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Princess Polly's Potty: A Ladybird potty training book - Ladybird

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Genre: Junior Books / Author: Ladybird, Andrea Pinnington / Hardcover / 16 Pages / Book is published 2009-07-02 by Ladybird

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    1 Review
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      16.09.2011 09:19
      Very helpful



      A great book when you're learning your little girl to potty train

      **Why I want the product?**
      My daughter started potty training when she turned three, which was in August 2011. I have heard from Health Visitors etc it is best to try potty training when they get to this age as the brain connects to their parts and tells them when they need to go. A dear friend of ours also has a daughter who is six months younger than my daughter and they agreed as they started training they're daughter when she was under three and they said it was a waste of time, and she just was not ready yet.

      I had not really talked about potty training with my daughter before; she had her potty in the house that she thought was a storage box and regularly put toys in and out of it or carried it around the house. I did not mind as it was her time to get used to the potty and when she understood she would get the idea of what it really is for.

      I had already started potty training my daughter, she was good at weeing in her potty but she refused to do poo's in her potty, like a lot of other children. Everything we tried never worked with her and she continued to do them in her pants instead of the potty. At times I would be changing her pants six or more times a day, no joke. Mostly because she was 'scared' of going in her potty, she was used to doing it in her nappy and she was too busy playing to go to the toilet.

      I read good things about potty training books but never thought of them before. I searched for a book online that she could interact with and understand, and this is when I came across Princess Polly's Potty.

      **About Princess Polly's Potty**
      Princess Polly's Potty is written by Andrea Pinnginton, published by Ladybird and is a paperback. It was published 2nd July 2009 with 18 hard glossy pages taking you and you're little girl through Princess Polly and her journey through potty training. You will see her lows and highs of potty training and with a built in hooray button you're little one can join in as well.
      The book dimensions are: 20.8 x 20.6 x 1.4 cm.

      **What does the front and back cover look like?**
      The front cover is bright, colourful, girly and eye catching. The background is very pink and very girly, fit for a little Princess who is beginning her journey in the world of a potty. The middle see's Princess Polly with her 'big girl pants' around her ankles, to the left of her you will see her Princess potty and to the right you will see the magical button to hear the cheer!

      The back cover is yet again bright and vibrant with a yellow background. You are shown Princess Polly sitting on her potty looking pleased with herself. The back also tells you a little about the book, recommended retail value is valued at £6.99 and the book is suitable for girls from age 18 months plus.

      **Taking you through Princesss Polly's Potty**
      Going through the book you are hit with the same vibrant colours of the front and back pages, which is great for children to capture their imagination and keep them interested.

      You are captured in Princess Polly's world and the daunting task of potty training. You get to see all her family who all wear pants, expect for Princess Polly and her baby sister who are still in nappies. As it's a good idea your child gets to press the cheer button.
      Princess Polly and her Mum go to the shops to find a Princess, big girls potty. Here you and your child are able to pick a potty you both like and decide which potty Princess Polly will like. Well done, press the button.

      Like most children when they take the potty home Princess Polly doesn't know what the potty is for and ends up using it as a storage box, a hat and even a boat. Until her Mummy tells Polly what the potty is for and Polly quickly gets herself familiar with her potty and sits on it, although it feels funny at first. You clever Princess, press the button.

      Onto a next big thing in a girl's life are pants, or Princess Pants to be precise. Princess Polly wants to feel more grown up and to do this she wants grown up pants. Again you are took through different pants that you and you're little girl can decide, which ones you like best. You are also asked what is Princess Polly's favourite. Now she has her pants she practises pulling them up and down and up and down. Next thing we see is Princess Polly did a wee in her potty, press that button.

      As Polly is now doing big girl wee's in her potty her Mummy teaches her some big girl rules such as, ask Mummy or Daddy to help wipe your bottom. Flush it all away in the toilet and wash and dry hands. Good job, press that button.
      Even though Princess Polly has been doing exceptionally well, there is always going to be accidents and Princess Polly does a wee on the floor. Not long after Princess Polly managed a poo in her potty with great joy, as after all poos are harder then wee wees. Press that button.

      As Princess Polly is that impressed and happy about her little poo poo in the potty she quickly shows the whole family her achievement, who quickly cheer.
      Soon Princess Polly feels so grown up, unlike her little sister who is still in nappies but will one day take the adventure all by herself. Hooray, press the button.

      **Did my daughter like the book?**
      I did not know what to expect with this book, but on the first read I knew my daughter liked the book and with me pointing to the pictures and making a big deal out of it and referring back to her own potty my daughters face lit up.
      Of course the hooray button took a battering at first as she loved to hear the cheer and I thought I would use the button to my advantage.
      My daughter would often look through the book and point out and say 'mummy pants, daddy pants and big girl pants', while looking and referring to her own special big girl pants she was wearing. She would also refer and say "potty, wee wee's and poo poos in the potty".

      **Did it help her with potty training?**
      I find it encouraged her to do her business in the potty and would get excited about what she had done. The hooray button came in handy and useful during the process as it was something my daughter liked to press once she had done her business on the potty as she got a lovely cheer from the book and of course from me. Sometimes she would forget to press the button and I would remind her to, she would press the button and clap to herself, while looking pleased.

      The time she did do a poo on the potty was the second day of reading the book, which might have been a coincidence but I believe this book helped enormously. She did not tell me she was going to do one, she just went to her potty, did her business and said to me while pointing to the potty and saying "poo poo's". She quickly pressed her hooray button with a lovely big smile on her face, she knew she did well and I was so proud.
      She sometimes did poo accidents in her pants and once she was cleaned up she would go to the book, get to the page where Princess Polly did a poo in her potty and my daughter would say "poo poo in potty". After she said this a few times and it stuck in, pooing in her pants was a thing of the past.

      My daughter quickly got used to the potty and would take herself without telling me she needed to go without any fuss what so ever, even taking a piece of toilet paper and wiping herself, although I have to help sometimes.

      I am very pleased to say my daughter was fully potty trained within a week and being dry on the third night of potty training. Potty training takes a lot of patients from yourself and reassurance for the child especially at the beginning, if you get angry with them due to accidents your child will feel scared and may do it more or feel too scared to use the potty and make herself constipated, which in turn means poorly tummies.
      Although it took my daughter a week, you are child may take longer as all children are different and will learn at their own pace.

      Yes my daughter still has the odd accident in her pants and at wetting the bed at night but it was nothing compared to before I got the book.

      **Price and availability**
      I bought this book from amazon.co.uk for an reasonable price of £3.49
      The ISBN Number is: 978-1409302193

      **What I think about it/do I like it?**
      I found this book to be clear and concise in the way it is portrayed to a parent and the child you are learning to potty train. It is an enjoyable read for both daughter and parent and one my daughter could relate to. The cheering of the button is a great feature to the book, which makes your child feels special and that she has done well.

      Although Princess Polly is for girls there is also a little boy's version called Pirate Pete's Potty.

      **Would I recommend this book?**
      I would recommended this book and Pirate Pete's Potty in a heart beat as I believe this booked has helped my daughter a lot and her journey to becoming a big girl.


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