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Snuggle Bunny: Puppet Book - Jon Lambert

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2 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Author: Jon Lambert / Hardcover / 10 Pages / Book is published 2010-09-01 by Templar

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    2 Reviews
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      30.10.2013 18:03
      Very helpful



      Wonderful interactive bedtime story for little ones

      I brought the Snuggle Bunny puppet book for my daughter for her first birthday, having seen him in a garden centre and falling in love with him.

      Snuggle Bunny is a puppet bedtime story book with a hardcover. Each page including the front cover has a hole in the centre for the Snuggle Bunny puppet to fit through. You simply put your hand through the open hole on the back cover to allow you to operate the puppet, and as you turn each page Snuggle Bunny fits through the hole and joins you.

      The story is lovely its all about packing away and getting read for bed, the story is quite short with fairly simple language, which is perfect for little ones. The words are printed in a large font so older children might like to join in or practice their reading. The story is accompanied by lovely childlike illustrations.

      The pages are quite thick almost like a board book and could easily be wiped clean.

      Snuggle Bunny is lovely and soft and has a friendly face. My little ones loves him and gets so excited when we get her Snuggle Bunny book out. She loves to interact with Snuggle Bunny throughout the story, and for her it really seems to bring alive the magic of reading.

      She is still very young having only just turned 1, and we find the magic of a puppet book helps to keep her interest and for her to engage in having a story, with simple books she tends to want to race off to play with toys, and with this book she will quite happily sit and join in. I love the interactive element of this book, and will most definitely be buying her other puppet books from the range, as this one is so beautifully made and designed and is a real joy and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

      Snuggle Bunny is widely available in shops and online and is currently on sale on Amazon for £7.69.

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        12.02.2012 08:45
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        An interactive and engaging puppet book perfect for under 3's

        I've read to my twin boys since they were around 9 months old and it's an activity that we all enjoy and I feel benefit from. Now at the age of two years old my boys love to read and clearly will instruct me to "read, please mummy". As a result we have a lot of books in our collection which is constantly growing as I tend to regularly buy the boys books when we visit books stores to treat my boys to "a little something". Since my boys were around 18 months old I often used to let my boys choose a book themselves and one of their choices was Snuggle Bunny by Emma Goldhawk.

        The description of the Snuggle Bunny book is "Snuggle Bunny is tired - it must be time for bed! Help Snuggle Bunny and his playroom pals get ready to go to sleep in this adorable, interactive bedtime treat." The book is a puppet book in which the Snuggle Bunny is a white rabbit in which a parent (or child) can put their hand into the rabbit puppet and read the story to their child. The rabbit is a white furry character and fits onto a large or small adult hand very easily. The puppet fits through a cut out hole in all of the pages so even though a hand is inside of the puppet you or your child can continue to turn the pages in the book. The book is written by Emma Goldhawk and illustrated by Jonathan Lambert and there are two other titles in this series of books.

        The cover price of the book is £10.99 which I feel is very expensive as although this is a lovely book and story it is also very short. A number of retailers sell this book including Waterstones, WH Smiths, Zavvi, Sainsbury's , Asda, Tesco and Amazon. I purchased this book from Waterstones and because I allowed my boys to choose this book themselves I actually found once they chose the book and then I seen the price I could not put it back due to pressure. When I looked online I noticed other retailers sell this book for £8 (Asda and Tesco) and you can buy the book from Amazon for £6 which is much better value.

        The Snuggle Bunny book in my opinion is a perfect book for bedtime or for quiet time and is a great book to read to your child and children as a parent. The book is extremely engaging and interactive because of the Snuggle Bunny puppet. I have quite small hands and find it easy to put my hand into the puppet, whereas Mr Lools has large hands and has no problem putting his hand into the puppet either.

        The story is mainly a bedtime story as the tale follows the bunny's bedtime routine and encourages children to help the Snuggle Bunny go to bed.

        There are five double pages in the book and on each of the pages there is an activity for the snuggle bunny to undertake as part of preparing to go to bed. The book states that this should also help children to follow their own bedtime routine. On the first page snuggle bunny has to put his toys away, followed by a page in which snuggle bunny brushes his teeth, and then brushes his ears, has a hug, and then a kiss goodnight.

        I feel this is a very calming relaxing book as the illustrations on each page or light pastel colours such as blue and yellow. Secondly although a very short story and each double page has only a short sentence on, the text rhymes. These rhyming sentences are very calming and relaxing great to help a child wind down. I feel the interaction element is my favourite part and also my boys favourite part of reading this book as they really enjoy undertaking different actions to Snuggle Bunny. The actions are calming and soothing as they stroke the bunny, give him a hug and then a kiss goodnight. I actually find when reading this at bedtime to my boys they understand that the kiss goodnight to the snuggle bunny is their signal to then give me a kiss and then be tucked into bed.

        My boys first starting reading this book with me at 18 months old. At this age they did need a little bit of prompting with interaction and actions with the Snuggle Bunny Puppet. For example I used to try and show them how to brush snuggle bunny's teeth and ear but within a matter of weeks they had picked up these actions and could follow each of these when prompted. Despite reading the book at least 4 times a week for the last 6 months my boys absolutely love this book and take great delight in reading it so the £10.99 price tag does not seem so excessive on reflection. They get a lot of pleasure from reading the book and I feel it is one of the best books in our very large book collection for engaging both boys and encouraging them to sit still through story time.

        Reading the book whilst having one hand in the bunny puppet, and having a child (or children) on your knee does take some practice and can feel slightly awkward especially if your child does not attempt to help with turning the pages. If your hand is inside the puppet you often find the puppet catches on the cut out section as you turn the page and therefore this can bend the page, which is why I often give a little help to my boys with page turning rather than let them yank the page over the puppet. What I really like about this book is that at 2 years old I'm not sure my boys realise that it is my hand inside the puppet making the actions and they seem overjoyed when the rabbit hugs and kisses them so this really is a very warming experience.

        One issue I have with this book is that because of the white furry hand puppet the book is not the most durable and is quite susceptible to wear and tear. You can't remove the puppet to wash so at best if it does get marked and stains you can use a cloth to wipe the marks off the puppet (although white items around children are stain magnets in my experience!). Not only is the puppet susceptible to wear and tear so are the pages of the book. The pages are made from quite hard card so cant tear and have a wipe able coating. However the pages are quite thin still and bend very easily so take a battering especially if your children insist on enthusiastically turning the pages like mine do. My boys have had this book for 6 months now since being 18 months old and we read it around 3-4 times a week The book is still in good condition but this is because this is one of the books in the collection that I keep as a book they only read with me rather than on their own. If I was to let them read the book on their own I know the pages would be extremely battered and folded after around 2 or 3 reads. Therefore those especially with children under 2 years old will need to bear this in mind.

        I would definitely recommend this book to other parents or those looking to buy a gift for a child of under 3 years old, boy or girl. The story is brilliant for bedtime as it is very calming and relaxing to read and it encourages children to have their own bedtime routine by following the actions of the Snuggle Bunny puppet.

        You do need to take care of the book as it is susceptible to wear and tear because the pages are not made from thick cardboard, and the Snuggle Bunny is fluffy and white, even more so if you have paid £10.99 for the book like I did. The book is actually good value at £10.99 because it has a lot of appeal to children but it is worth shopping around for especially when Amazon sells the book for £6.

        Definitely one of mine and my boys favourite books.


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