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Lord of Misrule - Rachel Caine

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Author: Rachel Caine / Format: Paperback / Date of publication: 10 July 2009 / Genre: Children's Horror & Ghost Stories / Publisher: Allison & Busby / Title: Lord of Misrule / ISBN 13: 9780749007577 / ISBN 10: 0749007577 / Alternative title: Morganville Vampires: Lord of Misrule - Rachel Caine / Alternative ISBN 10: 0749007575

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    5 Reviews
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      19.12.2012 11:52
      Very helpful



      No time here to pause for breath - there is going to be a battle, and who knows how it will end.

      Lord of Misrule is a young adult novel about vampires living in a town called Morganville in Texas. This is book 5 in a series of books featuring the same characters, and in my opinion, you will get more from this book if you read the preceding four novels first and get to know the characters and the plot a little, as this one jumps straight into continuing with the story and you will find it hard to work out what is going on.

      The books central characters are a group of 4 housemates who live in Glass House, owned by the family of Michael Glass, ex ghost and current vampire. Michael is in a relationship with housemate Eve who is a goth. Shane is Michael's best friend, but Shane's dad hates vampires and wants to kill Michael. Then there is Claire Danvers, 16 years old, and a proper intellectual attending university several years early and excelling in her studies. So much so, she works for the craziest vampire in town, Myrnin. Together they work on developing a drug to treat a vampires form of Alzheimers in a secret lab.

      This book joins the plot just after a fancy dress ball involving most of the residents of Morgnaville. Unlike other fancy dress balls, this one was not that much fan after head vampire Amelie was stabbed with a stake by her father, known as Bishop.

      The plot for this story takes place over a matter of days in the town, but there is so much happening. The vampires are divided into two groups, and there is going to be a battle for control of the town, and the humans can't seem to do much about it.

      To add to the danger, there is a tornado warning on the town, and the safe place is where all the fighting vampires are. Even nature seems intent on harming Morganville.

      This is a fast moving novel. The characters are already strongly developed from the previous works, so there is no dilly dallying around establishing anything other than this sense of danger and doom. Will any of the glass house residents be able to escape from this one? And if they do, can it ever be the same again?

      There is a new strong character called Hannah Moses, who is an ex marine, and she is a useful person for Claire to have on her side in this novel. We also get to know a Jewish family of vampires called the Goldman's who are interesting from there refusal to take sides and fight on their Sabbath, and father Theo is very useful with his surgeons skills from his human life.

      I liked the developing intimacy in the relationship of Claire and Shane in this book. All very tastefully done, and very suitable still for a young audience, yet involving enough to engage me as an adult. I also liked seeing Claire being such a reliable presence. Her character is mature beyond her years.

      This book has the same delicious addictiveness that the other books in the series have, and the pace is so fast you forget it is all happening over just a couple of days until you take a step back and think about it.

      I have highly enjoyed all the novels in this series, and I really recommend them if you enjoy the genre and reading about vampires. This is foremost a vampire story, and secondly a story about teenagers falling in love. I much prefer it to the Twilight saga as it is more pacey and realistic to me.


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      08.09.2011 12:11
      Very helpful



      Another excellent book from the Morganville saga

      Lord of Misrule - Rachel Caine

      As many of you may have guessed if you have been following my reviews lately, I have recently got into a large set of fantasy books by Rachel Caine. I was recommended this set by a friend and was lucky enough to pick up the whole set for a great price (see bottom of review) and I have not looked back since.

      I have always been a fan of the fantasy genre which includes such subjects of vampires, and have read many takes on the subject in various different novels and sets, and so when starting a new set I always like to see something different as, even though I love this genre, I can not stand books which follow the same story lines. Luckily, after the first book, this set has branched out into its own world filled with vampires, and although I can not quite put my finger on it, these books bring a whole new light to the genre.

      This book is the fifth installment of 'The Morganville Vampire' saga. To date there are eleven books out with a twelfth book due out in November of this year (2011).

      The first four books in the series are; 'Glass Houses', 'The Dead Girls Dance', 'Midnight Alley' and 'Feast of Fools'.

      I won't list the whole set here, though you are able to find the set titles and synopsis' on Rachel Caine's website.


      With that all said, let me take you into the review itself.


      ""You want to go play with your new friends back there? The really pale ones with the taste for plasma?"

