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My Scrapbook - Abigail Wheatley

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Genre: Junior Books / Author: Abigail Wheatley / Hardcover / 38 pages / Published 2008-03-28 by Usborne Publishing Ltd.

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    1 Review
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      15.12.2009 17:43
      Very helpful



      Lots of fun and something that you will want to keep!

      I have been a keen scrapbooker for a couple of years now, and just recently my six year old daughter has shown a lot of interest in this absorbing hobby. She recently completed her first scrapbook (of which she was immensely proud) so I was keen to find her another one so that she could carry on with all of her projects! I looked around at quite a few before I spotted My Scrapbook which I bought at Tesco.com but it can also be found on Amazon. I have to say that I only paid £7.99 for it at Tesco.com but it is on sale for £15.01 on Amazon - which seems quite a lot to me.

      This is a beautiful looking book with brightly coloured flowers and butterflies adorning the front. The book is spiral bound and the cover is made from strong sturdy card. Inside the book there are some introductory pages that are then followed by many themed pages (all beautifully designed) for a child (or adult) to complete as they wish. All of these pages are very inspiring in both the ideas that they offer and the backgrounds that they provide.

      I'm not going to go through all of the themed pages but I will give you a taste of just a few. The first page is 'All About Me' and this is followed by 'My Family' which very aptly has a bright green tree background. My daughter has stuck in lots of photos of her at different ages along with photos of us and her brother and sisters. She has also written short captions about everyone. Other pages include:

      My Friendship Garden (which has lovely bright flowers growing as a background),
      My Travels,
      At School
      My Funky Fashions and
      Special Treasures.

      There are also many more and I like the way all of these themes really help my daughter organise her ideas in ways that are appropriate for her age and her interests. A lot of the themes though definitely make this scrapbook more suitable for a girl rather than a boy.

      The main idea is obviously to stick in photos and pictures but at the back of the book there are lots of little extras to help you do this in a really creative way. There are small patterned envelopes that you can cut out, fold along the dotted lines and then stick on to the pages in order to put little keepsakes in. My daughter loves making these although she sometimes needs some help as they can be sticky. There are also stencils for many different shapes that you can draw round - either straight on to the pages or on other paper to cut out and stick in. These include stars, hearts and flowers which are all lovely for sticking a photograph in the middle. These are followed by pages of stickers that are all neatly associated with the themes in the scrapbook.

      The front pages contain lots of really helpful advice. Some of this is very general like how to cut out photographs and other advice is much more specific. One example of this is that for the My Family page, they show you how to make some bird shapes that can be stuck on the tree each with someone's photo in the middle. There are actually creative ideas for most of the themed pages which a child can choose to follow or, if they are like my daughter, choose to do something entirely different! It really doesn't matter just so long as they enjoy themselves.

      My daughter really loves her scrapbook and I am sure that it is something that we will treasure for years to come. I'm sure she would have been just as creative with blank pages but the themes really do help her to organise her ideas. Overall this is a lovely book for a creative child and would make a delightful present. Just add photos!


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