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Moshi Monsters: Official Annual 2012

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4 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Author: Various / Hardcover / 64 Pages / Book is published 2011-08-04 by Sunbird

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    4 Reviews
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      10.06.2013 23:53
      Very helpful



      Great book with plenty of activites inside.

      Last year for my sons birthday and christmas presents several Moshi monster items were on his list. One minute he was in to Thomas the tank engine then suddenly Moshi monsters, Angry birds and other weird kids toys suddenly became popular.

      I got him this annual last Christmas but honestly can't remember where I purchased it from. possibly Poundland as they do annuals nearer the run up to Christmas, but where ever I purchased it I wouldn't have paid the RRP for it of £7.99 as I know boxing day they all go in the sales.

      I don't believe Moshi monsters developed from a Tv program but instead started out life online and became popular and more and more products can be brought in their range from toys, books, games, the monster figures, sweets, stickers etc.

      Each figure is odd looking with an odd name and this annual is full of them. The annual is a hard back and has 61 thick paper pages.
      There is a wide variety for kids to do in this book, in no particular order to it there are colouring activities, puzzles to solve, stories and cartoons to read and tasks to do. Definitely kept my son amused for several hours. Considering nowadays to pay anything up to £5.99 for a magazine this annual is well worth it's value. Gone are the days of 40p Beano or Bunty comic.
      On the last page are answers for the tasks and puzzles through out the book and I don't think my son found them until he got to the end as some of the answers are incorrect, quite sure he would have cheated if he'd known they were there lol.
      One thing in this that made me laugh was the singing broccoli spears picture. A section of the writing about Broccoli says - Opps she did it again! Broccoli Spears is the pot-bound veggie vocalist who's constantly baffling fans with her "ahem" strange behaviour. I will just add the pot referred to her being in a flower pot.

      Would reccomend this book if you have a Moshi fan in your house. My son knows all the names to them and they are great to colour in on pages in this book as they are all bright cheerful multi coloured monsters.


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        21.01.2013 16:57
        Very helpful



        Great for slightly older Moshi fans

        Moshi Monsters Annual 2012

        Moshi Monsters began life as a children's online world of adoptive pet monsters of all different shapes, sizes and unusual names. Children can adopt a virtual pet monster, create their name, build up their home, play games and talk with friends. Soon after, the site was getting millions of members around the world and it was only a matter of time before the craze hit the high streets. And so began the growth of the Moshi Monster obsession with accessories and games galore.

        My daughter got into Moshi Monsters a while ago now and it is all we hear about these days. Whilst I can not even begin to start remembering all the unusual names and characters, she happily lets me know about each and every one of them and her collection has really taken off as family and friends started to buy her items.

        One such item in her collection is a Moshi Monster annual which we picked up brand new online for £3.00. Its RRP is £7.99 though I have never spent that much on annuals as my daughter loves them so it would become very expensive. I also do not really think that the RRP price matches the content of these annuals, though that is only my personal opinion. Amazon have it at the moment for the RRP price PLUS postage and packaging which is really over the odds, so do look around.

        Not long after we purchased this annual, the 2013 annual came out at the same RRP. Whilst older children might want the up-to-date annual, my daughter is only five and does not know the difference. Amazingly, though I have just come across the 2013 annual on the Argos website for only £1.45. I might just have to get her this as a surprise!

        Anyway, on to the review for the 2012 annual from Moshi Monsters.


        Like a lot of Moshi Monster items, this annual appears to focus upon the love that boys have by its blue front cover, though fear not. Although some parts of the annual do seem to aim their way towards boys more so, there is a lot of things within the pages which cover the interests of both boys and girls.

        The annual takes the form of the coming year with the months spreading out through the 61 pages with activities for each and every month and season. Some of these activities are random (as is the world of Moshlings), though some activities are specifically aimed at the exact time of year they fall upon.
        As far as I know, this is the very first Moshi Monster annual so there is nothing so far to compare this to.

        The annual opens up with a map of the Moshi world which is recognisable from the online game. It then sets out the contents page to allow a brief glance at the annuals contents, though to be honest, this does not really show what is inside. There is then another couple of pages of introduction which give the 'rules' of Monstro City with some humorous words.