      In the college town of Morganville, vampires and humans coexist in a (relatively) bloodless harmony, though even the most uneducated could see that the arrival of a new master vampire, Bishop, was set to stir up a lot of trouble, and it is not just the humans which may be on the menu.

      Bishop, Amelies father in both senses of the word, is set to wreak utmost havoc, abolish all order, revive the forces of the evil dead and stop anyone who gets in his way, and he is not alone.

      Violent black clouds promise a storm of devastating proportions and Claire Danvers and her friends; Eve, Michael and Shane, prepare to defend themselves and Morganville against the elements - both natural and unnatural. Those who have not pledged themselves to Bishop join forces with the group in a desperate attempt to bring order back to their unusual home town, though finding out who is on their side and who is vowed to Bishop is not an easy task. And with everything going on, it is not immediately noticeable when the vampires start vanishing one by one, and it soon becomes clear that even Michael is not safe from harm, and Amelie seems to have left them all out in the cold.

      When Claire finds out the reason behind all the disappearances, she realizes that she is left with one choice; Swear allegiance to Bishop...or die!

      As with many book sets, this is certainly one I would recommend reading right from the beginning. Although there are some small recaps throughout the book, mainly from Claire's memories, they are not enough to bring you up to date in the story. This book, like the others, also continues pretty much straight on from where the last book left on, barely giving you time to collect your thoughts, and so to a Morganville newcomer, going straight to this book without reading the rest would leave you completely confused and lost, and you would have missed a great deal of growing excitement with comes with reading from the beginning.

      Without wanting to give anything away, I do not want to outline the story so far in any detail, though to give you an idea of how much has passed I feel some background is necessary. Claire Danvers is a year ahead of her peers and her parents felt that she was too young to attend her preferred college many miles away, so she enrolled in the college in the small town of Morganville, without knowing exactly what the town was built for. Most of the students go through a couple of years and transfer out without ever understanding the world outside of the campus, though after being thrown down the stairs by the college bully and her friends, Claire moved in with three slightly older people and it was then that she fell into the scary world of Morganville, and now she just can not leave!

      As mentioned above, the story continues immediately after the last one left off which is usual for this set of books thus far. Consequently, the time frame in the story actually does not move on very fast, with only a couple of months passing since Claire first arrived in Morganville in book one. This, though, does not mean to say that the story is static in any way, in fact it is quite the opposite with a fast flow of action on every single page and a continuous excitement from beginning to end. It is sometimes hard to believe that time in the story is not moving faster. I have often felt a little overwhelmed with the fast flow and style of these books, though the last couple of books, like this one, has started to have a few more moments of tameness, though this does not really last long. When the main storyline seems quieter, the background stories are still in full flow. There is barely time to breath with everything that is going on, though with this book, this is not necessarily a bad thing. The only problem is that you will not want to put the book down even for a second!

      As with the other books in the series, I have always felt that the synopsis alone did nothing much to entice a new reader into the saga. If it did not feel like every other book in this genre, it read almost like a bad novel for younger teenagers, and even as I type out the above brief description, I have to remind myself that there is so much more within this book than the write-up allows. I did not want to give too much away, especially if readers have not even picked up the first book yet (which is a must!), though I feel that I must mention that this book, like the first, is not like any other vampire series. At the beginning, I noticed a few similarities to other vampire novels, specifically the 'Twilight' series, though I am glad to announce that through all the books, this became less and less, and in this book there really is not any similarities to speak of. The story and characters have both branched out into their own, unique world and it has almost grown up from the younger teenage beginning into a more adult realm, something which I could see happening as each book passed. It almost seems that the 'growing up' of the story mirrors that of the main character Claire which is not unusual, though still very well done.

      As with the last couple of books, the tame feel to the story has almost vanished completely, leaving a trail of darkness in its wake. This is not a constant in this book, though it is certainly a large factor and does not only come in the form of fantasy. A lot of the darkness can be reflected in human qualities which, if possible, make the book seem even darker. There are also a large amount of 'issues' which may affect some people such as the growing choice of language which becomes quite strong at times, though not really overused as such. Although I am not one for swearing, I feel that in the main, when this kind of language is used within this book, it is used in the right place and without being in-your-face. Other more adult themes include sex, torture, control, murder, death and other issues along these lines. These are also well written, though the sexual discussions do become a little tedious at times. Although there are no graphic scenes, the thoughts of Claire can become a little annoying at times. Although she is meant to be overly intelligent and in love with her boyfriend, she acts rather immaturely in this topic and the things which are said and thought by her really reads like a very young teenager full of hormones they do not understand. I do admit that this has calmed down quite a lot since the books first started, though it is still apparent in many places and still poorly written unfortunately.

