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Little Lumpty - Miko Imai

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    4 Reviews
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      08.03.2010 23:46
      Very helpful



      A good little book for young readers.

      I bought this book for my five year old son last week when my local library had their withdrawn book sale, it cost me the absolute bargain price of 10p, and wow it sure was 10p well spent.

      Little Lumpty is written by author Miko Imai, he has also written the brilliant book Wuzzy takes off. The book is from the Walker book collection, so you know that it is bound to be a hit with the kids, like they say "for the best children's books look for the bear" which is their logo.

      The story - Little Lumpty is an egg, he is a young egg and like most young things he thinks he knows best, Lumpty lives in the town of Dumpty.
      In Dumpty there is this huge high wall, that long, long ago a little boy called Humpty had fallen off and we all know what happened to him, poor kid.
      Lumpty is desperate to climb to the top off the really high wall, his mum keeps telling him about poor Humpty and quite clearly tells Lumpty to 'Never climb the wall". But Lumpty has other ideas and doesn't listen to a word she is saying.
      One day on his way home from school, he finds this massive ladder (as you do) and decides he is going to climb to the top of the wall.
      He goes to the top and is as happy as Larry, dancing around and looking at the view until he looks down, he isn't dancing anymore he is frightened, his legs trembled and he was quite literally scared stiff.
      So he starts crying and screaming for help, all the village eggs come out and catch him in a blanket and he goes home happily to his Mum, who forgives him because she is just so happy to have her Lumpty home again. They all live happy egger after - no need for a place in typo corner this was a deliberate mistake ;-).

      The words - the words are clearly block print style, which really helps my son when reading. They make good use of the page space and the sentences are in different places on each page. One sentence saying 'it was a big mistake' is written in larger wavy print, making it exciting to read for a five year old.

      The pictures - The illustrations are really basic and clear. They are appealing to children as they are simple. I found the pictures really funny like the one where Lumpty is dragging this big ladder along the road and he has drops of sweat pouring off him.

      My son and I found the book highly amusing, we laughed at the pictures and my son thought the little egg people were very funny. The storyline encourages children to think about the consequences of their actions and how they may affect others, i.e Lumptys mummy would be very sad if Lumpty suffered the same fate as Humpty.
      I thought there were a few problems with the book such as Lumpty was told not to go on the wall many times, he knew someone had died by going up there and yet he still went up and all that happened was that he felt sad, it would have been better if he fell and broke his arm or something, he should have been told off for going up there or at least for stealing a big ladder on the way home from school. It shows him doing what he likes and getting a big cuddle at the end.

      Isbn number 0-7445-3605-7 available from Waterstones, W H smiths, online bookstores and local library sales. RRP is £4.99.


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        21.09.2009 21:59
        Very helpful
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        A nice bedtime read.

        This was my daughters choice at school today. Every day she is allowed to choose a book and then I sit and read it with her before bed. I was quite glad to see this book today as she has a habit of bringing the same three books home on a rotation system and it can get a little boring! She is only four though so I can forgive her.

        This book is called "Little Lumpty" and is by Miko Imai and is published by Walker. I have never heard of this particular author so I did a little research on the internet and found out that Miko Imai is a published author and an illustrator of children's books. Some of the published credits of Miko Imai include Little Lumpty, Lilly's Secret, Wuzzy Takes Off (Gund Children's Library), and Sebastian's Trumpet.

        The story is based in the town of Dumpty. Dumpty is surrounded by a very large wall, which the infamous Humpty Dumpty fell from and couldn't be put back together again (try and say that without singing it like the rhyme).

        Lumpty loves the wall and has always wanted to climb to the top to see what he can see. His mum tells him he must NEVER go up there and he needs to remember the awful fate of Humpty Dumpty.

        Well needless to say like all children do he decided to go on the wall. Although there was a wonderful view he ended up stuck up there and obviously being an egg he couldn't risk jumping down.

        I won't ruin the story for all those who will be rushing out to buy this book but he does get down all in one piece.

        Most of the stories my daughter reads have some moral to them, thinking about this particular story the one I see is "listen to your mother" but then I am slightly biased. You could look deeper into the story but its aimed at children so I won't go to deep but there is hints of team work and that dreams aren't always what they seem.

        The illustrations within the book are very good and take up around 80% of each page. The pictures are very busy so there is lots to talk about with your little one. One thing I did like is each page has lots of the people of Dumpty on, lots of small eggs so ideal for encouraging your little one to count.

        I think this book is ideal for ages 3-5. Its quite short and I know within a year or so my daughter will want something longer and more indepth for this. Perfect for a pre bed story though.

        This book retails at £4.99 with an ISBN of 0-7445-3605-7


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          28.10.2006 14:31
          Very helpful



          A great children's picture book

          Set in the town of Dumpty there was a very high wall from which Humpty Dumpty fallen long, long ago.
          In the town there lived an egg boy named Lumpty who loved the wall and dreamed of scaling it. His Mother frequently reminded him that 'all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty together again.'

          But Little Lumpty took no heed from his Mum's warnings and one day he found a huge ladder and climbed up and up the wall until he reached the top of it.

          Delighted with his achievement he danced along the wall wishing that all of his friends could see him at the top..........until he looked down!! His legs shook and trembled and he couldn't move to get back to the ladder.

          As night fell he screamed out for help and everyone in the town rushed out. They quickly got a blanket and shouted to Lumpty to jump. After a few deep breaths, Lumpty jumped and landed safely in the blanket, full of apologies for not listening to his Mum's warnings.

          The story ends with Little Lumpty in bed whispering to the moon; ' But I still love that wall!'

