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I Want My Dinner - Tony Ross

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4 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Author: Tony Ross / Edition: New Ed / Paperback / 32 Pages / Book is published 2006-09-04 by HarperCollins Children's Books / Alternative title: Little Princess: I Want My Dinner

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    4 Reviews
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      07.06.2011 09:07
      Very helpful



      A fun book

      A few years ago I purchased a set of Little Princess books for my son. The books focus on a spoilt young Princess who can be a total brat at times but who still has to go through situations which many young girls and boys will experience in their life. The books are suitable for both boys and girls and the book I will be reviewing today is called I want my dinner.

      The book is a paper back and features a picture of the Little Princess holding a dish and spoon in her hands whilst licking her lips. The book is written and illustrated by Tony Ross and the paperback edition we own was first published in 2001. It has a recommended retail price of £5.99 on the back cover but you can pick it up from amazon for £4.49 with free super saver delivery. Other sellers have it cheaper but you will have to pay postage and packing then.

      I want my dinner tells the story of the Little Princess as she regularly forgets her manners. "I want my dinner" or "I want my potty!" as well as other things are regularly shouted by the Princess but there is always one of the adults of the castle there to remind her to say please. Soon the Princess begins to remember he manners and after telling the King that she would like to go out for a walk please she sets off out. On her travels she spots a plate of spaghetti on a rock but a beastie approaches her and shouts "That's MY dinner...I want my dinner" but the Princess won't give it to him until he says please! She also reminds him to say thank you when she gives it to him.

      I am sure I am not the only parent in the world whose child would, and sometimes still does, forget to say please and thank you. This book is excellent at reinforcing that it is important to use your manners and can be read regularly with a young child as you try to teach them and remind them to use their manners.

      The illustrations in the book are great and take up the majority of each page. The pictures are colourful and fun to look at as there is often something else going on in the pictures to spot. In this particular story we see the King up ladders decorating as well as the Princesses teddy bear sneakily slurping some of the beasties spaghetti whilst nobody is looking so they can be quite amusing to look at. As with all of the Little Princess books Tony Ross does an amazing job of portraying the emotions of the Little Princess every step of the way through the story and we are never left in any doubt as to how she is feeling.

      My son really enjoyed the fact that there was a monster in this book and found it amusing that the Little Princess told him off for not using his manners! My son is six now and doesn't read this book very often anymore as he is looking for a more challenging book to read most of the time but sometimes we still look at it and he still finds it amusing.

      I would say that this book is best suited for children aged from around two and a half years to five but that slightly older children may read them independently from time to time as it a simple but quite fun book. The text in the book is pretty short really with just a line or so on each page and so it does make an easy read for a bedtime story or something when you are pushed for time.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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        26.02.2011 11:59
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A nice book

        My little girl just adores books, and one range of books she likes in particular is that of the Little Princess and as she only had a couple of the books (which are now so well read they could do with being replaced!) I decided to look for some more in the series. I came across a Little Princess library which contained eight mini hardbacked books.

        The book I will review today is I Want My Dinner! The cover of the book differs slightly to the picture shown and I think this is because they are the small books. As I say the book is hardbacked and the cover features the Little Princess sat at the table with an empty bowl in front of her and her fork and spoon raised above her head while she is licking her lips. The top of the cover tells me the title of the book, and just under the bowl is the authors name - the fabulous Tony Ross.

        For those of you who aren't aware of the Little Princess range, she is a spoilt little madam who just wants, wants, wants and doesn't like to wait or not getting her own way! This story starts with the Little Princess screaming "I WANT MY DINNER!!!", her mum, the Queen tells her she must say please so the princess rather reluctantly adds a please on the end of her request. She is then served her dinner. The story then follows Little Princess demanding her potty, teddy, and to go for a walk, each time being reminded that she must say please! Out walking with her teddy, Little Princess comes across a meal set on a large rock and she decides it looks very nice, when suddenly a beastie appears and starts shouting "I want my dinner" but Little Princess tells him he must say please, and when he does she hands him his dinner and the beastie sets off, yet Little Princess isn't satisfied with that and tells him he must say thank you!

        The illustrations in this book are fantastic, as they are in all of the Little Princess books, they are very bright and colourful so they are instantly appealing. Some of the expressions on the Little Princess's face are great and I am sure most parents can relate to many of the faces!!

        While I do like this book, and the fact that it is teaching children about manners I don't think it is one of the better books in this range as I just think it is a little bitty compared to some of the other books. It does do its job however, as I am sometimes reprimanded by my daughter if I ask her to pass me something without saying please and thank you!! One thing I really like about this book is that there is not much text on the pages so once your child is able to read alone it will be a nice easy story for them to read with the short sentences and the repetition will also help.

