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Spot's First Christmas - Eric Hill

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6 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Author: Eric Hill / Hardcover / 1 Pages / Book is published 1992-07 by Putnam Pub Group

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    6 Reviews
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      07.12.2011 19:52
      Very helpful



      Kids love it!

      Awww! Everyone loves Spot don't they? For those of you who don't know, Spot is a little fictional character; a dog in fact. He was created in the 1980's by children's author Eric Hill; he is still as popular with children today as he was when he was first born. There are many 'Spot' stories; today I will be reviewing one of them.

      Spot's First Christmas is a 'Christmassy' children's book and features the famous dog Spot. The book is currently available for sale from Amazon for as little as 1p which I think is excellent value for money.

      ~ * The Plot * ~

      It's Christmas Eve and Spot is very excited. He helps his mum and dad prepare for Christmas; decorating the Christmas tree etc.

      ~ * What's It Like? * ~

      My little cousins (aged 3-5) absolutely loved this book! It really gets them excited for Christmas. They enjoy all of the Spot books however I think that this is definitely their favourite. The normal Spot books are a bit like playing a game as not only is there a great little story, but there is also a 'flap' which children have to lift up in order to see what or who is underneath the flap; it is a great guessing game. I think that this is my cousins' favourite Spot book, as not only is it fun (as are the rest of the Spot books), but this one has the added excitement of Christmas, which children just love.

      I think that this book is very educational; it teaches young children about what to expect on Christmas Eve; decorating the tree, Santa, Carol singers etc, especially as they are too young to know what is going on.

      The book is laid out in a very easy to understand way. The majority of the text consists of one simple line per page; each line of text is accompanied by a picture.

      There are some lovely illustrations in this book; Each line of text is supported by a well-illustrated image; explaining to children (who can't read) exactly what is going on in the story. The pictures are so simple and colourful yet they explain the story so well. When I first read this book to my cousins, they 'got it' instantly and didn't ask no questions which tells me that the book is easy to understand.

      The book is of good quality; the book has had lots of use (especially the flaps - yet they have stuck on quite well which is good).

      I would definitely recommend this book this Christmas. It is a lovely little Christmassy book, yet even more special when read on Christmas Eve!

      Thanks for reading!
      December 2011
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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      12.05.2011 21:57
      Very helpful



      Recommended as a lovely Christmas present

      My daughter really enjoys books and she really likes those with flaps that she can lift up. This book was given to her for her first Christmas when she was 6 months old.

      ---About the book:
      Spot's First Christmas is part of the range of Spot books written by Eric Hill. They are about a puppy called Spot (a yellow dog with a big brown spot) and the adventures he has with his friends and his family. He has a mum called Sally and a dad called Sam. This board book is a small square book with a red front cover (very Christmassy) and a picture of Spot carrying two presents. The title is written at the top of the book in white writing, as is the author who's name is at the bottom of the cover. There is also a yellow star informing me it is a lift-the-flap book.

      The book itself tells the story of Christmas Eve at Spot's house and all the things they have to do to prepare for Christmas. They go out to collect holly and a Christmas tree which they later decorate; they wrap the presents; listen to Carol singers; and Spot tries to find his present under the tree. Later Spotgoes to bed and Sally watches someone special go past the window... The end of the book is about Christmas morning and shows Spot unwrapping his presents.

      Every page in the book except the first and the last, has a flap that can be lifted to show something extra in the picture. You can life the flap to see under the tree, behind the curtains and inside Spot's presents. Each page is very simple with a white background and then simple picrtures with bold colours to make it appeal more to children. There are no extra pages in the book except for the story so all the Publishing information is written in small black writing in the first picture of the book.

      ---Our experiences:
      When my daughter got this book, she was just starting to enjoy books and it was nice to get her something she could keep and read again and again. She loves lifting the flaps and for her second Christmas when she was 18 months, she was able to enjoy it a lot more. She can turn the pages easily on her own as they are nice thick board ones and there is no problem with her tearing them. That said, the lift up flaps are very easy to tear and on several of her other books, she has torn them, but this one has survived so far. She gets very excited when she lifts the flaps and sees what's underneath and so some of the flaps are slightly bent, but this does not detract from her enjoyment of the book.

      The text in the book is very large and stands out well as it is black against the white background. It is easy to read and would be suitable for those learning to read as the words are relatively simple. There are also not too many words on a page so it makes a nice short story so my daughter doesn't get bored of it. The Christmas theme of the book helps children to learn some of the Christmas traditions which is a nice way of doing it.

      ---And finally:
      The Spot books are perfect for young children and I will happily buy several of them for my daughter. She likes the characters in them and there are lots of items that she can spot in the book as well as Spot himself! This book cost £4.99 which is a reasonable price for these books and I would pay We probably only read it around Christmas time as it is not one that can be read daily as it is seasonal but I would still recommend it for a Christmas treat.


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        28.08.2009 11:03
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        We love Spot books

        My little boy got this as a present last Christmas, but at 10 months old he didn't understand, however, in the last couple of months it's become one of his favourite books and is teaching him about christmas time (I know it's not all about the presents). I can see how, when it comes to putting our tree up and wrapping presents this book will help him get more excited and understand that it's Christmas.

