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Maisy Goes to the Library - Lucy Cousins

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5 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Author: Lucy Cousins / Paperback / 32 Pages / Book is published 2006-09-04 by Walker Books Ltd

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    5 Reviews
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      24.07.2010 21:11
      Very helpful



      A great little book for children

      I always read to my nieces and nephews and I know they always enjoy stories about Maisy Mouse. Maisy is a sweet little mouse who walks upright and wears clothes like a human but has an obvious mouse body with a long pointed nose, a long tail and lovely pink whiskers.
      There are a lot of Maisy story books written by Lucy Cousins and this one is Maisy Goes To The Library.

      The story is about Maisys trip to the library to find a book about fish. There are lots of things to see and do in the library such as listen to music, go on the computer and look at the aquarium. She has to search for the book she wants and finds several others before finally finding the one she wants by the aquarium. She settles down in the quiet corner to read.
      Maisys friends Cyril and Tallulah come in to the library along with Eddie the Elephant and Ostrich who is going to read them all a story in "story corner" which happens to be the quiet corner that Maisy was sitting in. Maisy and her friends listen to the story, check their books out and go to play in the park. They are all playing except Maisy who finds herself another quiet place and finishes her book.

      The illustrations in this book are simply drawn yet have enough detail to keep a child interested. There's plenty of different things to talk about and the colours are lovely and bright so children are naturally drawn to them. Each page has a different coloured background and the pictures are all outlined in thick black lines.

      The txt is also written in thick black ink and is quite large so children can read along or alone. In this book Maisy shows children that libraries can be fun and interesting and in no way boring places.

      I love reading all the Maisy stories they are all so colourful and are about everyday things that most children can relate to.
      Maisy Goes To The Library can be found on Amazon for roughly £3.00.


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      13.07.2010 14:11
      Very helpful



      well worth a read

      I hadn't come across maisy until last year when I sent off for a freebie from mother and baby. Until then I was a novice to who this little mouse was. My son took to the story straight away and seemed to really enjoy the simplicity of the book. So when I saw this one in our local cheap book shop I bought it.

      For those of you who don't know, Maisy is a small friendly mouse who does day to day things that your child can relate to like going to the library, having a bath, going to bed, dressing up and much much more. There is a large selection of stories from this small mouse. You will find her in must bookshops, supermarkets and there is a good selection on amazon at good prices new and used.

      So as the title says this story is following Maisy at the library. She goes to the library to find a book about fish. She looks around trying to find one. She comes across many different types of books about different animals but not about fish. Maisy gives up and decides to explore other things to do at the library other then read and then this is where she comes across the fish book. Once she has her book she settles down quietly to read it. But she is interrupted by her friends and then story time. So later when all her friend go outside to re-enact the story they have just heard Maisy settles down in a quiet place to read her book.

      My son loves this story and has asked me to read it to him lots of times. We have recently started going to the library it is not only saving me money but space on our already over flowing book case! I did seem to go a little mad in the first 2 years of my son's life. So now my son can relate to it even more. Although I must say our library doesn't have an Aquarium! I have found it useful in explaining to my son you must be quiet when we are in the library like Maisy does.

      This book is no different to the others in the Maisy range it follows the very simple style. The Illustrations by Lucy Cousins are brightly coloured and bold. I love this as it keeps my sons attention his mind doesn't wander with any small detail like it does tend to do in some books.

      The text is also large, black and bold so would be a nice one for when your child starts reading. The sentences are nice and easy.

      I would say this is one of my sons favourite maisy's books and I like it too. It's an easy one to read. The RRP price is £4.99 personally I wouldn't pay that much for a book of this length no matter the story else it was for a present. It can be found cheaper and I would say is worth a few pounds.


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        20.06.2010 20:04
        Very helpful




        Another Maisy book, this range of books really is excellent and teaches children about everyday things.

        Maisy is a little white mouse and along with her friends take children through many first experiences.

        In this book, Maisy goes to the Library, we see Maisy wishing to find a book about fish. She finds several books about birds, turtles, and a great big stripey tiger, but no fish!! As she can't find the book she wants, Maisy takes the children through other things that can be done in a library - use the computers, listen to music, make copies of your favourite picture and even look at fish in an aquarium!!! This is where Maisy finds her book, however when she sits to look quietly at the book, some of her noisy friends turn up so she isn't able to read it!! Then it shows story time (in Maisy's quiet corner!!) After story time, the friends go out to play, but Maisy just finds a quiet spot to read her book!

        I love this story, it shows all the benefits of a library (however i'm yet to come across one with an aquarium in) and the group story time is great fun - if your local library does this.

        My daughter loves this book, wants it read over and over and it has become a firm favourite!


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        19.05.2007 22:12
        Very helpful



        Just one book in a popular series with young children.

        Who is Maisy?
        For those of you who haven't come across Maisy, this is a brief description of her.
        Maisy is a loveable, ever so cute little white mouse, with a pink tail, nose, ears and paws.

        She isn't a regular sort of mouse..........she wears clothes, sleeps in a bed, brushes her teeth and much, much more. In short she does everything that young children can relate to and that is her appeal. All that's different is that she's a mouse!

        Maisy goes to the library

        No surprises about the storyline........... Maisy loves going to the library but on this particular day she wants to find a book about fish.

        She finds a book about tigers, one about turtles and another about birds, but none about fish.

        Maisy isn't too bothered about this as there are lots of other things to do in a library, e.g. use the computer, listen to music and even look at the fish in the aquarium.

