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Noisy Touchy-Feely Board Books: This Is My Kitten (With Kitten Sounds) - Felicity Brooks

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Genre: Junior Books / Author: Felicity Brooks, Stephanie Jones / Edition: Brdbk / Board book / 12 Pages / Book is published 2008-01 by Usborne Books

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    1 Review
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      16.01.2012 14:50
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      A nice book shame about the excess fluff

      My Aunt and Uncle are both teachers and as such my children always get a book for their birthdays and at Christmas and this book was one my daughter was given for her first birthday, I love reading new books with the children so I think it's gret i know they're always going to recieve one.

      The book is available from Amazon for around £7 although I haven't seen it I am sure you would be able to buy it from bookshops. The book is part of the Usborne Noisy Touchy Feely range which I think speaks for itselfs in giving you an idea what the book is like. The book is approx 7 inches square and is made of hard board which is thick to allow little hands to turn the pages.

      The front cover of the book shows a white pussy cat with black bits for the ears, tail and paws, the ears and tail are soft and furry. The cat sitson some gass on a orange backlground which fades out to yellow and a few butterflies floating around. In the bottom right hand corner there is a button and around it it says "she says...." when you press the button it says meow meow. I think the front cover of the book is lovely to look at, the cat stands out well against the background and my daughter enjoys stroking the pussy cats tail probably as she tyries with our real cat but the cat is too fast.

      The book basically tells you all about cats, once inside the book the button at the bottom has an extra line to it which states "Meow! Meow! so around the button the whole wording is "and she says..... Meow! Meow!" On the first double page of the book you meet the little kitten and are told that she has two soft ears and the ears part of the picture are soft and furry, there are a couple of sentences about the cat on the opposite page and then when you come to the bottom of the page your child presses the button to hear the meow. The second page tells you about the kittens tongue which is rough and pink and on the picture the tongue is a piece of fabric which is rough and pink, on the third page you find out she has a luffy tail and the tail is made of fluffy fabric. On the fourth double spread you are told the kittens has thin twitchy whiskers and the whiskers are slightly raised from the page, on the final page the book all comes together and each part of the kitten is gone over again.

      The pictures in the book are lovely and the kitten stands out well, the kitten is black and white with it's pink tongue and the backgrounds are pale colours such as pink, lilac and blue and are all coloured in lines with different shades. It seems like a lot of thought has gone into the illustrations for this book and they are of really high quality.

      I love this book and I would say this would be my babies favourites although she is more bothered with pressing the button and stroking the furry bits than reading the book but at least it is a start. The meow that the book plays sounds really cute and is a realistic sound too and the book is really robust, my daughter will spend ages just turning the pages and stroking the kitten and there is no damage to the pages. My only issue with the book is that some of the fluffy fabrics come away when you stroke them, this has become less as the book has been used more but I still wouldn't want to leave my daughter with the book or she would be eating the excess. I would have given this book 5 out of 5 if it wasn't for the fluffy excess therefore I rate this book a 4.


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