara Firth, this series is particularly popular with young children.

        ***The Story***

        The story starts with a big bear and a little bear walking in the woods until eventually it is time to go back home.

        went Big Bear, plodding along.
        Little Bear ran on in front,
        jumping and sliding
        and having great fun.

        And then...
        Little Bear stopped
        and he listened
        and then he turned round
        and he looked."

        The reason Little Bear stops is because he has heard a plod plod plod noise and is convinced a Plodder is near but Big Bear explains that it is his feet making the noise in the snow.

        They carry on but once again Little Bear hears a noise and this time things the dripping sound must be a Dripper following them. Again the Big Bear explains that it is the ice dripping into the stream.

        Little Bear accepts this but it's not long before he is tired and Big Bear carries him on his shoulders. There are lots of other scary noises as they go back home but Big Bear explains each one away so that Little Bear is relaxed when they reach their cave again.

        The cuddle up together on a comfy chair with a blanket round them and Big Bear tells Little Bear a story about Plodders, Drippers and Ploppers in the woods and about how the two of them plodded all the way home.

        ***The Illustrations***

        The details in the drawings really are wonderful in this book. They are filled with texture and are simple but very appropriate for a story like this. The writing is mainly kept on the snowy background and the black print is a good size for children to read.

        ***My Thoughts***

        We've only had a couple of these books from the library but my son seems to really enjoy them. They aren't full of excitement but tell lovely stories about a parent and child and how they have a special bond together.

        This book is particularly good if you have a child who imagines all sorts of weird and dangerous things are about when they hear noises in the night. We've been through a stage ourselves, where my son was scared because of the noise of the wind outside and was convinced someone was trying to get in, so a book like this is great for showing that most strange noises turn out to be normal everyday things and to put a child's mind at ease.

        The pictures are particularly lovely in these books and the way the bears look out for each other is reminiscent of the way any concerned parent looks at a child. The emotion really comes through the illustrations and shows how important caring and sharing experiences are.

        The story is simply told and easy to read, so my son had no problems with any of the words in this book but it is also a really lovely one to read together at bedtime and the last picture in the book shows the bears snuggled up together as they sleep.

        I'm sure my son will be on the lookout for more of these wonderful books in the future.

        ***Other Little Bear Books***

        Can't You Sleep, Little Bear?
        You & Me, Little Bear
        Sleep Tight, Little Bear
        Well Done, Little Bear

        ***Price & Availability***

        This paperback book retails for the publishing price of £5.99 but is available from Amazon for only £4.79 so it's worth shopping around.

        ISBN No. 0744572975

        This story has also been featured on Cbeebies Junior Jackanory show recently.


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