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Say Hello To The Jungle Animals - Ian Whybrow

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Paperback: 24 pages / Publisher: Macmillan / Published: 5 Aug 2011

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2013 11:45
      Very helpful



      Another great from Ian Whybrow

      ==The Range==

      When my eldest daughter was about 18 months old she was bought one of the books from this range for Christmas and she loved it so we bought her the rest of the books, when it came to my youngest birthday last year I found that there was a new book within the range and decided to buy her it since they are such lovely books. In the range there is,
      Say Goodnight to the Sleepy Animals,
      Say Hello to the Animals
      Say Hello to the Snowy Animals
      Say Hello to the Dinosaurs
      Say Hello to the Baby Animals and now this one,
      Say Hello to the Jungle Animals

      ==The Boring Bit==

      The books are all written by Ian Whybrow and illustrated by Ed Eaves, Ian Whybrow was born in 1941 but wasn't published until 1989. Ian is best known for his books about Harry and his bucket of dinosaurs which we haven't read yet but think I will watch out for in the library as he is such a great author. The book is available in shops such as The Early Learning Centre or can be bought online from sites such as Amazon, the RRP of the book is £6.99 and I find that these books do sell at the RRP and are very rarely reduced by more than a few pence even on Amazon.

      ==The Look of the Book==

      The book is a fantastic size in my opinion, it is square in shape and about 30cms long on each side making it a really great book to sit over mine and my little girls knees meaning I can see the word and they can reach to feel the animals. I always prefer to read bigger books as I feel it is a much better story experience for all. The front cover of the book has the title in fancy large writing and then the name of the author and illustrator in much smaller writing along the bottom of it. The front cover is glossy and shows a bat, a tiger, an elephant, a snake and a Rhino on the front cover within their jungle surroundings. The front cover like the rest of the book has a touch and feel aspect to it with all the animals being made of a soft feel material which my daughter loves to stroke.

      ==The Story==

      The book follows a baby Elephant through the jungle as you go and say hello to all the different jungle animals. Through the book you meet the Elephant family to begin with and then there is a Rhino eating his lunch in the water, a snappy Crocodile hidden in the long grass, a black Panther up in the trees, a slithering Cobra dancing on the rocks, a sleeping Tiger sleeping in the bushes, a group of Bats flying in the night sky and then the baby Elephant comes back to his Mammy and sibling having a bath in the river. I think the book introduces a great variety of different jungle animals and my daughter loves pointing them out and telling me what they are, I find it quite strange that at 2 she doesn't know some simple everyday animals but she remembers the crocodile everytime.

      ==The Noises==

      On each page you are introduced to the animal that is pictures on the page but then also there is a noise that goes with each animal. Within the book you have the "crunch, crunch, crunch" of the Rhino eating his lunch, the "Snap, snap, snap" from the snapping Crocodile, "Pad, pad, pad" of the Panther on the tree branch, the "ssss, ssss, ssss" of the dancing Cobra, the "prrr, prrr, prrr" of the Tiger sleeping, the "Eeek, eeek, eeek" of the flying bats and the "swish, swosh, swish" of the Elephants in the river. I think a road from the Panther would have been more appropriate and the books does make me wonder do Tigers actually purr? But it doesn't really matter what I think of the noise because the girls love the noises on each of the pages and they like to copy them so it is helping them to interact with the book.

      ==The Text==

      The book is pretty short and has two lines of text on one side of the double page and then hello to the animal with the animal noises on the other side of the double page and the book is only 9 pages long so it only takes about 5 minutes to read which is actually good as when we read it we tend to read it 4 or 5 times. All the text in the book is written in rhyme making it easy to read and it flows really well, an example of one page is,

      "Let's all creep on tippy-toe.
      There's a Tiger down below!
      Hello, sleeping Tiger!
      Prrr, prrr, prrr"

      I love how the story reads and you can sort of predict the next word when you are reading as it flows so well although I do now know this book by heart just like the rest of the series as we do read these ones so often. The book ends by saying goodbye to all the animals you have met throughout the book, the goodbye scene is over one double page so the animals are much smaller and you have the sound that the animal has made on each page again too.

      ==The Illustrations==

      The pictures in the book are beautiful, the backgrounds on each page are all jungle scenes as you would expect and are made up of bright blue skies, rocks for animals to sit on, trees and bushes along with long grass and rivers. Each of the animals is very bold and has enough detail on it to make it a lifelike picture but not too much detail for a young child to process. Each of the animals is made with the same soft touch material as on the front cover, some of the animals such as the Cobra are only partly covered in the softy feel material and some of them such as the Elephant are fully covered in the material. Emily loves to sit and stroke the animals and you are not allowed to turn the page until she has stroked every bit of the picture. Sophie loves showing Emily which bits she can stroke as she is a little older she is able to tell what is a touch and feel part just by looking at it.


      We all love this book, I love reading it and don't mind when I have to read the same book over and over again. Sophie loves to listen to the book and to make the animal noises, she likes me to read the full series all in one go so we can see all the different animals from all the different books. Emily often brings this book to me and asks me to read it to her, she points at the animals and names then as we read and she loves to stroke each animal and make the noise that goes with it although when it is just me and Emily I change the Panther to a roar noise, I can't do that when Sophie is reading with us as she can read a little herself now and knows that is not what it says. I would highly recommend all the books in this series, they can be enjoyed from a young age yet my eldest is 5 and she is still enjoying the books and the books can be enjoyed by any sex as they are not aimed at one or the other. The books are really durable and great quality, ours have been read more times than I care to think and apart from a little bending at the corners they are still in fantastic condition. These books are well worth the price tag and I hope that Ian Whybrow brings out some more of these for my girls to enjoy.


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