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One Year with Kipper - Mick Inkpen

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3 Reviews

Author: Mick Inkpen / Format: Paperback / Date of publication: 07 January 2010 / Genre: Character Books / Subcategory: Picture Books / Publisher: Hachette Children's Books / Title: One Year with Kipper / ISBN 13: 9780340956588 / ISBN 10: 0340956588 / Alternative EAN: 9781844566846

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    3 Reviews
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      16.07.2010 10:55
      Very helpful



      Going through the months and seasons with Kipper the dog

      Although my 6 year old son has had this book now for a few years, its educational value continues to be useful, not only because it takes you through the months and seasons of the year, but also because it provides a situation where kids can develop their reading skills, too.

      Kipper is a fun kids cartoon character, a lovely dog, with friends, and one of the calmest and more patient cartoons I remember seeing a few years ago when Will was into that genre of cartoon. Gentle stories, characters suitable probably more for 2/3 year olds than for 6.

      The book, however, is still suitable, and takes things a month at a time. For each month, author Mick Inkpen tells of something Kipper has done, and something relevant for that time of year. A good example is the very start, where Kipper makes a New Year's Resolution in January, that he won't throw snowballs at his friend Tiger. The next month, February, sees him doing that very thing, with an unsuspecting Tiger building a snowman. The months then continue to mention things such as the cold winds in March, frogs and tadpoles, then the bugs and things appearing in June, the school holidays in August, the leaves falling in the Autumn months and then finishing off nicely with Christmas in December.

      It's told with a month on a page, and some lovely illustrations making it the ideal bedtime book. There is speech in the book as well, which means that Will can practice his intonation with speech and exclamation marks. It has helped to teach him about the various seasons and months, and what happens in each. No doubt he gets this at school as well, but it's nice to have something at home that entertaining and educational at the same time.

      As I said before, this is probably a nice book to read to you kids if they're around the 2/3 age as well, and when they may not get taught this anywhere. It's gentle education, through entertainment, and is lovely when featuring popular characters such as Kipper. I recommend this, as it's very easy to read, with big writing, short sentences, and inolving illustrations. A good mix of entertainment and education. It retails for £5.99, as most kids books tend to of this sort. You'll be able to get it for a little less if you shop around, but this would make a lovely present for a kid. Recommended.


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        19.05.2009 18:01
        Very helpful



        a lovely story for kipper fans

        Kipper is one of my daughter favourite characters, yet I find it so hard to purchase things concerning him as in toys or books these days considering he seems to be quite an old character. I find my local library a good place to go when on the hunt for a new kipper book. As you have probably realised from my previous reviews, I am a big fan of the library and I take my daughter there a lot. On a recent visit, we came across a new addition there. It was a story by Mick Inkpen and the book was called one year with kipper.

        The book is written with a description and a picture on each page that shows what kipper and his friend tiger get up to on each month of the year. We start obviously with January where kipper explains about making a new years resolution not to throw any more snowballs at his friend tiger. He later breaks his resolution in February where the two decide to have a snowball fight. Each month the guys get up to lots of mischief and excitement as they visit the ponds and the ducks as well as kipper taking a parachute ride above the sea. They pick blackberries and catch tadpoles and get ready to make there own pumpkin to celebrate Halloween. On each month kipper takes a photo to remember the good times that the pair had.

        In December kipper uses his photos to make a surprise scrapbook for tigerwhich is full of photos of the pair having fun together throughout the year. Tiger loves his present and the pair have fun looking back over the photos and remembering the fun and adventures thay had that year.

        This story really is full of adventure and I like the fact that children can associate events by the month such as Christmas and Halloween. I would definitely recommend this book especially if you have a child who likes kipper.


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          23.10.2008 15:53
          Very helpful



          A familiar and loveable character in another fabulous book.


          This is yet another book that our girls borrowed from our local library recently which has fast become a favourite, almost essential, bedtime read.

          The Author

          Mick Inkpen is a prolific author and illustrator of children's books.

          Kipper the Dog is probably one of his most recognisable and popular creations. The television adaptation of the Kipper series has even won a BAFTA. Kipper recently celebrated his 18th birthday!

          The Story

          Kipper the Dog gets a new camera for his Christmas. As the months go by, a photograph is taken of an event each month so at the end of the year he can surprise his trusty sidekick, Tiger the dog, with a lovely reminder of how they spent the past year.

          However, when December comes, it is Tiger who has a surprise for Kipper too.....!

          The Book

          As with all the Mick Inkpen books, the illustrations are charming and very appealing. Kipper the Dog is such a recognisable character that our three year old daughter spotted this book even though it was way up high and well out of her reach. ("Get Kipper down, Mummy, he's too high up for me!")

          The text is black, bold and large, on a white background. Each double page has the text on one side with the main illustration on the opposite page with a small picture (the photograph that Kipper took) on the same side as the text.

          With just fourteen double pages (28 pages in all) it is a great length for bedtime reading.

          My Thoughts

          The book starts the year in January and each of the first twelve double pages has the relevant month emphasised in larger, bolder typeface. This is obviously a handy introduction to teaching the months of the year.

          Personally, this was particularly helpful during the summer as our two daughters constantly asked when they were going to start Nursery - the answer "August" did suffice, but then they wanted to know when that was! At least I could easily demonstrate the relativity of August to where we were in the calendar at that time.

          The book has also helped to prompt discussions about the various seasons as icicles, thunderstorms, tree blossom and snow all feature, as well as which months we can look forward to for particular family events, birthdays, holidays etc.

          There is a good variety of activity throughout the year - catching tadpoles, walking up hills in the wind, snowball fights, parascending (perhaps not recommended for pre-fives!) and making a Hallowe'en pumpkin.

          For those first readers, the text is certainly large and very clear, although I would question some of the vocabulary.....Is "scruffled" a word?? And "glooping"?

          My other (much more polite) half takes exception to the fact that Kipper says to Tiger "Take my picture!" - rather than "Please take my picture!"

          However, we do like the fact that at the end of the year, Kipper lovingly handcrafts a Christmas present for his friend Tiger - even if the girls just find it highly amusing that Kipper ends up with a face full of snow!

          The final page of the book shows a summary of the year with all the photographs that Kipper has taken - this inevitably leads to a nightly discussion as to which picture each of us likes the best.

          Other Information

          28 pages
          Hardback (paperback version also available)
          ISBN 0-340-91139-5
          RRP £10.99
          Published by Hodder Children's Books
          Amazon has classified this under children's books ages 0-2 but I feel it is far more suitable for children aged 2-5.


          Amazon.co.uk - £10.44 plus P&P (eligible for Super Saver Discount)
          Amazon Marketplace - from £4.46 (used) and £5.63 (new) plus P&P
          Ebay - various copies on auction at a variety of prices at time of writing
          Paperback copies also available on Amazon at slightly cheaper prices
          Or try your local library for FREE!!!


          A familiar and loveable character in another fabulous book. Educationally beneficial. And more importantly, an enjoyable read for both child and parent. Although the story ends in December, this is by no means a Christmas read but is highly appropriate to be read all year round.

          Recommended, if you can get it for a good price!

          (A version of this review has been previously published on Ciao by me under the same username carcraig)


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