        January covers new year resolutions in true Moshi style, with the child able to add their own resolutions of the year as well as see where they stand in the Moshi realm. There is also a couple of pages which relate to your online game with home decorating tips brought to you by 'Yukea'! My daughter was eager to find these new home items online and add them to her Moshling house.

        Valentines day fun with a Moshi twist. Children can colour and cut out Moshi cards to present to friends and also introduces some more items on the online game. Older children are able to enjoy Tyra Fangs fashion advice, though the younger children will probably ignore this part as my own daughter did. Again, she enjoyed looking online for the new items, and loved making her cards which encouraged her to continue making cards from our own home supply.

        March looks upon St. Patrick's Day and introduces a lot of new green items for your online pet. There is also a 'Come Grime with Me' page where children are given ideas of what to make for a feast with friends. There is no recipe's here, and to be honest, the page seems to be added as there was no other idea what to put! You also get to read items from the editor of Moshi Monster magazine; Roary Scrawl which provides entertainment.

        April introduces children to a few different days including 'Pranksgiving'. It asks the children to write their thoughts and feelings down and also learn about recycling. This got my daughter checking the rubbish for what we could recycle (not actually checking in the bin though!) and then taking it to the local recycling area which was great and she had fun sorting through different things.

        May starts with a Moshi Monster style poem which is funny yet makes no sense! It then takes the child through some ideas of what to do on their online game in case they haven't found the games yet. This proved a hit with my daughter.

        More online help, this time children are shown some different seeds to plant in the hope of finding new Moshlings, as well as inviting children to try out new combinations themselves. Chilkdren are then given a couple of pages to create their own magazine article with space for writing and drawings.
        There is then a four page spread in between months where a comic strip is presented. My daughter loves this and constantly asks me to read it to her.

        July introduces Super Moshi's with a story and how to become a super moshi with special missions for your online game. My daughter has not yet looked for these new missions online so unfortunately I can not tell you how good they are!

        August brings in the most fun in the whole annual both in my opinion and my daughters. Although she loves reading and looking through the annual, my daughter adores making things and with this month there are instructions how to make your very own Moshi Monsters called Glumps. We have started making one though haven't quite finished yet so will update with a picture once finished. The instructions are clear you are able to make any choice of character you want with little faces that can be cut out and stuck on the characters if you so choose. There is also a double page spread of more Moshi fashion which is aimed mostly at older children.

        I have often come across 'Talk like a pirate day' on such sites as Facebook, and now Moshi Monsters are covering it with a load of pirate words aimed specifically at children. There is also a pirate game which children can play in the shape of battleships. This is another month my daughter enjoyed (and yes, we have not waited for the month to actually arrive before joining in the fun of each page in the annual!) and she speaks pirate very well which is hilarious!

        October covers 'switchy day' which is basically an upsidedown day as well as Halloween. It also has a double page spread of puzzles which suit all ages, and many puzzles can be found on the actual online game.

        Definitely an American annual! November covers thanksgiving in brief and introduces the children to the Moshi music bands. My daughter has the Moshi Monster CD though these bands are more relevant to the actual characters which she collects which made this fun reading for her.

        Merry Twistmas! Christmas with a Moshi twist! The song, 'On the first day of Christmas' is redone for the Moshi Monsters which we have had fun singing together. There is also a joke page and an end of year roundup for children to write things they have achieved in the year.


        My daughter adores everything Moshi and was delighted in this annual. It is slightly too old for her, though she has a lot of fun looking through it and getting me to read certain bits to her. In other annuals she has, there is a lot more activity pages for both writing and drawing as well as creating. This annual only has a few pages of this which is a shame. If it had had more of this kind of thing then my rating would be higher, though I am personally disappointed in this fact. Of course, my daughter does not worry about this - it is Moshi Monsters afterall!

        This annual is said to be for four years plus, and although there are a wide range of things within the pages, I would say it is more for the ages of six to twelve, though younger children who are obsessed with Moshi Monsters as my daughter is might just be happy having the annual to add to their collection.
        I certainly would not pay the RRP on this annual, though there are so many places you can find this both online and in the high street at varying prices so do look around.


