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I Don't Want to Go to Hospital - Tony Ross

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5 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Edition: New Ed / Paperback / 32 Pages / Book is published 2001-08-06 by Picture Lions / Alternative title: Little Princess: I Don't Want to Go to Hospital

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    5 Reviews
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      31.08.2011 22:09
      Very helpful



      Hope my daughter doesn't behave like this!!

      Tony Ross is a childrens writer who amongst other things such as Horrid Henry writes about a little princess who always wants her own way, we found one of his books I don't want to go to hospital at the library and I selected it as the picture on the front reminded me of my daughters tantrums.

      The first book in this series was I want my potty from 1999 and from then there have been a number of others such as I want a friend, each book is about the trials and tribulations facing a young child. The book is also illustrated by Tony Ross and this one was published by Anderson Press the first issue of which being in 2000.

      On the front cover of the book there is a bright red background with bright yellow title and Tony Ross written in white in the corner. The little princess is pictured jumping in from the corner looking like she is putting up a fight, the picture is big and bold with a bright yellow crown and wearing what I believe is a white gown.

      On opening the book you find a double page which is a series of 18 pictures of the princess all in different positions and with different expressions, myself and my daughter went through each one and she told me whether she thought the princess was happy or not and then I elaborated on each one a little to introduce her to some new emotions.

      The story begins with the little princess jumping around in the castle and complaining her nose hurts, after seeing the doctor she is told that she has a lump up her nose and that she needs to go to hospital. The princess does not want to go to hospital as the title of the book would indicate and the people in the palace then begin to try and bribe her. She is told she will get sweets and cards and it is a nice place to go where she will make lots of new friends but she still puts up a fight so she then decides to hide. Everyone in the palace spends ages looking for the princess and she is finally found in the attic hiding in a box and in the end tied into her buggy she is taken to the hospital. After the lump is removed from her nose she is sent back home but when the queen requests the princess brushes her hair and teeth and tidies her hair the princess decides she would prefer to go back to hospital and the final page says "they treated me like a princess there"

      The illustrations for the book are brilliant and my daughter spent ages going through each picture and pointing out everything that she found funny such as the nurse pretending to take the princess' teddies pulse.

      I enjoyed reading this book and also made sure that I pointed out that this isn't how you should behave when you don't want to do something although I don't think she was listening to me and of course pointed out that the princess was alright in the end.

      The book was easy to read and there are only a few words to every page which makes it a good book to hold a short attention span, each page of the book is mainly the picture which pretty much tells you what is happening without needing the words. I would like to read more of Tony Ross' books and I am sure my daughter will enojoy more of them too.


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      13.09.2010 18:44
      Very helpful



      See review

      If you have read my other reviews you will know that my two year old daughter is a proper little bookworm! One of her favourite characters is the Little Princess. For those of you who haven't come across Little Princess here is a little about her. The Little Princess stories follow a young princess (around three or four years old) and the many phases she goes through in life. The stories feature many issues, such as bad manners (she is a spoilt little madam), sibling rivalry and her goals.

      Tony Ross is the genius behind this range of stories, and the first book "I Want My Potty" was originally published in 1986.

      The book I am reviewing today is "I Don't Want To Go To Hospital". We start the story hearing Little Princess crying "Ooo, Oww, Ooo, my nose hurts!" After a visit to the Doctor she finds out she has a lump inside her nose and this prompts the General to say he will get it out while reaching for his sword! This terrifies Little Princess and she hides on a cupboard! The Doctor tells her she will have to go to hospital and as we hear in the title of the book, the Little Princess doesn't want to go to hospital!

      The Doctor tells her she will get cards and sweets if she goes to hospital but she is having none of it and runs off to hide! The Queen and Prime Minister try to convince her that it is nice in hospital but again she hides and soon the whole Palace are searching for her. The Maid, Cook, Admiral and Gardener have no luck in finding her but the King comes across her hiding in a box in the attic. The next page shows Little Princess tied to her pram and being led to the hospital. Soon after the lump is taken out of her nose and she can soon go home all better.

      When she is home, the Queen tells her that now she is better she can brush her teeth, comb her hair and even tidy her room. "NO!" cries the little princess and she states she now wants her tonsils out. When the Queen asks her why, she tells her she wants to go back to hospital because "They treated me like a Princess in there!"

      I think these stories are brilliant for children as they show that even things that at first seem scary, aren't actually that bad in the end and can even be fun! The illustrations in the book are great and show the story really well, and they incorporate humour in there - the picture of her tied to her pram being taken to the hospital is a funny little picture.

      On the back of the book it states that Tony Ross is a friend of Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool and all royalties from the sale of this book are donated to The Alder Hey Rocking Horse Appeal. I think this is even more reason to buy this fantastic book!

      The price of the book is shown as £5.99 on the back cover, but I purchased them as a set from the Book People for £9.99 and that was for eight books so it was a real bargain. I would recommend the Little Princess range to all families and I don't think that it is just aimed at girls even though she is a princess, boys can certainly enjoy them too.

      We just love these stories in our house so have to give them five out of five!

      Thank you for reading my review :)


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        16.11.2008 17:07
        Very helpful



        great for kids

        This review is a follow on of my previous one, if not read it then just to let you know as I stated I bought the little princess book's as a set for £9.99 and normal price for each one is £5.99 and the book is called i dont want to go to hospital.

        The books are by Tony Ross and there is a nice part at the back of the book with some information about him which interesting to know.

        In this book we see little princess in pain as she has a sore nose. After going to the doctors she is told that she has a lump up there and must go to hospital, but little princess does not want to go hence the book title.