          - Illustrations -

          This book is really well illustrated. Miko Imai captures both the joy of Lumpty when he reaches the top of the wall and the sheer fear that he feels when he looks down from the huge height of the wall. The height of the wall is demonstrated so well by Miko Imai showing only the feet of Lumpty and the huge expanse to the ground,

          My particular favourite is when she depicts the fate of Humpty Dumpty falling from the wall in tones of brown as a means of showing that it happened a long time ago.

          The length of the ladder and the long climb up the wall are cleverly shown by both a horizontal drawing as Lumpty hauls the ladder along with sweat pouring off him and a vertical drawing of Lumpty climbing up the ladder.

          The illustrations are simple but help tell the story along with the text.

          - Style and Format -

          There is a very good mixture of different sized drawings: some take up a double page, whereas sometimes there are two or three smaller drawings on a single page with text that runs alongside each one.

          This book is great for children from about 3 years and upwards but may not be so relevant to those who have never heard of the fate of Humpty Dumpty.

          - Price -

          My paperback, ISBN: 0-7445-3605-7 was 4.99

          - My verdict -

          This is a cleverly written book based on the traditional rhyme of Humpty Dumpty.

          The story can be interpreted in a number of ways:
          * A tale of a dream come true
          * To take chances and follow your dreams. I have to say this isn't the slant I take on the book as it may well encourage young children to take too many chances into dangerous areas.
          * The importance of listening to adults who DO sometimes know best.
          * The dangers of climbing up high walls etc

          I have always read this to children for the enjoyment of it and we have sometimes discussed the latter two interpretations of the book. Children love the book and the simple egg people drawn by Miko Imai.

          - Other books by Miko Imai -
          * Snap!
          * Sebastian's trumpet
          * Lily's secret


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            15.02.2006 13:32
            Very helpful



            Lovely story featuring familiar characters


            "In the little town of Dumpty there was a high wall.
            Humpty Dumpty had fallen from it long, long ago.
            But people still remembered him"

            I knew I was going to enjoy this story as soon as I read the first page.

            Here is the little village of Dumpty where the children stand by the wall and sing the famous nursery rhyme "Humpty Dumpty". In this willage lives Little Lumpty who dreamed of climbing to the top of the wall. His mum reminds him of what happened to their famous ancestor and begs him not to climb to the top of the wall. Little Lumpty, however, is young and impetuous and when he finds a tall ladder, he decides to climb the wall.
            At last he reaches the top, and what a sight on which to feast his eyes- his house, and his school.
            Lumpty is so excited that he dances along the wall until he looks down. "IT WAS A BIG MISTAKE".
            Suddenly, Lumpty is not quite as brave and bold and he worries that he won't get home in time for dinner.
            It's dark and the birds fly home, and Lumpty remembers Humpty Dumpty Dumpty's fate.
            Little Lumpty starts to shout for help and everyone rushed out of their houses to see what was wrong and start to wonder how on earth they can save him. Lumpty's mum has a good idea and rushes to the house to get something.
            I won't spoil the story by giving away the edge of the seat way in which they save Lumpty. Suffice to say he gets home safely and doesn't end up like his forefather but rather ands up safely in bed after eating tea.
            "But I still love that wall," he whispered to the moon just before he fell asleep.

            **THE ILLUSTRATIONS**

            Of course all of the characters are little egg people and of course the illustrations show an idyllic little town. The picture of the town sets the scene with a double page spread, cosy houses and a memorial to Humpty Dumpty in the middle of the town.
            The illustrations are sometimes double page spread, sometimes half page vertical and at other times horizontal. When Lumpty is dragging the ladder, the length of the ladder is emphasized by the horizontal half page picture with text above and below, and when he climbs the wall the height is emphasized by the half page vertical picture with the writing by the side. I like this use of pictures to emphasise the point of the text, and use it as an example of how pictures and text should be closely aligned.
            When Lumpty looks down, his feet on the edge of the wall look HUGE and there is a real sense of perspective- you can almost feel the height and children often comment on the fact that it's a long way up.
            One of my favourite picture is a double spread with no text when Lumpty is remembering the fate of Humpty Dumpty. This changes from colour to sepia to give an idea of the passing of time.
            Great pictures and children love copying the little egg people with arms and legs sticking out of their egg bodies- that's how I usually draw things!

            **OTHER INFORMATION**

            Publisher- Walker Books 1994
            ISBN- 0 7445 3605 7
            Price- £4.50. Check out www.amazon.co.uk for second hand copies.


            Wuzzy Takes Off
            Lilly's Secret
            Sebastian's Trumoet


            This story is basically about someone making the decision to follow their dreams, and children often realise that this is the message that the story is giving them.
            I have used it on many occasions for drama, and children enjoy holding out an imaginary blanket to Lumpty and offering advice "Be brave Lumpty", "You'll be ok". They can relate to it because most children know the story of Humpty Dumpty and obviously don't want Lumpty to fall.
            Take this a stage further and ask children to make egg catchers. For this I stopped at the stage where the old man asks "How can we save him?" and asked the children to design and make ways to save Lumpty. As an aside, we really did drop eggs into the egg catchers with varying degrees of success and lots of mess. If you try this, make sure you have plenty of newspaper!!
            Apart from it being a great book for a range of follow up activities, it's a lovely story book. Even very young children enjoy the pictures and the story. Little Miss truly believes that Humpty Dunpty is Lumpty's grand dad and the first time she heard the story, worried that he might not get off the wall.

            I think this is a lesser known book, but well worth reading if you get a copy. It has excellent pictures which complement the text perfectly and the egg people are great… whole range of emotions cross their little egg faces!

            Thanks for reading
            Daniela x


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