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Moo Baa Baa Quack - Francesca Simon

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Author: Francesca Simon / Format: Paperback / Date of publication: 01 September 2011 / Genre: Animal Stories / Subcategory: Children's Fiction / Publisher: Orion Publishing Co / Title: Moo Baa Baa Quack / ISBN 13: 9781444002096 / ISBN 10: 1444002096 / Alternative title: Moo Baa Baa Quack: Seven Farmyard Stories / Alternative ISBN 10: 0689820046

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    1 Review
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      02.02.2012 21:07
      Very helpful



      Great book of short stories for those up to the age of 7

      My younger sister is definitely following within the steps of myself and my mum, as she is constantly reading like us. When she was around 6, her favourite book was Moo Baa Baa Quack, which was purchased from a school book sale at around £5, however it has decreased in price to about £1.50 now, even if you want to buy it new.

      The book itself comes as a hardcover, and is really sturdy, as in the years that we have had it, although my sister would read it a lot, it has not got dog eared, broken or had pages fall out of it. The quality of the book itself is really well done, as even if it did get dirty or had anything spilt on it, the fact that it was hardback meant it was easy to clean.

      The pictures within this book are brilliant. Upon opening and closing the book, you are given a large map of the farm, which is bright and engaging, and looks like it has been hand drawn. However, for the short stories themselves, they are more detailed and bright, with the animals being depicted really well and detailed with great care. There is a handy contents page, which my sister found great as she could quickly select the story she wanted to read.

      There is a real variety of stories within Moo Baa Baa Quack, and they are generally quite short while managing to keep younger kids entertained. This book helped my sister to get into reading, as they were quite short and just needed a basic reading skill. However, I would not recommend these for just the 6 and unders, as I think even these books being read out aloud to younger children would be great.

      Generally the stories are written in dialogue between the characters, with a few paragraphs in between the animals talking to describe what they were doing and what was going on around the farm. Many animals are included throughout the book, so there is a short story for about every character you could think of being on a farm. Below are the short stories and a summary of what is included in them:

      Runaway Duckling
      About a duckling that wanders around his farm and manages to get involved within a series of adventures

      Baa Baa! Where Are My Lambs?
      This is about 2 sheeps that are hiding away from their mother.

      Billy The Kid Goes Wild
      This is about a goat that says he is never tired and never sleeps. Leading to consequences for the party on the farm the next day...

      Barnyard Hullabaloo
      When a fox tries to eat the baby animals on the farm, the other animals plot to save them from him

      Mish Mash Hash
      All the animals say their favourite foods and put it into one big bucket, making up a song as they go along.

      Chicks Just Want To Have Fun
      Four chicks that go out, visiting every farm animal, looking for something fun to do

      Moo Baa Baa Quack
      A pig who is talented makes all the animals sing a song

      Overall, I would say this is a great starter kids book as long as they have basic reading skill, or if not a great book that you can read out loud to them. The drawings are well done and colourful, and really engaging to the reader. The stories themselves are really varied and can keep kids really entertained and are great for them to read casually as they are quite short. I would say only buy this for kids up to the age of 6 though, as the stories are quite easy to read.


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