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Octonauts Meet The Crew Sound Board

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    1 Review
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      20.02.2013 21:36
      Very helpful



      Good book that ties in well with the Octonauts TV show

      As previously mentioned, my daughter is a bit obsessed with the Octonauts at the moment. It is her favourite TV programme and every time we go to toy shops she always makes straight for the Octonauts toys. She got this book when she was 3 and half years old.

      ---About Octonauts:
      The Octonauts are a series of cartoon characters created by Meomi (Vicky Wong and Michael Murphy) who have undersea adventures in their Octopod. Their mission is to explore, rescue and protect which they do while having lots of adventures. Their leader is Captain Barnacles and there are several other characters based loosely around other animals, most of them land mammals! The programmes can be seen on CBeebies or you can buy the DVDs.

      ---About the product:
      Meet The Crew is an Octonauts board book designed to introduce you to the characters from the books and TV show. It is one of the products direct from the TV show so the characters are recognisable from that instead of being the original ones from the books. The book is not an actual story; instead it gives the background for each of the 8 main characters (Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso, Tweak, Shellington, Dashi, Tunip & Professor Inkling). The book tells you the full title and name of the character; the background of the character and the job they do on board the Octopod; and their catchphrase. Each left hand page gives the background for two of the characters with lots of pictures which my daughter enjoys looking at. Most are from the TV programmes so they are easily recognisable if your child watches it already.

      On the right hand page there is a picture from one of the programmes which generally contain images of the Gups (submarines) which my daughter checked to see if it had Gups A-E and was pleased that it had. There is writing to go with each picture to explain the story it came from. There is also an Octoalert button that is embedded throughout the book (each page has a hole in it and the button is attached to the final page) which is supposed to be pressed when reading each page. When pressed, the Octoalert sounds three times which does get a bit repetitive if you are pressing it for every page!

      The book has a panel on the back to allow the batteries to be changed which says it takes 3 x 1.5v cell batteries. We have not had to change the batteries yet although we have only had the book for nearly 2 months.

      ---Our Experiences:
      My daughter was very excited when she saw this book and wanted us to read it as soon as we got home. It doesn't take very long to read but we were able to look at all the pictures as well and talk about what they are showing. My daughter has several of the characters as toys so she likes to play with those while we're reading sometimes as well.

      The writing is easy to read on each page but there is quite a lot of it so will be hard for young children learning to read to read on their own. It does allow us to show words to my daughter so she can begin to recognise them and she is able to spot recurring letters throughout as well.

      My daughter's favourite part of the book is the pictures (I asked her...), because they make her 'happy'. She also enjoys pressing the Octoalert and trying to copy it.

      ---And Finally:
      As with anything related to Octonauts, my daughter really enjoys this book. As long as you are not expecting it to be a story book, it is a great book. I think the best part of the book is the Octoalert embedded into it as my daughter loves to press it. The book has a price on it of £6.99 but we got it new from a discount shop so it only cost us £3 which was a much better price for it. It does get damaged quite easily due to the nature of the board it is made from, and the internal spine areas look quite bad even though it was of good quality when we purchased it.

      This book would be an excellent addition to any Octonauts collection for children who enjoy the characters. The Octonauts seem to be a good educational programme and I would recommend this book to little people and parents who want to read more about them.


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  • Product Details

    At a Glance Go on an exciting adventure with this brilliant Octonauts sound book. Features and benefits for Octonauts Meet The Crew Sound Board Book The Octonauts follows a team of adventure heroes who dive right into action whenever there is trouble under the sea. In a fleet of amazing aquatic vehicles, the Octonauts explore incredible new underwater worlds, rescue wonderful sea creatures, and often save the day before returning safely home to the Octopod. Under the leadership of Captain Barnacles Bear, closely flanked by Lieutenant Kwazii Cat and Medic Peso Penguin, the Octonauts are always ready to embark on an exciting new mission.

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