      I often find in other books which are part of a larger set that they are a little like film sequels, as in they start to go down hill the further into the set they go. As of yet, I have not felt this way at all about these books. If anything, it is the other way around. This book has continued the story so far with such strengths, with the story growing from strength to strength throughout. It is a stable story with some really well written characters which pull you in to the world almost immediately. On the subject of the characters, I really feel that this book highlights their different personalities so much more than any previous book, even the last book which I remember writing the same thing. The backgrounds and relationships are developing really well and for the most part, the characters are now very well established, though I know that there is still more to learn about them. If the pattern of learning more as the books continue carries on then I expect to find out more about them all in future books, though for this book itself, I find the characters well established for where the story is.

      This story is largely about vampires, and if this genre does not appeal to you, then I doubt that you would be interested, though there are also many other aspects within the pages such as different kinds of love and friendship, family issues, power and life in general.

      Yet again, one big annoyance about this book (which is a shame as nearly everything else is great) is the grammar. Luckily, the story itself grabs my attention so fully that I am able to overlook the grammatical errors, though this is still certainly something which may stand out to a lot of readers. Not only are there a lot of typos, punctuation errors and other blunders with individual words being used wrong, there are also a lot of confusions. For example, although it is not written in the first person point of view, it is written from Claire's perspective though many a time, I felt as though the author forgot exactly what style she was writing as it seemed to slip quite often into Claire's perspective as said from her own mouth as if she is telling the story. I do admit that this part specifically does seem a little better in this book even more so than the last so perhaps the author has actually remembered her style!

      So what makes this book any different to other vampire novels?

      Although the general concept is similar to many books of this genre, the whole situation, the characters and the author's style really aid these books well. There are some really amazing, well thought out characters which live in a clever, interesting, and well written town which stands out from many vampire novels I have read. The town itself is unique as far as I know, with even the small details making this whole story completely different to others, and stand out from the crown with great force.

      The other huge difference to many novels is also the length with eleven books in the set and growing!

      One thing which I find very important in a book is the ending. A story can be written perfectly, though if the ending is wrong, then it gives me a really terrible feel to the whole book, almost as though I feel my time was wasted reading it, even if I did enjoy the rest of the story.

      So how does the ending of this book compare?

      I have found that as each book continues, they just continue to keep getting better and better and this also applies to the ending of the books. The ending of this book really brings everything to a heightened degree of excitement and the tension and action is at its utmost in the final part of this book. The cliffhanger is amazing at the end of this book, even more so than others, and I am so glad that I have the next book on hand otherwise I would have been tearing my hair out in frustration! I felt that the last book had the ending to top all endings, with everything leading up to that point, though I was proven completely wrong as this ending shows so much more. It is apparent that there is to be a much bigger ending coming very soon, perhaps in the last book or so, though this ending brought this particular book to a close nicely, with a great cliffhanger. There is still so much open to continue in the next book and I can not wait to start reading.

      The story was 348 pages long, which seems average for these set of books, and so it did not take me long to read it. There was no surprising addition of a diary excerpt at the end here though, which in my opinion was no great loss, though there was an interesting authors note at the end with a music play list she has chosen to correspond to this book in particular and this makes for some entertaining listening after the book has been read.


      Lord of Misrule was a fantastic fifth addition to what has already been such an exciting set of books with a lot of promise as to what is to come. In my opinion, the books in themselves are just getting better and better, and so far, this one has to be my favorite of the lot (and I know I said that about the last book, though as I said - they just keep getting better!). Although the action is still intense, I did feel that I was able to grab a hold of my thoughts more often in this particular book, like in the last. The ending was brilliant and holds so much hope for what is to come in the next book.

