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Peppa's Bubble Fun

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Board book: 12 pages / Publisher: Ladybird / Published: 29 May 2008

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    2 Reviews
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      28.09.2013 23:37
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      A good book for younger children

      My little girl got plenty of gifts for her 2nd birthday and one little nic nak gift that came from granny and granda was this Peppa's Bubble FUn sound book, which I know my mum picked up in TK Maxx, although I am not sure what she paid for it. My daughter is a big Peppa fan and we have lots of different peppa episodes recorded so she can watch them at appropriate times. My mum also has some Peppa episodes recorded on her SKy Plus and sometimes if we are at her house, she will put one on for my little girl if she requests it. One of the episodes that my Mum has recorded is one about Bubbles, which my daughter loves, which probably prompted the purchase of this particular Peppa Book. What makes this book appealing as well is the fact that being a sound book children can press the button and hear Peppa giggle and snort.

      This is a hardback book and each page is very very colourful with up close illustrations of the characters in Peppa. THis book is based on a day at home in Peppa's house where George, Peppa's brother, and Peppa are blowing bubbles with their straws into their drinks. Peppa suggests they play with bubbles in the garden and Mummy Pig takes the chance to show George how to make bubbles using a bubble wand. Daddy Pig, who is forever showing off, takes charge and shows them all how to make huge bubbles by filling a bucket with bubble mix and running down the hill with the bubble want. Daddy slips and falls however with the bubble mixture landing on his head. He then sneezes and makes the biggest bubble ever which then becomes a very big bubble muddy puddle, which the whole family enjoy jumping up and down in.

      To be honest, I think my daughter is getting to the stage where these sound books don't hold her attention. About a year or so ago she just loved pressing sound buttons in books, over and over, giggling every time. Now, that is not to say that she didn't enjoy the book or the story and I think she recognised the storyline from the tv show albeit with slight adaptions. However, when we are reading through the story, she sometimes has to be prompted to push the button herself, and sometimes she'll even say 'Mummy do it' which is the opposite of what she used to do. So, I'm not sure whether it is just my daughter or not, but I think this book is probably appropriate for younger children, and I also have to note that I find the sound itself rather irritating!

      All in all, my daughter does like this book. She doesn't request it very much and I think at just over 2, she is now a little past sound books, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it is a entertaining book for young children.


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        24.04.2013 09:39
        Very helpful



        Millie loves it

        What is it with Peppa Pig that seems to appeal to all little children? Millie adores here and has done since she was about 2years old. We have no got so many Peppa Pig things in our house I feel like we're being taken over! I can see why she does appeal to children though and quite often some of the Peppa Pig branded items are not too expensive so I have given in to Millie's obsession and bought her lots of things to add to her collection.

        Peppa Pig

        Peppa Pig is a well known children's television character. Every morning she appears on our screens on channel 5 about 8am and Millie loves to sit and watch her. The episodes are about 5 minutes long each so not too long for young children to focus on and even at the age of five Millie is still interested in these short and snappy tales. Peppa is a cartoon pig who lives with her mummy, daddy and baby George. They have every day adventures and I really like the tales, they are usually every day events such as meeting up with a cousin, making pancakes, and going to visit grandparents but there is always something funny that happens which isn't patronising or too simple. Often I find myself laughing along and I don't normally find children's programmes at all funny, I usually roll my eyes and think how tacky they are but this one is very cleverly written. Now you can buy Peppa Pig products all over the place, it seems like every shop has rights to sell them. We have Peppa Pig clothes, bedding, furniture, cups, DVDs, books and more. Millie is five so perhaps at the age now where she should be growing out of this cartoon but she still seems to adore her! She certainly is appealing!

        Bubble fun book

        For Christmas two years ago a friend bought this book for Millie as she knew how much she loves this Piggie. Millie loved it right away because it has a button to press that makes a noise and she loves anything that is noisy! LIke most children I imagine!