        Trying to reassure her, the queen and the prime minister try to tell her the good things about hospital, but little princess is having none of it and run's away and hide's. When it's time to go everybody's looking for her when eventually the king comes accross her in the attic.

        There is a funny illustrated picture showing the princess tied to her pushchair and on the way to the hospital!!

        The next picture show's the little princess recovering in bed after having the lump removed, she has a big smile on her face while reading a book.

        Once home the normal task's start as the queen ask's her to brush her teeth, comb her hair and then tidy her room. The princess is not amused and replies "i want my tonsils out" the queen asks her why and her reply is that she would like to return to the hospital as she got treated like a princess in there!!!

        This story is very funny and has a great meaning to it, as it shows that even the most frightening of places can be fun.


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          05.03.2008 13:11
          Very helpful



          a great story for children

          This is a story in a series of books about a little princess who is pictured in the book as a little girl wearing a crown.

          The story begins with the little princess moaning and crying that her nose hurts, they take her to the doctors but he cant get what is stuck up her nose out so tells her she will have to go to the hospital, the little princess isnt happy about this and all at the palace try to convince her what a nice place hospitals are but the princess is not having any of it and runs off to hide, eventually the king finds her and convinces her to go to the hospital.

          Once at the hospital they remoce the lump from her nose and the princess gets lots of attention, she soon realise that hospitals are not bad at all but them comes the second fight for the king and queen, getting the princess to go home again.

          This book is brilliant, i brought this book for my niece just before she had her tonsels out as she was scared of going to hospital, she loved it.

          This book is 32 pages long and cost me £5.99 from WHSmiths


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          04.01.2008 10:13
          Very helpful



          Girls and boys both seem to love this character


          Tony Ross wrote this book in the year 2000 and it is part of the Little Princess set of books. There are many books in this series but the first was I Want My Potty in 1986, which went on to win a Dutch Silver Pencil Award.

          As well as the Little Princess series, Tony Ross has written a number of other successful series of books too including Dr Xargle and Towser. Towser has also been made into a television series and his adventures were narrated by Roy Kinnear.

          ***The Story***

          This books starts with the poor princess screaming out loud.
          "'Ooo, Oww, Ooo,' cired the Little Princess. 'My nose hurts!'"

          She is then taken to see the doctor who tells her there is a lump up it. The General then suggests getting it out with his sword but the doctor has a better idea and shakes her upside down. When the lump won't come out the doctor tells the princess that she must go to hospital.

          "'No!' cried the Princess. 'I don't want to go to hospital!'"

          The story then consists of the royal household residents trying to convince her to go and telling her what a nice place it is. She is still scared though and runs off to hide. Everyone searches for her all over the palace until the King finds her hiding in a box in the attic.

          The little princess finally goes to hospital and the lump comes out of her nose. It's not long before she's at home again and the story ends,

          "'Now you are better,' said the Queen, 'you can brush your teeth, and comb your hair and tidy your room, and...'
          'No!' cried the Princess... 'I want my tonsils out!'

          'But why?' said the Queen.
          'I want to go back to hospital,' said the Little Princess. 'They treated me like a Princess in there.'"

          ***The Illustrations***

          Just as in the other Little Princess books, the drawings are simple and colourful here. The expressions on this little girl's face are sure to remind you of another child when they are scared or in pain. There are also a lot of things going on in the background of the main picture and as with some of the other books, the royal cat has it's own little comedy thing going on.

          ***My Thoughts***

          My son is a big fan of this stubborn but cute little character. I'm not sure it's a good idea at times for him to see such a defiant person on television and in the book but it's one he always rushes to get from the library and thoroughly enjoys. No matter how naughty she is, you just can't help loving this little princess and it's probably because she will remind you of a child you know yourself.

          He has just started school and is learning to read using the Jolly Phonics system so this easy to read book is great for him to start reading by himself with a little bit of help with a few words that don't sound out. A picture takes up the majority of each page and there is only a little bit of text so it's also good for those children who are younger and get bored by a long story.

          This book in the series shows young children that going to hospital can be a positive thing to do, as sometimes it is the only way to get better. I know a lot of children are scared of hospitals and this is a great story to reassure any child that has to go for an operation or tests. We're lucky that our son hasn't yet had to go through any major visits yet but we're sure that this type of book is ideal for preparing him just in case it's ever necessary.

          Often the fear of something is more about the unknown and books such as this take that away from children and put them at ease.

          ***Other Titles In This Series***

          I Want My Potty
          I Want A Cat
          I Want A Present
          I Want My Tooth
          I Want My Dummy
          I Want To Be
          I Want My Dinner
          I Want A Sister
          I Want To Go Home
          I Don't Want To Go To Bed
          Wash Your Hands
          I Want My Mum
          I Want A Friend
          Pets Board Book
          Weather Board Book
          Shapes Board Book
          Bedtime Board Book

          ***Other Info***

          This book is available in paperback for the publishing price of £4.99 but is available from Amazon for the slightly cheaper price of only £3.99

          ISBN No. 0007109571


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        • Product Details

          Series: Little Princess / With the publication of the fifth story featuring the demanding Little Princess, I Don't Want to Go to Hospital, the series has been given a vibrant new look. The Little Princess has got something up her nose, but she refuses to go to hospital to have it removed. The Queen and the Prime Minister try to persuade her to go, but she runs off and hides. When the king finally finds her, she HAS to go! Once the lump comes out and the Little Princess returns, she is just as difficult as before - because she wants to go back to hospital. There she was treated like a princess!!

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