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Salem's Tails: You're History - Brad Strickland

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Genre: Junior Books / Author: Brad Strickland, Barbara Strickland / Paperback / 80 Pages / Book is published 1999-05-04 by Simon & Schuster Childrens Books

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    1 Review
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      13.08.2010 16:23
      Very helpful



      a children's book!

      I have been a fan of Sabrina the Teenage Witch since I was young, I remember rushing home from school and turning on the TV so as I will not miss the TV programme. I don't really know why I was so obsessed with the programme, but I was, and one of my favourite characters was Salem the talking cat! Now I'm totally obsessed with the books, both this series (Salem's Tails) and Sabrina the teenage witch.

      I have recently decided to go through all the books in numeric order. I am currently reading the Sabrina the Teenage Witch books, but I am also reading Salem's Tails, which is mainly for much younger little people than me, possibly 3-6 year olds, this is merely a guess, and I personally think that adults (or young adults in my case) like to dapple into children's books to get their inner-child out once in a while (well that's why I read children books, some adults may say that they only read them to their children, but they are hiding the real reason).

      For people who haven't got a clue about Sabrina the Teenage Witch and also doesn't know who Salem is, I shall try my best to tell you all about the 2 people. Sabrina is a 16 year old girl, who has just discovered she is a half-witch; she is not allowed to see any of her parents and is currently stopping at "Aunt Zelda's" and "Aunt Hilda's" house. They have a cat that lives there, this cat was a powerful warlock back in the day but he tried to take over the world and in doing so the court sentenced him to spend 100 years as a cat, with no magical powers. The thing is cat's have mouths and because he used to be a warlock he is allowed to talk, which annoys him at times because he has to say "Meow" occasionally when humans are about because cat's have been unable to pronounce English words since the beginning of time.

      Right, so now everybody is up to date on who is who, I think it's a good idea to talk about the authors, who are Brad & Barbara Strickland. I have never ever heard of these two authors, and so in theory they are new authors to me. According to "Fantasticfiction.co.uk" Barbara has only written books with her husband, and Brad Strickland has written many, many books, however most of them are outdated, and next to none of them are recent, so in theory, I presume, they have taken a step back and prefer to write for series, and become people who only contribute to certain series. I have to admit, I very much doubt that I will read many books from them in the future, if not, I presume I won't read any more. However I am not saying I didn't enjoy their writing style and this book, I am certainly not saying that. I just think that they are suited for younger readers and so I doubt I will read another book by them.

      This book is the third book in the series, and it is really interesting, and maybe it's more perfect for people who live in America, as it goes over some monumental times in history. Sabrina comes home from school and has this history exam when she gets back to school so she needs to remember everything, so she decides to do some extra-ordinary revision, by making the book become a portal to all she needs to know about history. When she comes out, she accidentally forgets about it, and leaves it one the floor. Salem notices and jumps off the chair to tell Sabrina, and guess what happens? He falls into the book.

      There is only one way Salem is able to get out, and that is to help these people in the book, solve their problems, and let history take its course the way it should be. If Salem makes a mess, and get it wrong, he could change the future forever. Can Salem really help everyone, and forget about his "dying needs"?

      This is a really fun little book; I think there is a message to the book. Considering it is for young children, they have to learn one way or another, and I believe this shows that no matter how hard you try you must push harder and harder to achieve. The slight problem I have with the moral of the story is that young kids can really convert something the wrong way, for example, if they see some sweets in a shop and their parents are saying they can't have them, that child might think about this book and decide that they should push harder and harder to get what they want, though in my opinion achievement and wanting something are two very different things, although a child may not comprehend the difference and so this book may just annoy parents just a little bit.

      It has a super and amazing twist at the end that lets you realise what Salem has done. This is really interesting. This book is obviously for young children, it makes it obvious by the large font type inside and the simple words used. But my favourite bit about this book, is that in the bottom right hand corner of the book, you can see some sketches, and if you flip the pages you can see Salem (which is the drawn cat, I presume) running and jumping, into a book, which is the same as the story. I find it really fun just to sit back after a stressful day and flip the pages, you can even go backwards and in going backwards, Salem goes backwards. I believe this little animation thing really does bring out my inner child, which I have a feeling, is what this series hidden intention was.

      To be totally honest I can't think of many books to compare this too. I can't say this book is unique as it simply is not, but I really don't read that many young children books to be able to decide what books it is easy to compare to. Maybe there is a hell of a lot of similar children's books, but I don't plan on buying the whole of Waterstones children's section just to find out.

      This series is perfect for adults who just want a light-hearted read, or for parents reading out to their children. Maybe it's perfect for people who have been away from reading for ages and want to get back into reading; this book sure will help you out. I fully enjoyed it, but maybe that is because I'm still classed as a child at only seventeen. But maybe that isn't the reason. It was really simple to get into, but most child books are, also the plot line is pretty interesting and I have a feeling that it is complicated (at some points) to try and interest adults as well as children, this makes it more interesting and prevents people from getting bored from reading it (okay maybe I'm dipping into an essay here, please tell me to stop being the English student I am in the comments if you feel that I'm making it seem essayish). I would happily re-read this book again, but I think the only way in re-reading it is if I'm looking after younger kids or I'm reading aloud to someone, and in doing that it will also improve my review as I would know about other people's opinions on this book. I'm sorry but you'll going to have to stick with a seventeen year old's opinion for the moment.

      Well there we go, there is my review on a children's book. Please can I mention something, and that is that I have found no connection what so ever in the way the series is going, and so therefore, I presume, you are able to read any book in this series, and you do not have to worry about missing the first few books. However, the reason why I'm reading the books in order is because I'm that sort of person, and it really aggravates me if I have missed any books. Thank you all for reading, and I sure hope I have helped quite a few people!


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    • Product Details

      This book starts when Sabrina puts a spell on her history book. Salem accidentally jumped into it, and now he keeps popping up in one historic scene after another. This series features Salem, the notorious wise-cracking cat from the TV series "Sabrina the Teenage Witch".

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