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Mammoth Pie - Jeanne Willis

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2 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Author: Jeanne Willis / Edition: illustrated edition / Hardcover / Reading Level: Ages 4-8 / 32 Pages / Book is published 2008-02-07 by Andersen Press Ltd

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    2 Reviews
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      29.07.2013 15:46
      Very helpful



      A very enjoyable picture book

      Many years ago, there was a fat mammoth who lived on top of a mountain. Down in the valley lived a caveman who was very thin and very hungry. The caveman decided to come up with a plan to capture the mammoth and bake him in a pie ready to eat. However, unfortunately for the caveman, the mammoth has other ideas. It's a battle of wills but which one will win?

      On top of a mountain there lived a fat mammoth.
      Down in the valley there lived a thin caveman.
      The caveman was hungry. Very, very hungry.
      He saw the mammoth and licked his lips.

      The caveman, who was called Og, decided that he was going to catch the mammoth and put him in a pie. The mammoth was not scared though as he realised that the caveman had no trap to trip him, no cart to carry him, no pot to hold him and no fire to cook him in. There was no way that he was going to be made into mammoth pie. What the mammoth did not realise though was that Og had many friends whom he went calling on. Each time, he asked his friends to provide something, such as a spear or a trap, promising in return a slice of mammoth pie. The friends, Ug, Gog, Bog, Nog and Mog, all agreed and soon they were ready to set off and capture their prey. You would have thought that the mammoth's time was up and there would be no way that he could escape those well organised cavemen. Never fear though as the mammoth had a cunning plan of his own and had no intention of ever ending up in a mammoth pie!

      This is a thoroughly entertaining book and we liked the fact that there was a good twist in the tale. My daughter was totally convinced that the mammoth was heading for the pie and was quite worried. She was then very impressed when the mammoth turned things around. It was clever the way that the cavemen appeared to outwit the mammoth and ended up being outwitted themselves.

      It is a well written story that is set out in verse although it does not rhyme. There are quite a few repetitive phrases though which should appeal to young children and help them join in with telling the story. This repetition will also help newly confident readers who might be having a go at reading independently. Having said that though, I think that this is an ideal book for sharing as there is so much to talk about and enjoy together.

      The illustrations, by Tony Ross, are superb and really help to tell the story. There's lots of comical detail and eagle-eyed readers will notice that on each page you can see the mammoth observing from a distance and making sure that he knows about everything that the cavemen are scheming.

      All in all, 'Mammoth Pie' is a very enjoyable book that will be enjoyed by both children and their parents."

      This review has previously appeared under my name at www.thebookbag.co.uk


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        22.06.2010 07:25
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        See review.

        After watching "Ice age 2" last weekend on the television, my son jumped at the chance to borrow the book I will now review for you, this decision was based on the cover alone!

        The book I will now review is - "Mammoth pie by Jeanne Willis/ Tony Ross".

        This story starts with a really hungry caveman. He is really hungry an feels like he is being taunted by the particularly fat mammoth that lives on the top of the hill.

        After much deliberation he decides that he wants to catch the mammoth and make him into a pie, but this will take time, skill and above all manpower, especially manpower that own there own tools, weapons and transport....all of which the hungry caveman doesn't own himself!

        After visiting all of his friends and promising them a good piece of the mammoth pie when it's all over, the hungry caveman has been joined by a few hungry cavemen, and are nw gaining ground on the mammoth on the top of the hill.

        Will he escape or will he end up in a pie?

        This is a fun book that was lovely to not only look at, but the text was interesting and rhyming to boot.

        This book is far from being a starter reader, which at the moment are what my son tends to veer towards as he is at that stage of learning, but this is more of a "bedtime" book, something that mummy will read!

        The text as I said before is rhyming, but strangely only in parts, this being the case though it doesn't impeded the flow of the text.

        The text is again quite repetitive, which is good for encouraging interaction as by the end of the book the child listener/reader will probably now it off by heart!

        The illustrations are fun but are what I would deem as being "messy" drawings. With the landscape part of the pictures being quite detailed, but the characters looking like they have been scribbled on the top. This doesn't spoil the picture in the slightest, but more adds a different layer to it.

        The particular book I am reviewing is a hardback copy, but is also available in paperback. These are available from www.amazon.co.uk from £9.00.

        For more information visit - www.andersenpress.co.uk

        Thanks for reading x

        ISBN 978-1-84270-659-6


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