        The book was published by Ladybird in 2010 and has about 10 pages. This is a board book so it's ideal for young children. It was only a year or so ago that Millie became at an age where she could read paperbacked books but up until the age of about 3 everything had to be board because she would rip the paper backed ones and sometimes manage to give herself a paper cut too. Because this is a board book it is heavier which may mean that smaller children struggle to hold it but it also means that it's ideal for smaller children as they won't be able to rip it like they could a paper back nor could they make too much damage if they chose to use it as a teething ring(Why do all children have to have a good bite of a book?!) We've had a few drinks spilt on this book and although it has damaged the pages a little it hasn't been as damaged as it would have been if it was a paper back. So the book is very practical. It is about 15cm a 15cm so a good size too, not too big that children can't reach the whole page properly but not so small that the detail is squashed up.

        On the front page is a pink plastic button which when you press it you hear Peppa giggle. She snorts at first and then giggles, it lasts about 10 seconds which is long enough! It doesn't make any other noises so it can be quite annoying to hear this giggle time and time again. This button is actually on the back page but there is a hole on all pages so that you can press it at each page. It doesn't really have a relevance to the story but does give children something interactive and for some reason Millie loves anything noisy so this goes down well. When she was younger she used to sit on my knee and we would turn the pages, I would read the story whilst she would press the button constantly! I don't think she even heard the story but she was kept entertained anyway!

        The story tells of Peppa and George sitting in their kitchen blowing bubbles in their drinks. Daddy complains that they are being noisy so they go and blow their bubbles outside instead with their special bubbles and wands. Mummy and Daddy watch then make a big bubble mixture up in a bucket and use a tennis rackets as the wand. Daddy has great fun and they all laugh when he slips but makes the biggest bubble ever! At the end they all jump up and down with the bubbles in muddy puddles.

        This is a very simple story just like the episodes. Nothing outstanding happens but nothing outstanding needs to happen, something so simple as having fun in the garden blowing bubbles with mummy and Daddy is just all that children need to be able to use their imaginations and to have fun. Because this is aimed at quite young children I think the level of information is enough, they are not bombarded with a complicated story but instead a very easy story to follow with just a sentence or two on each page. This is enough for them to follow.

        The pictures are bold and bright and show exactly what is happening. The words are separated from the picture by appearing in a white bubbly area, these words are in black so stand out and are quite big. I like to use these words to teach Millie how to look for certain letters and she can now recognise certain words such as Mummy and Bubbles! The pictures are so bright it is a very cheerful book, I can see why young children are so interested and how this piggie appeals to them.


        Everything concerning a book is educational. I don't think it matters at such a young age whether a book just has pictures or a long story or an interactive element or not, what does matter is having that ability to experience a book, to learn how to turn pages, which way round it is and so forth. From just sitting and reading this story to Millie she has learnt to follow words as I show her what I am reading and to pick out letters. She also learns to turn pages the right way and that we only go back if we need to look at something again and not to carry on with the story. She has learnt how a book can contain more than just pictures but a whole story and interesting things to look at. Whenever I read this book with Millie I like to take time over each page, we look at the little details like the daisies in the grass and the reflections in the bubbles so she can learn to look deeper into things. We like to look for various letters in the words and over time Millie is learning to pick out certain words that she recognises. It is lovely to see her learning like this, in such an enjoyable way. I also think the story itself teaches something; how such a simple task of just blowing bubbles in the garden can be fun. You don't need to spend a fortune doing exciting events, for young children half an hour in the garden with some bubbles can create lots of laughter.


        This book is entertaining because it has several elements to it. Millie at first just liked to press the button and would do so throughout the book so she couldn't even hear me reading it but over time she has grown bored of this and prefers to sit and listen to to the story instead and to look at the details on the pages. She doesn't have to just press the button but it is a nice little element to have. Millie will sometimes have me read this to her and on other times she will read it to her teddies. She doesn't read the words properly as she can't but because she has had it read to her so many times and because of the pictures she is able to construct a story which is very similar to that in the book and it's lovely to see her using her imagination like this. I think because she recognises the characters in this she is really entertained by it.


        This is a lovely, bright and cheerful book with a lovely message. It's retail price is £6.99 which is perhaps a little expensive compared to some other books so I assume this is because it's a Peppa Pig book. You can buy it for £5.24 (random price!) on Amazon at the moment and I think that is a more reasonable price to pay. It is a nice book to read with your children and for them to use to learn how books work and to follow a story with characters that they recognise. The button with a giggle inside it is a bit annoying but children soon lose interest and instead just stick to reading the book. I think it is a lovely book.


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