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Lucas - Kevin Brooks

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Genre: Junior Book / Author: Kevin Brooks / Publication Date: 2011 / Publisher: Chicken House Ltd

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    1 Review
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      03.12.2011 09:38
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      A good book

      Lucas is a stand alone contemporary YA novel by Kevin Brooks. It was published by Chicken House on 6th March 2006 and the book is 361 pages long.

      Since the day Caitlin saw Lucas, her life completely changed. Walking across the causeway one hot summer day, Caitlin sees the most beautiful and mysterious boy she has ever seen and after meeting him, her whole world comes alive.

      Unfortunately, not everyone sees Lucas in the same light as Caitlin. Others around her show jealousy and prejudice towards Lucas but they don't even know him. They don't know who he is or where he came from and it scares them. The actions of other people make Caitlin question her life why others act the way they do until it comes time to make a decision. Caitlin must make the choice to stand by Lucas and do what she knows in her heart is right or let the townspeople overpower her beliefs.

      What I thought
      After reading Kevin Brooks' newest book, Naked, I was dying to read more from him. Just before I moved back to university, my sister came home and asked me to help her start boxing up her books. When it came to her YA shelves, I immediately grabbed all of the Kevin Brooks books before she could take them away with her. Yes, I stole books from my sister. I didn't even know she had these but now, I've ran away to uni with the lot! Lucas was the first of these that I picked up and it was a pretty random choice. I didn't know where to start with these books so figured I might as well read whatever was on top of the pile. Lucas was definitely not what I was expecting although I didn't really have any solid expectations to begin with.

      Lucas beings with main character, Cait telling her story of the summer she actually met Lucas. From the tone of the narrative, it was clear to see that the story was going to be one that wasn't so easy to read. I didn't mind this though. Having a dark, serious feel to the book to begin with immediately made me curious about what happened and who the hell Lucas was. Cait is a 15 year old girl going through life as normal, trying to find who she really is and generally just get on with things but the people in her town are quite narrow-minded and she doesn't always agree with their way of thinking.

      Lucas is the new boy in town and immediately, the townspeople take a dislike to him because he is so different. Lucas is a drifter, someone who moves around as and when he feels and lives wherever he can - this time being in the middle of no where really. Due to his lifestyle, Cait's peers find the need to pick on Lucas and try to drive him out of town. I felt really sorry for Lucas because really, he was just misunderstood more than anything and he wasn't actually causing harm to anyone. Due to this, I was glad that he found a friend in Cait and that he had someone to share his experiences with.

      Because of the situation with Lucas and some people in town, I really admired Cait for the way that she reacted. It must have taken a lot for a 15 year old girl to stand up to people she has known her whole life and to decide to take things into her own hands. It was great to see such strength and determination in a character so young and a bit unsure of herself to begin with. Even though I loved both of the main characters, I feel as though I didn't get to know enough about either of them. Just as both were
      beginning to come into their own, the story draws to a close and I felt quite disappointed at this.

      The story was definitely not an easy one to read at times but the messages that it sends out were fabulous and very different from what I would normally read. I didn't like Lucas nearly as much as Naked but I will still be reading more of Brooks' work!


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