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Rosie's Hat - Julia Donaldson

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4 Reviews

Author: Julia Donaldson / Format: Paperback / Date of publication: 07 July 2006 / Genre: Picture Storybooks / Publisher: Pan Macmillan / Title: Rosie's Hat / ISBN 13: 9781405000079 / ISBN 10: 1405000079

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    4 Reviews
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      24.04.2013 16:51
      Very helpful
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      A fantastic book with a more grown up feel

      This is yet another Julia Donaldson book that we own but this time she has teamed up with Anna Currey for the illustrations. While this is one I may not have picked up on its own, as it came as part of a pack we decided to give it a read and it has been enjoyed ever since. The simplicity of the book continues like other books by the same author, but I do feel this one is aimed at slightly older children to others that we own.

      'One little girl, one smart hat, a sudden gust of wind.... and we're off on a whole hatful of adventures.' We follow this hat on its adventures until it is found again. As the hat is pursuing its adventures with the help of the wind, Rosie grows up into a woman and a fire fighter! She cannot believe her luck when she in reunited with her old hat.

      As with all of Julia Donaldson books there rhymes throughout the book. She also introduces a lot of verbs into the short sentences. This is perfect for my eldest son who is currently learning to read and he loves reading this aloud to me making the corresponding noises.

      'The babies grow as weeks go by. Flutter flutter! Fly, fly.'

      Again similar to other books we own by this author it is an absolute dream to read aloud. The words flow well bringing the story to life, but it is also very enjoyable for both parent and child to read together. As the story is cut to just a short sentence or two on each page it is also a perfect starting block for children beginning to recognise words and read themselves. My son loves me reading this story to him, but at times he also loves reading it to me. As it does not repeat the same words over and over again it builds his vocabulary, and while he can memorise the words it tends to make him concentrate more on what he is reading rather than just reciting it by memory.

      The illustrations are perfect to match the book. What I love is the variation of the pictures. Some are full pages of scenes from the book filled with lots of details for your child to explore, while other is small postcard snippets, or small individual items. This means that is makes each page different and something new to explore which my children adore. As there are only a few words on each page I do feel the illustrations play a huge part in telling the story. The pictures are not bold colours or distractive, but they are detailed enough for your child to explore after reading the words on the page. I think this is what makes it perfect for all of my children to appreciate, as it appeals to my older son through words while my two younger children can still enjoy the book as both a story book and a picture book.

      I do feel the whole book has a little more of a gown up feel compared to other books by the same author. While the text remains simple there is not as much repetition, so while it still can be memorised it is more challenging for the child. Also the illustrations are more grown up and story like rather than a cartoon, which I tend to find with the other illustrators Julia Donaldson has teamed up with. I would still say it is aimed at preschool children or children just beginning school, but it is more challenging than other books by the same author.

      I would highly recommend this book to anyone. While my children were not as keen to read this one as others by the same author, once they heard the story it has been picked over and over again for bedtime. It is not a long story but still has enough substance to keep your child entertained and gives them something to think about as they drift off to sleep. It is not one that hugely jumps of the shelf due to the more grown up nature of the pictures, but once we begin to read all of my children enjoy the magic of the book. This is perfect to be read aloud to younger children, but also great for children starting to read.


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        18.10.2011 21:17
        Very helpful



        A lovely toddler book

        'One little girl, one smart hat, a sudden gust of wind...'

        Rosie's hat is a children's book written by the popular Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Anna Currey.

        The story is about a girl called Rosie, who loses her hat on a windy day. The story carries on to tell us the adventures the hat goes on like the fisherman catching the hat and some boys playing frisbee with the hat before finally getting stuck in a tree. It also tells us about Rosie growing up and becoming a fire fighter. Rosie then has to rescue a cat and gets reunited with the hat that she lost on that windy day.

        The writing style is very basic, each page has a simple sentence then a rhyming action sentence below. For example:

        'The dog wakes up and sees the hat.
        Dog grabs hat and makes a dash.

        I think the simplicity of the text makes it an engaging read for younger children, but the adventure and twists of the story make enjoyable for older children too. My daughter has loved this story as my emphasis on the rhyming sentences make her giggle!

        The illustrations aren't as bold as a lot of Donaldson's other books. I would describe them as more old fashioned pictures. A lot of detail has been put into the illustration but each line isn't perfect and I think the messy sort of lines make up the illustrations beautifully.

        My daughter has had this book for a little under a year now and is still chosen to be read at bedtime quite often. I was a little dubious of how well this book would be received as the illustrations aren't as bright and bold as a lot of her other books but she wasn't disappointed. At almost 2 she identifies the humour in the rhyming words, and I think in time she will understand the story more.