        The recommended retail price on the back of the book is £4.99, however I got it in a set of books from the Book People for around £15.00 so it is a good saving to buy it that way. I would happily recommend this story as I do like how it teaches manners.

        Thank you for reading my review!


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          17.11.2008 19:00
          Very helpful
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          a real helping hand for parents

          This is a review on another little princess book that is enjoyed by my daughter, I bought them in a set and the price was £9.99 but the individual price is £5.99 as already stated in previous reviews.

          The book's are written and illustrated by Tony Ross and he really bring's the adorable little princess to life in a very commical way.

          This book is named I want my dinner, and is aimed at trying to explain the meaning of good manner's to children.

          The book start's off with the little princess shouting that she want's her dinner and in the picture she is seen red faced and throwing her cutlery around like a mad woman!! The queen then firmly tells her she needs to say please, which the princess does.
          Next comes when she needs her potty and again is told that she needs to say please, and again she does. This follows on with a few more incidents when the word please is needed. The princess then comes accross the beastie, she spies his lunch and tries to take it but the beastie then has a tantrum and shouts out that he wants his dinner, and having remembered what she has been previously told the princess tells the beastie firmly that he needs to say please, which he does. This is where the funny ending comes in, as when the beastie takes his dinner the princess grabs him and says "hey say thankyou"!!!

          This like all the other little princess stories I have read to my daughter are great for getting messages over and helping them in certain situations, my set includes the following titles available:

          I want my potty,
          I dont want to go to bed,
          I dont want to go to hospital,
          I want my tooth,
          I want a sister,
          I want my dummy,
          I want to be,
          I dont want to wash my hands,
          I want my mum

          All the books listed are great fun books to have, I am so glad I purchased them, they provide hours of fun for my daughter and now she is learning to read herself, she will really get the benefit.


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            05.04.2007 09:37
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Another successful book in this series by Tony Ross.

            'I want my dinner' is a very humorous book, aimed at teaching children all about the importance of basic manners.

            ~ Tony Ross ~

            Tony Ross went to Liverpool School of Art and is a prolific writer and illustrator of children's picture books.

            The books I have listed below all deal with social and emotional areas of childhood learning and are a great resource to use with children dealing with any of the issues.

            * I want my Mum
            * I want a sister
            * I want my potty
            * I don't want to wash my hands
            * I want to be.....

            ~ The Story ~

            In this story we meet the cheeky, spoilt but endearing little princess yet again, but this time she needs to be taught the importance of manners!

            As the title suggests, she wants her dinner. The first page displays the princess screaming: "I WANT MY DINNER!"

            Her Mum, the Queen reminds her to say please, she reluctantly adds please to the request and is granted her dinner.

            She then wants her potty and demands it, without saying please. The General tells her to say PLEASE, and so desperate is she for the potty, that she says it and gets it.

            And so the story goes on with the little princess realising that her requests will be granted with the addition of such a little word as 'PLEASE'.

            Later on in the story she goes for a walk with her teddy. She finds a plate full of food and takes it. A Beastie comes out and tells her that that is his dinner and roars: "I WANT MY DINNER!"

            Having learned from her lack of manners she tells the Beastie to say please and when he obeys she gives him his dinner..........not content with this the little princess tugs at the Beastie and says, "HEY! Say THANK YOU."

            So there you have it, a great tale about a child learning the importance of saying please and thank you and passing on her knowledge to someone else.

            ~ Illustrations ~

            These are very bright and bold and are therefore very appealing to young children.

            The illustrations are very amusing as with most of the little princess books.

            The redness of her face and the sheer size of her mouth when bellowing "I WANT MY DINNER!" are great and most adults can relate to this when their children have had a huge paddy and demanded things.

            Tony Ross has illustrated the emotions of the little princess brilliantly.

            ~ Content and Style ~

            This is aimed at pre-school children. It has a very simple text and children can easily join in after the first or second reading.

            There aren't many words on the pages, usually just one simple sentence.

            ~ Price ~

            My paperback edition ISBN: 0-00-664356-6 cost me £4.50 a couple of years ago so try www.amazon.co.uk for some great bargains even when you take in to account postage costs:
            Paperback used and new from 1p
            Hardcover used and new from 9p

            Alternatively try www.ebay.co.uk or pop to your local library which is sure to have it.

            This is a brilliant book to discuss the importance of manners with young children. I just wish it was a little longer!


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          • Product Details

            Series: Little Princess / The hilarious Little Princess returns with more tears and tantrums in this humourous picture book of good manners. 'I want! I want! I want.' The Little Princess needs to learn some manners but, several tantrums later, once she's mastered 'please' and 'thank you', she finds that not everyone else is so polite! She's certainly not going to give the Beastie back his dinner until he asks nicely.

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