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Row, Row, Row Your Boat - David Ellwand

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2 Reviews

Board book: 14 pages / Publisher: Silver Dolphin / Published: 22 April 2011

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    2 Reviews
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      24.04.2013 22:36
      Very helpful



      A nice book for little ones

      Since Jayden was born he has already built up quite a large collection of books, I personally think reading to your child from an early age is important as it gets them interested in books and reading, whilst at the same time helping them to learn.  One of Jayden's many books is the Row, Row, Row Your Boat book by David Ellwand, my parents actually bought Jayden this, I instantly loved the illustrations of this book and knew that Jayden would love this sing along book.  

      The Book
      Row, Row, Row Your Boat by David Ellwand is a board book, the book is a rectangle shape is also quite large with rounded corners.  The front cover of the book has a picture of a little red rowing boat on the sea, sitting in the boat are two teddy bears, one of which is rowing the boat and a small dog.

       Above the picture written in the sky is the title of the book written in red writing with the authors name written beneath the picture in the sea in white writing.  Along the bottom of the front cover is a yellow strip with "A Teddy Bear Sing-along Book" written in it in blue writing.  

      There is a small round hole in the bottom right hand corner of the front cover with a small button with a speaker situated inside, when the button is pressed the tune to Row, Row, Row Your Boat is played.  

      The back cover is plain white and has a picture of a teddy bear rowing a boat in the centre of it, above this picture is a line from the song written in red and beneath it is the publishing information and the retail price of the book, the information on the back of the book is limited, however there is not really a huge amount you need to know.

       This book has 8 pages to it including the front and back cover, each page is made from a reasonable thick card, this makes the pages strong and durable meaning your baby/ child cannot bend or damage the pages easily.

       The hole which appears on the front cover of the book that reveals the button/ speaker also appears on every page of the book in exactly the same place allowing you to play the tune as you read the book.  The speaker button is made from a red plastic and has a thin clear plastic case around it to protect it.  

      The Story
      This book is not exactly a story but rather the song Row Row Row Your Boat, obviously we all know the first verse of this song, however this book goes through a further 5 verses, there are 7 verses in total, however the first and last verse are the regular ones that most people know.

       Each verse is written across a double page with the words written on both pages in black writing, the writing is written in a handwriting style and is reasonably large and bold making it easy for young children to read.  

      Each verse refers to a different scene including a pirate scene, an artic scene, a river scene and so on, however as I have mentioned the book both starts and finishes with the regular verse of the song "Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream" 

      The illustrations
      It was the illustrations that I particularly like with this book, they are a bit different to the other books that Jayden has, the background looks as though it has been printed on the page with actual pictures of the teddy bears superimposed into the background, its quite hard to explain but the teddy bear pictures look like actual teddy bears rather than drawings of them in that you can actually see the pile of their fur, this is the same for the other animals that appear in the pictures including ducks, dogs and lions.

       On each picture there is a small duck which appears in different places which can be fun for children to try and spot as they are reading the book.  Each picture covers a double page and refers to the verse that is written and in each picture it is a different teddy bear or teddy bears that are rowing the boat.  The pictures are bright and colourful so will capture your child's attention and they are also quite simple, there is not too much going on allowing your baby/ child to concentrate on what is happening in the picture and link it to the words that are being read at the same time.  

      The Song
      As you read this book to your child/ baby or as they read it by themselves, they can press the small red button that appears on each page and the tune to Row, Row, Row Your Boat is played allowing you to either read or sing the words in the book to the tune.  The volume of the tune is good, it is not so loud that it will get annoying however it is loud enough to be heard clearly.  

      Price and Availability
      As I have mentioned my parents bought this book for Jayden, however I do know that it was purchased from. John Lewis and cost £6.99.

      My Opinion
      Jayden has had this book for several months now and we have read it quite a lot, he loves sitting looking at the pictures and enjoys the tune the book plays and will often press the button himself.

       The book is of an excellent quality with lovely illustrations, the board pages are strong and hardwearing meaning the book will not fall apart if it gets a bit of rough treatment from a baby, the thick board pages are also easier for little fingers to turn compared to regular paper pages.  

      The bright colourful pictures will keep your baby/child's attention and you can make more of the book other than the song by getting them to spot the different animals that appear in the pictures.  

      This book is definitely worth the money and is ideal for both boys and girls, you can read the book to young baby's and as they get older the large bold words will help develop their reading skills.  I would definitely recommend this book to anyone as it is one that will last your child a long time without of them outgrowing it too quickly.  


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      24.04.2013 12:16
      Very helpful



      Row Row Row your boat - David Ellwand

      Row row row your boat

      David Ellwand has a brilliant way of bringing a classic children's song and wonderful pictures of teddy bears together to create a magical teddy-sing-a-long book.

      Row row Row your boat is one of my little boy and girls favourite songs and we love sitting down and doing the actions and thanks to this book we have learnt a lot more different verses that are really quite funny.

      This book is a sound and action book and in the bottom right hand corner is a big round red button that you press and "Row Row Row your boat." comes ringing out. It's the kind of button that you can't change the battery on so once it's gone and starts to play slow and distorted this part of the book is a bit un-useful but you still have the words and the pictures. We have some of the other David Ellwand books and they all seem to be working perfectly but unfortunately on this book the music doesn't play any more, we just get the first few notes and then a bit of a sound like a drowning cat and then the music shuts out!

      Each page then has a verse from the song written down at the top and allows us to sing along with the song. Just to give you an example, some different verses that exist that I never kew about include:

      Row, row, row your boat
      Gently down the brook
      If you catch a little fish
      let it off the hook

      Row, row, row your boat
      gently up the river
      If you see a penguin there
      don't forget to shiver!

      and our all time favourite that we like to scream along too:

      Paddle paddle paddle your boat
      gently down the stream
      If you see a crocodile
      don't forget to scream

      Each scenario then has photos of lovely teddies in a rowing boat doing the different action that corresponds to the verse. For example in the fishing scene we see two teddies sitting in a boat with fishing poles catching some fish. The teddies are really quite old fashioned collectors teddies and the photos and scenes they are in are very clever and really quite cute. It's funny to see teddies in everyday adult situations and this is what makes the book for me.

      The book is a tough board book and so will hold up to quite a bit of heavy reading, chewing etc. I love the pictures of the teddies, they are so cute looking and it's fun to look at the different outfits they all have on. Each of the pages are bright and colourful and very eye catching, great for young children and a fun song to sing along to.

      The book costs £6.99, has an ISBN 978-1-90723-112-4, is published by Baker and Taylor UK and written by David Ellwand.


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