      The more adult influence in this book was certainly welcomed and drove the story from young adult into more adult realms which was a great addition. The story has become more unique and the characters have really found their footing well. Of course, the book is not without its flaws (of which have been mentioned above), though I feel I was able to overlook most of these and fall right into the great story with ease. I would certainly recommend this book to those who love this type of story. I have already bought the next lot of books in the set and am looking forward to seeing where this story will go as it ended with a lot of possibilities.

      Lord of Misrule is, in the main, a horror fantasy book which is an international best seller. It is listed as a young adult read, though I personally found it very compelling a read and I have long since left my teen years!

      The RRP on this book is £6.99 which is an average and very reasonable price for such a great book, though as with many books these days (especially those which have been out a while!) there are many ways of getting your hands on a book for much less. If you have 'The Works' shop near you, each book of the series (except the second one as they seem to always be out) is priced at an amazing £1.99, and to place the cherry on the top, they have the deal of three for £5 which is really great, especially as there are so many books in this series. Amazon have this book there at the moment from between £0.01p and £4.20 not including postage and packaging. It is also available on the Kindle for £3.99.


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        26.07.2011 07:28
        Very helpful



        An ok filler book, but not up to par with the others.

        After Amelie's (the founder of the vampire/human town of Morganville), so-called "father" comes back to wreak his vengeance (Amelie tried to kill him many years before, and obviously failed!), things become apparent that they will never be the same again.

        When the two halves of the town have been split in allegiance, Amelie's only hope is to find a cure for the ailing vampire's using her father Bishop's ancient blood, the only problem being that one by one her vampires are disappearing.

        When the towns other elder vampire Oliver turns up half dead lines are drawn a battle must commence, this is dangerous enough for the humans caught in the middle, but mother Earth has her own idea's, so they also have to contend with tornado's too.

        Who will survive?

        This is the 5th book in the Morganville vampire series of books, and as I have previously thoroughly enjoyed the books I was (I am ashamed to say!) waiting for a dud, and though this doesn't fit that criteria exactly I did feel that this wasn't up to par with the previous offerings.

        All through the book I felt that the characters were just moving around the well laid out set but not actually doing anything or achieving anything, with the majority of the storyline being in the last few chapters of the book, and even then it was obvious that this is part of a series, and was more of a follow on "filler" book.

        The characters are as good as before, with me liking how the vampires and humans have now seemingly integrated as part of Amelie's team, even stopping the drinking of humans blood and hijacking the towns blood bank!

        I really can't put my finger on what has changed with the set up of this book, but it just doesn't feel as exciting as the others, though there are a few scene's where insane vampire's attack, I never felt the thinly veiled menace in the story like the previous books, and though this hasn't been my favourite I will persevere with the next book in the series!

        Price wise this will set you back around the £4.00 mark, via www.amazon.co.uk

        Thanks for reading x

        ISBN 978-0-7490-0757-7


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          20.07.2010 20:38
          Very helpful



          See how Morganville changes when the humans no longer have vampire protection

          Book five in the Morganville Vampire Series so heres whats happened so far a quick overview I don't like spoiling the plots of stories for people before they have had chance to read them for themselves so here goes ..........

          We have learnt about Morganville a town which holds many secrets where humans and vampires live together, once you discover the secret you cannot leave the town. The vampires are in charge and humans must pay in blood for protection from other vampires.

          We have followed Claire as she moves to this town college is bullied by Monica and quickly finds somewhere else to live. Claire moves in with Micheal, Shane and Eve the other main characters in the story and quickly discovers things she didn't know existed. Claire has quickly got sucked into the world of vampires and the supernatural. She has found something the vampires want has fought to keep hold of it. She has made a new boyfriend in Shane she has met his crazed dad who is out for revenge on the campires had friends killed and reborn. Saved her boyfriend from death, Began work for Amelie the head vampire of the town. Worked alongside Myrnin a crazy vampire scientist who is trying to come up with a medicine to save the vampire population, and at the end of book 4 meets Mr Bishop Amelies evil father who has Claires parents with him.

          Lord of Misrule follows Bishop as he tries to take control of the town of Morganville and all its vampire residents the blood line is pulling the vampires to devide and they don't have a choice who to follow Amelie wants to fight for this town but disappears and again Claire and her friends are drawn into the fight for their freedom and tugged between friendship and family. As the human protection from vampires is no longer valed they must also choose sides and no longer ignore what is happening around them. They have got more than vampires to fight as Bishop has power over more than them.