        I purchased this paperback book as part of an offer in The Works, 4 books for £5. It can be found on Amazon for £4.36 or slightly cheaper on eBay.


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          22.04.2011 00:17
          Very helpful



          The perfect read for any Sunday morning with the family!

          Who is this book for?
          I have been reading this book to my six month old daughter, and she loves it. It would be suitable for older children too, but what makes it so good for babies is that there is only a couple of lines on each page so the story moves quickly. Older children would probably enjoy looking at the detail in the picture and discussing what they see, e.g. the legs coming down the fire fighter's pole.

          The story
          This is a lovely story about a little girl called Rosie who looses her hat when she is out walking with her parents. The story then follows the life of the hat and the life of Rosie; the pair are eventually reunited.

          How is it written?
          The story is written in rhyme and there is a huge amount of onomatopoeia which is something which my baby loves. When my daughter's hat falls off I will often recite the first lines of the book, 'Rosie's hat blew off a cliff, BOO-WHO, SNIFF SNIFF', Grace will give me the biggest smile when I do this and I'm sure it's because she can remember the story.

          The Illustrations
          The illustrations are beautiful. I bought this book as part of a pack of ten Julia Donaldson books from the bookpeople, and at first I wasn't so keen on these illustrations as I was on the pictures in Julia Donaldson's other books; they have, however, grown on me and I do like the detail in them.

          This is a lovely book which could be used with quite a wide age-group, an especially good choice if you are trying to entertain your baby and toddler at the same time!


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          07.03.2009 19:51
          Very helpful
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          A great book for young children, less well known than Julia Donaldson's other publications!

          Prior to finding this book I had only read books by Julia Donaldson that were illustrated by Axel Scheffler.
          This time, Julia Donaldson has collaborated with the illustrator, Anna Currey.

          ~ The Content / Style and Format ~

          This is a very simple book, ideal for children, aged 2 years upwards.

          As the title suggests, it is about a little girl named Rosie who is on a cliff top by the sea when a gust of wind blows her hat off.

          The hat is blown in to different situations, for example, it is used by boys to make a sandcastle, is caught by a fisherman who is frustrated that it isn't a fish and it even ends up helping a mouse escape from an owl's claws!

          The book, mainly through the illustrations, then describes how the years go by and Rosie grows, eventually becoming a fire-fighter, wearing a dazzling yellow hat!

          In the meantime, the hat is being used by birds as a nest, is spotted by a cat who is chased by a dog and ends up stuck in a tree. Finally, the fire brigade is called out.

          Rosie rescues the cat from the tree and at the same time finds her treasured hat from her childhood.

          The last illustration shows how a fresh gust of wind has blown a red baseball cap from the head of one of the children watching the rescue ...... Perhaps an opportunity for a sequel?

          As already stated, this is a very simple book. Most of the double page spreads have either 2 or 4 lines to them.

          The story is told in rhyming couplets and there is a great deal of onomatopoeia and it reminds me a little of 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'.

          'A screech owl flies above the beach.
          A mouse escapes an open beak.
          Some boys build castles with the hat.
          SCOOP, SCOOP! PAT, PAT!

          The illustrations work so well alongside the text and at some points actually inform the reader of the story more than the text, for example we aren't told via the text that Rosie has become a fire-fighter, it's only through the images that we find this out.

          ~ Educational Values ~

          ~ It is invaluable for encouraging young children to identify rhyme.
          ~ Encourages children's participation and develops memory skills due to it's limited text, even very young children can commit this to memory quite quickly.
          ~ I have even used this with slightly older children when we have been looking at the concept of onomatopoeia as it is a great example of this.

          ~ Other books by Julia Donaldson ~

          - A squash and a squeeze
          - Monkey Puzzle
          - The Gruffalo's Child
          - The Smartest Giant in Town

          Julia Donaldson and Anna Currey have also created, 'One Ted Falls Out of Bed' which I am yet to purchase!

          ~ Price ~

          When I bought my hardcover version it retailed at £9.99, however now it's gone up to £10.99.
          I did shop around and got it for less than this so it's well worth looking for the best deals, some of which I have listed:
          ~ Paperbacks are £4.99 or used and new from just 1p.
          ~ Hardcovers are £7.25 or used and new from just 1p so even given the P&P charges, a bargain!
          ~ Book and Audio CD is priced at £5.96 or used and new from £3.

          Failing that, the local library is always a good option and well worth a visit!

          Thanks for reading 


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