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Oxford Read With: Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper Box Set

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Genre: Junior Books - Box Set / Author: Oxford / Paperback / Book is published 2011 by Oxford

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    1 Review
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      17.03.2012 16:23
      Very helpful



      A brilliant way to get children to read and also a help to extra- curricular reading

      As my 3 year old is in nursery we frequently receive magazines from 'The Book People' and 'Puffin', it was in one of these magazines I found this collection.

      I paid £25 for this although the RRP is a staggering £243.51!!!!! I cannot really see how this price occurred and I certainly wouldn't have paid that.
      These books are produced by Oxford tree learning, and are mainly available in most (apparently 80%) schools as they are used in the reading curriculum.

      The set contains 49 books split into 2 groups 'Phonics' and 'First stories', these are then split into 6 reading levels. There is also a parent's handbook. All of these are contain in a cardboard box/holder showing a list of the books and the levels with a divider between the 2 groups. A word of warning the box is heavy and the books tend to fall out easily if picked up wrong.

      The levels for both groups are as follows -
      Level 1 - getting ready to read - 4-5 years
      Level 2 - starting to read - 4-5 years
      Level 3 - becoming a reader - 4-5 years
      Level 4 - Developing as a reader - 5-6 years
      Level 5 - building confidence as a reader - 5-6 years
      Level 6 - reading with confidence - 5-6 years

      ***THE PHONICS SET***
      As I said before these are split into 6 levels each containing 4 books, these are -

      Level 1 - Kipper's alphabet I-spy, Chip's letter sounds, Biff's wonder words and Floppy's fun phonics
      Level 2 - I am Kipper, Cat in a bag, The red hen, and The fizz-buzz
      Level 3 - Such a fuss, Shops, The sing song and The backpack
      Level 4 - Wet feet, The moon jet, The red coat, and Quick! Quick!
      Level 5 - Egg fried rice, Craig saves the day, Seasick, Dolphin rescue
      Level 6 - Gran's new blue shoes, Ice city, Save Pudding Wood and Uncle Max.

      Each of the books in this set (excluding level 1) contain 2 stories with the most common words in a list at the beginning to recite and then a learning section that includes 'missing letters', 'talk about the story' and 'what's in this picture'. Each book also has parent's notes at the beginning giving us tips on reading with children and help to help the reading come along.
      Each book is between 20 and 30 pages long.

      Level 1 in this section is a really good idea, Kipper's alphabet I-spy and Chip's letter sounds show the child how to form and say the individual letters and have space to copy them, whilst also having pictures of animal's and scenarios containing items beginning with that letter.
      The other 2 books is more leading into saying the pronouncing the words and putting the words to the picture.

      As we go up the levels the stories and latter question work become harder and my son has to re-read the story for the answer, although this is not a problem as he's learning as he does it!

      My son (and daughter) loves the phonics collection and has helped his reading (and school reading) come along well they can both pronounce things better and my daughter has learn the names of more objects (such as Octopus, coach etc). The pictures are colourful and easy to find the objects and also make up little stories about, my youngest particularly enjoyed telling me about a space rocket!!!

      Again 6 levels containing 4 books each -

      Level 1 - Floppy did this, Up you go, Get on, and Six in a bed
      Level 2 - Funny Fish, Silly races, The snowman, and Dad's birthday
      Level 3 - Poor old rabbit, I can trick a tiger, Super dad and Floppy and the bone
      Level 4 - Missing!, The raft race, Dragon danger, and The spaceship
      Level 5 - Hungry Floppy, Husky adventure, Looking after Gran, and Trapped!
      Level 6 - Hairy-scary monster, Mountain rescue, The lost voice and Secret of the sands.

      All the books in this section contain two stories, and also has a set of questions about the stories and also 2 games one for each story.
      Like the 'Phonics' set the stories get longer/more complex as you go up the levels, as do the questions etc. They all also have the parent's tips at the beginning and also a task such as - 'find the letters for the word 'TREASURE' in the pictures'.
      Each of these books are again between 20 and 30 pages long.

      The stories also cover a range of important issues such as what to do if you get lost, when people are ill etc. I found this a really good idea and a great way of teaching children what to do in these situations.

      My son really liked this set also and enjoyed the reading and also the 'quizzes' at the end and his reading has got better although I do still have to help him sometimes.

      Again the pictures were well drawn and colourful and helped set the story and helped in the answering of said questions!!!

      This is a great addition to the set and break's everything down for the parents!
      It contains not only a breakdown of the set but things like a FAQ section for reading starters, an in-depth study of the different levels and how to help the child learn at this level with game idea's etc and how these will help the child, and then also choosing the right book/level and tips on successful reading.
      Each section of a different level have a list of common words to be repeated.
      It also contains information about the authors and the 'Oxford reading tree' and also the other books that can be bought.

      I do love this collection and while I wouldn't pay the RRP, I do think it is worth quite a lot.
      Both my eldest son and daughter love reading these and completing the missions and games.
      The books are well presented and the drawings are really good at bringing the story to life.
      I do believe my son has gained a lot by me buying these and it has certainly helped his reading both in and out of school.
      I would recommend these to anyone, just try to get them from a discount catalogue!


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