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Boris on the Mountain - Dick Bruna

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Genre: Junior Books / Author: Dick Bruna / Hardcover / 32 Pages / Book is published 1996-11-15 by Egmont Books Ltd / Alternative title: Miffy's Library: Boris on the Mountain

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    1 Review
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      21.06.2010 18:58
      Very helpful



      three stars for this Bruna book


      As my daughter loves Miffy and other Dick Bruna books, I bought this Boris book for her last week. She now can pronounce the word "bear" and she picked this book herself. Enjoy reading!

      **Something about Boris**

      Boris is an adventurous brown bear who generally wears a orange shirt. He is on of the characters Dick Bruna thought of. Bruna is mainly known for his Miffy books, but Boris (and his friend Barbara Bear) has slowly become more and more famous outside of Holland.

      **About this book**

      Author; Dick Bruna
      Price new; 5 Pounds
      year of publication;2002
      Pages; 26
      Age; 0-3 years

      **The story**

      The story is about Boris Bear who loves to climb mountains. Every two pages you see a part that is white with black printed text that rhymes, and on the right side you see an illustration of Boris doing its activity (climbing the mountain, looking at the sun coming up).

      On the first page it is clearly introduced what Boris is doing (climbing the mountain) and an illustration of a green mountain with Boris climbing it is shown. The second page shows Boris on its back, looking in the distance. The next illustration shows the green mountains and the top of the sun that is coming up. The rhyme next to this picture tells the reader about the sunshine and that Boris is watching it. The page after that you see more and more sun rising. After the third page the sunny is high in the sky (I think three pages of the sun coming up is a bit too many and might be boring because all the pictures look very much alike). When the sun has risen, Barbara is climbing the mountain to visit her friend Boris. Barbara is a brown bear as well, and she is wearing an orange shirt just like Boris. On this picture you look at her back and she is wearing a backpack. You can keep Barbara and Boris apart because Barbara has some freckles on her face.
      Because it looks like it starts to rain, Boris wants to go home. But Barbara tells him she brought a tent and together they put up the yellow colored tent and use it as a shelter when it starts to rain (raindrops are drwan and so is the tent.
      The book ends with a picture with a yellow background, showing Boris and Barbara high and dry sitting in the tent.

      **My opinion**

      The colors used in the Bruna books always are green, blue, orange, yellow and brown. This book is small and has a size of 16x16 centimeters and is easy to bring along on a holiday or car trip. The cover is made of firm material and won't be wrecked quickly by toddler hands but the inside pages are made of paper, and I would prefer these to be of cardboard (but I guess the book will be more expensive if that was the case)
      Immediately when I visited the book store I knew from the cover of its book it was a Bruna book.

      I think this book is very interesting for little adventurous boys who like to camp or climb. But of course, any small kid likes books with bears in it. The story itself is okay, but sometimes a bit boring. I wasn;t blown away by this book and that mainly has to do with the 3-4 pages about the sun rising and because nothing else is illustrated on these pages I noticed my daughter flipped through them very quick thinking "well I've seen this page already".
      Still a nice book, but I have seen more exciting ones from Dick Bruna.


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      Book Series: Miffy's Library

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