          This book is another great addition to the morganville series Bishops entrance has made a huge impact to the story and adds some extra twists to the tale.

          The book I borrowed from the library originally but have since found it in the works 3 for £5 which is an absolute bargain so I have purchased it along with others from the series so I know own the all.

          The series is addictive and I read this book 348 pages of it in 2 days and again it leaves you wanting more

          Oh yeah quick note I am 26 years old and really enjoy these books so not just for teenagers.

          I also write reviews on other sites under the same name.


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          03.07.2010 22:58
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Great book

          Lord of Misrule is the 5th book in The Morganville Vampire series by Rachel Caine.

          Here's what has happened so far
          Claire Danvers moved to Morganville to go to college early at 16. After being bullied in the dorms by Monica and her popular friends, Claire moved into Glass House with Michael, Shane and Eve, where she soon discovered that Morganville was ran by vampires. Michael was a ghost and now he's a vampire, Shane is Claire's boyfriend and Eve is her best friend. Shane's crazy Dad turned up and tried to take out the vampires. Claire had to sign herself over to Amelie to ensure protection for her and her friends which resulted in working for Myrnin, a crazy, sick vampire. Eve's brother came back after being in jail and dead girls began to turn up all over the place. Then, Mr Bishop, Amelie's father turned up and took over the entire town.

          Lord of Misrule
          In the college town of Morganville, vampires and humans coexist in (relatively) bloodless harmony. Then comes Bishop, a master vampire who threatens to abolish all order, revive the forces of the evil dead, and let chaos rule. But Bishop isn't the only threat.

          Violent black clouds promise a storm of devastating proportions. As student Claire Danvers and her friends prepare to defend Morganville against the elements - both natural and unnatural -the unexpected happens: Morganville's vampires begin to vanish one by one. Discovering why leads Claire to one last choice: swear allegiance to Bishop... or die. (Taken from the back of the book)

          What I thought
          What was different with this book was that the four main characters get split up. Usually, they all rely on each other to get through whatever bad situation they are in so this time, emotions are running at an all time high. The goodbye scene happened very early on in the story but I was completely convinced. There is a lovely moment between Michael and Eve but where Claire and Shane were convinced, I was really let down. With everything that was happening, the reality of it was that any of them might not actually survive this time but the emotion in this scene was quite lacking.

          I was glad to see that being split up didn't last for the majority of the book though as I would have missed having Shane and Michael around. The banter between the two always adds some much needed humour to a very serious and action filled storyline. Everyone always seems to moan at Shane for having a problem with Michael being a vampire but wouldn't you? I don't think I would care that he was once my best friend, he's still a vampire now so I would definitely be nervous about carrying on living with him.

          Claire shows a lot more vulnerability in Lord of Misrule, changing what I thought about her again. As her relationship with Shane grows, she also grows more sure of herself and her feelings and can't help but get annoyed when she isn't sure if he returns them. Claire is even more bad ass in this book which was something that I loved about her. Being separated from her safety net friends made Claire have to branch out and trust some other people who she worked well with. I was glad to see Claire's development progress in Lord of Misrule as it came to a bit of a standstill in Feast of Fools.

          Even though Amelie is a huge part of the other books, she doesn't really have much to do. This time, Amelie is a feature character as she tried to rally everyone up to fight against Bishop. Amelie likes to be known are a hard, relentless woman but really begins to show that she cares for Claire in this book. I'm pretty sure that it is only because she needs her for something or other but there was a softness to her character that made me think that she actually cared, deep down.

          As always, the story progresses at an extremely fast pace, with something always happening. As the story is told from Claire's point of view, I did wish that I got to find out more about what happened with Michael, Eve and Shane while they were separated because there was only a quick run through of what happened. There is a lot of built up tension and excitement by the time the story comes to an end and I found it truly exciting.

          As much as I love the amazing, heart-stopping cliff-hangers, I also hate them at the same time. If I hadn't had the next book sitting there waiting to be read, I would have screamed. Rachel Caine certainly knows how to write an amazing ending to a book and one that will make you need (not want) the next in the series.

          Each book in the series has distinct differences from the others but the quality, excitement and romance are always there. Another fabulous book by Rachel Caine. Next in the series is Carpe Corpus.


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