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        02.02.2012 19:22
        Very helpful



        A great gift for any Moshi Monsters fan

        Moshi Monsters has become a craze around the primary school kids age, and has moved from just having a website into quite a lot of merchandise ranging from toys, cards and books. My sister has been the latest to love this craze, and for Christmas, she was given the Moshi Monsters Official Annual 2012. Usually the RRP is £8 but as it was before Christmas, this one was bought in a buy 2 get 1 free offer, and at a discounted price of £4. Right now the price can depend on the store that you visit.

        Thi annual is the first of the Moshi Monsters annuals, as they only started to get enough attention to make an annual in 2011. The front cover is sky blue and has many of the famous Moshi Monsters on it, from Poppet to Iggy. The front cover is sure to attract any Moshi Monsters fan due to its bright colours and recognisable characters. It also states that you get a free virtual gift, exclusive to the book for your Moshi Monsters room when you buy it, something that seems to be a great thing to own in the Moshi Monster game.

        There are 61 pages in total of the annual with all of them having a variety of things to do. There are puzzles, comic strips, secret codes for your game, funfacts and stories about all the characters in Moshi Monsters. You can easily navigate around the book itself to due to the contents page telling you where everything is. For the puzzles, the back page has all the answers, so whoever uses this book will be able to check if they were right or not without needing an adults help.

        There is a lot of things to keep a Moshi Monsters fan entertained, as my sister still reads it and hasn't completed some of the puzzles yet. For the crafty, there is information on how to make your own Glomp whereas kids who like to write, can fill in their own newspaper. The comic strips and fact pages are really well designed, easy to understand and a good read for anyone with a basic reading skill.

        The colours are all really bright and eyecatching, so anyone could be interested in it, and I would recommend it for 6 years and older, as some of it is quite wordy and would require basic reading skill.

        Overall, this is a great annual for any Moshi Monsters fan as it is colourful, well designed and contains loads of fun things for kids to do. It is worth the price as there is hours of entertainment in it and you get value for money.


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        12.01.2012 17:16
        Very helpful



        a great book for any moshi monster fan and provides hours of great fun!

        All of a sudden what seemed out of nowhere last year moshi monsters appeared and every child seemed to own a "moshling" on the online game named moshi monsters. My sister was one of many who was fascinated by the craze and not before long it seemed you could get just about everything moshi monster (cards, stickers, keyrings, clothing, watches and the list goes on!).

        Every year many different annuals are released on a variety of the year's most popular topics, this year's included hello kitty, the x factor and of course moshi monsters. I bought this for my 9 year old sister to is a big moshi monster fan and received a lots of moshi monsters merchandise for Christmas.

        ==About the product==
        This is the first official moshi monster paperback annual to be the released. The front cover has a sky blue cover with the moshi monster logo and features many of the popular moshlings including poppet, Katsuma and iggy to name a few, the front cover also states that each annual included an exclusive virtual gift for your room (on the moshi monster online virtual world.

        The recommended retail price for annual is £7.99 although most places do them cheaper, I paid £3.99 in Tesco for this, I noticed WH Smith had them on sale at full price but were buy one get one half price although I went in a couple of days ago and all annuals were reduced to £1.99 which seems to happen most years although is not really any good if your wanting to send it as a Christmas present. The book measures 215 x 285mm.

        The annual features 61 pages of fun including colouring pages, puzzles, comic strips, lots of information and fun facts on how to make the most of the moshi monsters online website, my sister found this particularly interested as it helped her improve greatly on the game and helped her to discover combinations she didn't know. Also included are games, instructions to make your own glump and much more. The back page was the answers to all the different activities throughout the book.

        What I personally like about the book is each page is full with different things to do and has provided hours on entertainment for my sister, bright colours and bold titles are used throughout to make this an exciting read. If you want to skip to a certain part of the book there is also a contents page.

        The book is published by sunbird which is also known as ladybird books, printed in Italy and the ISBN number for this book is 978-1-40939-059-6. The book is recommended for 6-12 years; my sister is 9 and had no problem with this book.

        I would really recommend this book as if offers such a large variety of different activities to do, my sister has spent many hour completing everything throughout the book and also goes back to it regularly to help with on the online game, its great value for money - especially if you can pick it up in the January sales. 5 start from me and my sister.

        If you have a moshi monsters fan in your family I will gradually be reviewing many of the products of which my sister received for Christmas or continues to buy.


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