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The Noisy Day - Tony Bradman

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2 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Author: Tony Bradman / 16 pages / Book published 2009-01-08 by OUP Oxford / Alternative title: Project X: The Noisy Day

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    2 Reviews
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      30.01.2013 13:45
      Very helpful
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      A decent book from the Oxford Reading Tree range, though not the best

      Project X: The Noisy Day - Tony Bradman

      Project X Books are part of the Oxford Reading Tree range.

      Our little one loves reading and has loads of books on her shelves. Recently we have bought and been given lots of early readers books, a lot of them from the Oxford Reading Tree selection as they are brilliant early reading books and are often used in schools. This particular book was given to us by a friend.

      'The Noisy Day' Is a green book band book at stage 5.

      The book is 16 pages long and is full of wonderful images which look as though they are computer generated images. This makes the whole book feel different to the usual ones. I am not keen on these particular books in the set, though my youngster loves them as they look 'more real' in her words.

      Other books in this set include;

      Tigers Drum Kit
      Be Quiet
      What's that noise?
      Click bang Pop!

      As you can see, this set covers stories which focus on different noises. There are many other sub-sets within the Project X group, and most of them follow the same characters so children get to know who is who, which is something else my little one likes about these.

      The story follows the character of Cat who is finding the day very noisy. Through the story, Cat looks for a quieter place.

      The front and the back of the book have little activities to help children understand what they are reading.

      This book is a little too hard for my daughters stage of reading though we read this together - me reading the hard words and my daughter reading those she knows. Even doing it this way, she is able to pick up words she did not know before which is great.

      An excerpt from the book;

      'It was quiet in Cat's bedroom as she lay in bed asleep. Then she heard her sisters SHOUTING! And her clock went BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!'

      My little one really likes this book, though I would say it is more for ages of six/seven upwards depending upon their reading ability. I also think this book is good, though the story is a bit disjointed and I am not a fan of the type of pictures seen in this. Personally, I prefer the usual Oxford Reading Tree books to this particular Project X set.


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        31.03.2011 22:51
        Very helpful



        A book that encourages my son to leave his dsi to the side and turn to the bookshelf instead.

        The Noisy Day is part of Oxford Reading Tree's new programme designed to get boys reading. This book is level 5, book band green. These levels correspond to the Oxford reading Tree's other series, so if your child is also using their read at home books the levels will be the same. This series groups books into clusters of 5. Each cluster has a common theme, in this case noise, and two non fiction books, 1 traditionally illustrated fiction story, and two fiction stories about a group of children who can shrink to only a few inches using their magic watches which are computer illustrated. This book falls into the last of these groups and follows one of the regular characters Cat, on a very noisy day.

        Anyone who has grown up in a large family will understand how hard it can be to find a few minutes peace and quiet. Cat has three sisters. Her days starts off with a loud alarm clock, followed by a very noisy drive to school with Cat's sisters arguing and shouting. Things don't improve at school with all of her chatty classmates, so Cat decides to use her powers to shrink in the hopes of finding someplace quiet. The auditorium where the band is practicing and the football field are both poor choices. Will poor Cat ever find a quiet place?

        My sons ( ages 2 & 6) both enjoy this book. To the youngest it is just a fun storybook. My six year old especially loves this book because he can read it alone, or read out loud to his brother. he seems quite pleased to be the one reading the stories sometimes and will often seek this book out when he is bored. Each page has one or two sentences in clear bold print. While most of the words will be very simple, this level is introducing some longer words like "suddenly" and "playground". At age six this book is just difficult enough for my son to feel some accomplishment in being able to read it alone, while still being easy enough to avoid frustration.

        Both of my sons really enjoy all the noisy bits in this book, the sisters shouting, a bell ringing, music playing, and laughing at the noisy girls. I don't know if they realise quite how noisy boys are! Although this series is designed for boys, I see no reason why girls would not enjoy it as well. In fact all the main characters in this story are girls. I think this series does a wonderful job at creating stories with action and adventure as well as noise and humour that boys really want to read. But I would not hesitate to buy this book for a girl either.

        There is a separate teachers handbook available for each cluster of books, but unless I have bought the books as a set, which includes a free hand book, I have not paid extra for this. There is a page at the end of each book for parents to discuss with the children. This one has basic questions about the story, which helps parents know if the child is reading with comprehension, as well as a brief activity suggestion.

        The only down side to this book is that it is only 16 pages currently sells for between £2.81 and £3.90 new. Used prices end up the same or higher, so their is really no point in buying this second hand. I do think this is a bit dear, but I continue to buy these books just because my son gets so much out of them. In fact I have just bought another full set one level up to start next week with and will certainly be buying more in the future. I give these books my complete recommendation as a wonderful set to encourage children to read - boys or girls.


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      Book Series: Project X

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