        And that was what gave Maisy her clue to finding the book about fish..........it was indeed next to the aquarium, where else!

        Maisy goes to sit down quietly to look at her book but her friends come along and start laughing and pulling funny faces.

        Then it's story time in the quiet corner and they all sit and listen to it.

        Maisy and her friends get their books 'zapped' before leaving the library and going outside to re-enact the story book they had earlier. Finally, Maisy sits down to read her book in a nice.....quiet ....place.....

        I really like Lucy Cousins illustrations in the series of books about Maisy.

        They are bright, large, simple and bold. The outlines of each character or object is in thick black pen and the rest is coloured in, in rich vibrant colours.

        The backgrounds are also very bright, not just the bog standard white that is in so many other children's books.

        There's always lots to talk about in her drawings and this along with the use of colours makes this book a big hit with young children.

        Style, Format & Educational Value

        There is more text in this book than many of the other Maisy books. The font of the text is great for young readers as there aren't any loops or cursive writing which is harder for emergent readers to cope with.

        The pages are a good mix of text and illustrations.

        This is a good starting point prior to a trip to the library as it explains to young children what a library offers etc.

        The only reason why I have given this 4 stars instead of 5 is that I think that the author could have offered some lift-the-flap opportunities which she does so well in her other books as a means of developing fine motor skills.

        My hardcover ISBN: 1-84428-679-7 was £7.99 but Amazon have some new copies for sale from just 96p so a big saving even with P&P charges.
        This book is also available in paperback for £1.52.

        Maisy Products
        Maisy is hugely popular and a range of movies / films on VHS are available:
        * Play with Maisy
        * Count with Maisy
        * Maisy's Bedtime
        * Maisy's colours and shapes

        There are also educational resources:
        * Counting game
        * Colour game
        * Memory game
        * Domino game

        Other Maisy Books
        * Maisy's colour collection
        * Maisy's rainbow dream
        * Maisy takes a bath
        * Maisy at the farm
        * Where is Maisy going?
        * Maisy goes to bed


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          07.03.2007 20:26
          Very helpful



          Simple story to help encourage children to have fun at their local library.


          Lucy Cousins has written lots of different books about Maisy the Mouse. It is also on television sometimes and children seem to love it. As well as this set of books, she has written many others including the Animals series.

          ***The Story***

          Maisy is looking for a book about fish but has trouble finding one. All her friends arrive and she realises that she might find one at the aquarium. She does this and is dying to read the sparkly fishy book but her friends are making lots of noise in her quiet corner and she can’t concentrate.

          After ostrich tells them all a story about an old woman who swallowed a fly, the friends all decide to check out their books and go out to play in the park.

          Cyril the Squirrel and Charley the Crocodile pretend to be the old woman and her dog, whilst Tallulah the Duck meows like a cat and Eddie the Elephant neighs like a horse. They realise that Maisy is missing and the story ends with,

          “Maisy read her sparkly book about fish in a nice…quiet…place…”

          ***The Illustrations***

          Each page has a bright background colour with large black lettering on them. This makes it easy to read to a young child who is starting to learn simple words. The drawings are simple too and go really well with the short text that means a child doesn’t get bored waiting for you to turn the page.

          ***My Thoughts***

          My son loves visiting the library, not only to take books home, but to read some there too. This is also probably because his big sister works there on Saturdays and she is always looking out great books for him. We are lucky that there is a big comfy sofa and a huge rug to sit on there so we have no problem finding a spot to sit and read although it can sometimes be quite noisy too.

          This book really appealed to him as he is a regular visitor to the library but I think it would be an excellent way to introduce the wonders of a library to a young child who has never been before. It shows not only that you can get books, but that there are other things available at many of them too, like computers, music and how to copy pictures on the photocopier. Many children might be a bit scared of a big library and this book helps them see what a fun place it can be.

          It shows at the start, when Maisy is looking for the fish book, that there are many different types of children’s books that can be found in a library, such as flap books, shiny books or storybooks.

          It how good it can be to share stories with friends and to join in with actions or noises made in the book. This again can help young children start to see that books can be so much fun.

          Maisy is a lovely little character and the books about her are excellent for showing children new things and the joy of learning. I love the illustrations to go with the stories, as they are very bright, clear and colourful. The simple stories and drawings really go well together.

          Maisy books are ideal for the under 5’s although I’m sure many young readers will love these too.

          ***Other Maisy Books***

          Maisy’s Christmas Eve
          Happy Christmas, Maisy
          123 Maisy
          At Home With Maisy
          Dress Maisy Sticker Book
          Go Maisy, Go!
          Good Morning, Maisy
          Good Night, Maisy
          Ha-Ha, Maisy!
          Happy Birthday, Maisy
          Happy Easter, Maisy
          Is This Maisy’s House?
          How Will You Get There, Maisy?
          Maisy At The Beach
          Maisy At The Farm
          Maisy By The Sea
          Maisy Goes Camping

          ***Price & Availability***

          We got the hardback version from the library that sells for £7.99 but you can get it for £5.99 from Tesco. The paperback version retails at £5.99 but is again available at Tesco for only £4.49.

          Hardback ISBN No. 1844286797
          Paperback ISBN No. 0744570891


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        • Product Details

          When Maisy goes to the library it seems like the perfect place to read her sparkly story. But there are so many distractions when you borrow a book - some of them extremely noisy! Maisy's day in the library proves quite an adventure.

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