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Say Hello to the Baby Animals! - A Soft to Touch Book - Ian Whybrow

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4 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Author: Ian Whybrow / Edition: New edition / Paperback / 24 Pages / Book is published 2007-02-02 by Macmillan Children's Books

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    4 Reviews
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      06.05.2011 21:32
      Very helpful
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      Lovely book as are the rest of the series

      When my daughter was younger she was given one of this series as a present but at the time she had no interest what so ever to sit and listen to a book so the book was put away, as she got a little older we tried again at reading with her and she loved the book. There were four books in the series and we ended up buying the extra three as she had loved the first one so much, in the series is Say hello to the snowy animals, say goodnight to the sleepy animals, say hello to the animals and this one say hello to the baby animals.

      The book is written by Ian Whybrow and illustrated by Ed Eaves although Tim Warne illustrates a least one of the books in the series, the book was first published in 2006 by Macmillan childrens books. The book is about 10 inches square which I find a lovely size for allowing the child to view the book whilst it is being read to them, the front cover is very brightly illustrated and shows a lion cub surrounded by other baby animals. The front cover of the book also has some embossing of a felt feel on all the animals and makes you want to pick the book up.

      Inside the front cover of the book is an insert page which has the title of the book and another nice little picture of a baby cheetah trying to catch a butterfly then you get a second insert page with the title of the book, author and illustrators names, publishers name and then a picture of the main character which is also embossed, when reading the book my daughter actually makes me read the title three times.

      Once the story begins you meet the lion cub and join him as he goes on his travels to meet and say hello to different baby animals, all the main animals on each page are embossed and some pages link to the next with the pictures for example on the first picture the lion cubs family is shown and then on the second page they are still in the background. Throughout the book the lion cub meets babies of these species, Giraffe, Monkey, Hippo, Zebra, Parrot, Elephant and Leopard, in other books in the series there is the noise that the animal makes on each page but in this one it is more the noise of the action of the animal for example the Giraffe is licking the tree so the noise written is Lick, Lick, Lick.

      The end of the book sees the same tyoe of page as in all of the series and it is a final chance to see all of the animals and say hello or goodbye to them depending on which book you are reading, there is a picture of each of the animals you have met through the book and these are still embossed and there is also the sound that the animal was making aswell. The final lines of the book see the baby Lion back with his mother snuggling up and saying goodbye.

      My daughter really loves this book and all in the series, we bought them from Amazon and they cost between £3 and £4.50 each for a paperback, the books are very simple and all in the series follow the same idea. My daughter never gets bored of these books and we read one most days so I can certainly recommend these for anyone with young children.


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        15.03.2010 22:13
        Very helpful



        A lovely touchy feely book

        There is something about the fuzzy felt faces in this book that my daughter just adores, and it's the one book she goes for time and time again.

        At just 13 months, my daughter has only been into books properly for the last few months, but this was the first one I ever bought her and she is rewarding my well thought out purchase in bucketloads!

        The story is just ten thick, paper pages long and charts the wanderings of a baby lion, who rambles around in search of his little friends, a series of other baby animals, such as elephants and monkeys.

        The language is very simple, hence it's perfectly aimed at my daughters age group. The baby lion simply meets his friends and says hello, and the book accompanies the greeting with sound effects associated with the animal in question.

        For example when our main character stumbles upon his baby hippo buddy, we get "Hello, baby hippo!" followed by the words "Splish, Splash, Splosh!"

        The real appealing thing about this book though is the colours it uses. It is bright and very attractive, yet the animals are coloured in realistically.

        The animals literally jump off the pages due to their touchy feely nature, which helps them stand out and makes my daughter very happy as she can't stop touching them.

        She's really into touchy feely books right now, and this one, while not particularly well known, is one of the best, due to its simplicity and aesthetic and tactile appeal.

        I read this book to her every day, but she is especially obsessed with the glossy cover and constantly turns back to the front so she can coo at our little lion friend.

        This book retails at £5.99 but I paid £3.50 for it in tesco, which was a real bargain!


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          07.12.2009 15:29
          Very helpful



          A great book for story time with your kids.

          My daughter and I have owned this book for a few months now, and it is one of our favorite bed time stories.
          The large hardcover book is beautifully illustrated and features as the title implies various baby animals from the African safari.


          I received this book as a present for my daughter so I did not buy it, on the back of the book it says 10.99 pounds but on amazon.co.uk you can get this book for 4.09 pounds.


          The book is 24 page paperback, but of a thick paper that is easy to turn but wont wrinkle or tear easily.
          The story starts off with a baby lion going to say hello to his friends. Each page features a different baby animal until the last page shows all of them together.
          As the little lion cub greets his friends they all reply in their own unique sound for example:

          I can see a funny face, can you see it too?
          Its a baby monkey and he's waving at you.
          Hello, baby monkey!

          What also makes this book special is that it is a "Soft to Touch" book. Each of the baby animals is textured in a soft fuzzy down so you can stoke and pet the zebra, giraffe etc.
          the quality is excellent and even after several months of "petting" the book is in perfect condition and will last many more cozy nights cuddled in bed together.

          The last page is a perfect conclusion to the story and the night, as it shows baby lion cuddled up tight by his mother and going to sleep.
          This is great because you can get your child to cuddle up tight and pretend he is going to sleep and then quietly get up and turn off the lights, hehe.


          Everything about this book, is great for kids, the bright illustrations, the large page format, the baby animals and the soft feel to them. Once something has become a favorite, kids tend to want it repeatedly, without getting bored and this is one of those books. It is great fun, acting out the noises that the animals make and is also good for learning about different african animals.
          Five stars in my opinion, even though 10.99 pounds is a bit much for a book its worth amazons price any day!


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          18.11.2008 22:38
          Very helpful



          A pleasure to read

          This is another book I have borrowed from the local library to read to my two year old at bedtime. It is published by Macmillan books and the author is Ian Whybrow. I had not realised but after doing some research I am very familiar with this authors other work. He writes the books for 'Harry and his bucketful of Dinosaurs' which have been made into a TV series which runs on the Playhouse Disney channel. I have also borrowed some of his other books 'Wobble Bear Says Yellow' and 'Again!' both of which I adored! The book is illustrated by Edward Eaves.

          The book starts by introducing us to Baby Lion and then he decides to walk around to look for his friends.As baby lion says hello as he meets all of his baby animal friends they each have an action or sound.

          Eg: Monkey 'oo,oo,oo',
          Leopard 'Raaaaah'
          Parrott 'Squawk'.

          This continues for a fair few pages and then the story ends with the double page spread featuring all of the baby animals.

          'What a lot of babies, my, oh, my!
          It must be time to say goodbye'

          Then we have 'goodbye baby (animal name)' next to each picture with a repeat of their earlier action

          'look at baby lion, cuddled up tight
          Purr very quietly and say night-night'

          Each of the pages have detailed illustrations that are very colourful and bright. Baby Lion and all of the other baby animals are raised from the page and are soft to the touch. The pages give a feeling of fun and happiness. The actions/sounds promote interaction and after a few goes children can learn what each animal says or does. And the touchy-feely effect on the animals encourages the child to be involved more.

          There are several other books available with a similar theme:

          'Say Hello To The Animals'
          'Say Goodnight to the Sleepy Animals'
          'Say Hello to the Snowy Animals'

          Overall, this is a delightful book for young children. I am extremely impressed by the books I have come across so
          far by Ian Whybrow and will certainly be keeping an eye out for other titles.

          ISBN-10: 1405090243

          Available to buy from Amazon from £3.59 new 45p used as at 18th Nov 08.


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