        Spot is helping Sally set up for Christmas Day. Helping her move the Christmas tree, decorate it, wrap presents, open the door to carol singers and finally get his presents and open them (set over 11 separate illustrations).

        It's a very simple book, like all of the spot books, the pictures are clear and there isn't too much on one page to detract from what the page is about (if that makes sense!) - my only complaint is Sally looks very much like Spot and my son gets a bit confused. The story is short but the excitement is in opening the flaps and finding spot, generally doing he something he shouldn't be and finally getting to see what Father Christmas has brought him.

        RRP £4.99


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          06.11.2008 19:29
          Very helpful



          Lovely Spot book for kids at Xmas time

          Spot's First Christmas is a lovely book from the Spot range, written by Eric Hill, and with the run up to Christmas now upon us (under 50 days to go!) I thought I'd recommend a Christmas book that my son likes.

          Spot's First Xmas shows Spot the dog going through the motions of an excited child the night before Xmas. Each page has a flap with something hidden underneath it, as with the other Spot books. We are taken through the process of looking out of the window for Santa, getting the Xmas tree, decorating it, wrapping presents, and finally Spot going to sleep after carol singers have been to visit. Spot's mum Sally is with Spot throughout the book, and at the end we see her peering out of the window. What will she see?

          This is a lovely book, very good, as are the other Spot books, and definitely one worth recommending for kids. The flaps give them a little guessing game and the story is lovely, and will put them in the mood for Christmas - it's a very festive book and well worth having for your kid. The book retails at £5.99, but can be bought on amazon.co.uk for £4.49 at the moment.


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          07.03.2008 23:00
          Very helpful



          a lovely book with great pictures

          my youngest daughter had this book just before christmas from a visit to santas grotto.

          Spots first christmas is a lovely lift the flap book.

          Its christmas eve and spot and his mom are getting ready for father christmas,
          on the first page spot is standing at the window looking at the snow falling wandering where father christmas is,
          on the second page spots mom is pulling a sleigh with the christmas tree on it and spot is supposed to be helping but when you open the flap spot is just sitting on the sleigh with the tree being pulled along singing jingle bells.
          On the third page spot and his mum are wrapping the christmas presents to go under the tree and spot wants to know which one is his.
          On the fourth page spot is up a ladder trying to help mom decorate the tree and falls off.
          on the fith page there is a knock at the door and a door flap for you to open, when you open it there are carol singers behind the door.
          On he next page mum is trying to get spot to go to bed but spot is too buisy under the tree messing with presents.
          On the next page spot finds a bone in the tree, mom is very fed up with spot by this point as all she wants is for him to go to bed.
          on the next page spot is finaly asleep and mom is looking out of the window, when you open the window flap you see santa in the sky.
          The next page shows you the clock out side spots bedroom door it is almost ten to six and as you open the flap that is spots bedroom door you see spot getting his first present out of his stocking
          The next page shows you all spots presents and behind the flap is an unopened present, it asks what it is but you dont get to find out untill the next page which is the end to the book, its a pritty blue collar for spot.

          This is a lovely story book and very easy for you to begin teaching a child to read with as the words are very large and most are no more than 4 letters long, my daughters love this book.


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            09.11.2007 19:14
            Very helpful



            Another great book for the very young & a popular character.

            Christmas is fast approaching so I thought I'd review a book that is great for very young children in the run up to the festive season!

            ~ Eric Hill and Spot ~

            Spot was 'born' in 1980 and he hasn't aged a bit, lucky thing!! Eric Hill's first Spot book 'Where's Spot?' introduced this lovable puppy.

            Following the huge success of this book he has continued to write a series of books all about the adventures of Spot:

            Spot's walk in the woods
            Spot goes to the farm
            Spot's busy week
            Spot's first walk
            Spot visits his grandparents

            Spot also has an official website where games etc can be downloaded www.funwithspot.com

            There is also an animated series of Spot and a number of educational videos available relating to time, the alphabet etc.

            ~ Spot's First Christmas ~

            It begins with Sally, Spot's Mummy telling him that it's Christmas Eve and there's lots to do.

            Spot helps to pull the Christmas tree in to the house and decorate it, wrap the presents etc but when Mum says it is time for bed he begins to look for his present and knocks the tree over.

            Eventually he goes to bed, Sally is relieved and sees Santa Claus in the sky. The next morning there's a very happy Spot with all of his presents!

            ~ Style and Content ~

            As you can see from the above synopsis this book has a very simple story line but don't be put off by this, it's very popular with young children thanks to the lift the flap concept.

            There is a flap on each page which shows Spot, rather than helping Mum, is getting up to mischief. There is also a speech bubble from Spot under most of the flaps.

            There is limited text so great for emergent readers.

            ~ Illustrations ~

            If anyone is familiar with Spot books, you will know that the illustrations are set against a white backdrop and are bright and large.

            The drawings are very simple which appeals to very young children.

            ~ Educational Values ~

            This is a great educational tool.

            - It develops fine motor skills with the lift the flap opportunities.
            - It encourages an inquisitive nature and a love of books through the interactivity and the bright, bold illustrations.
            - It's good for emergent readers due to the simple text.

            ~ Price & Formats ~

            My paperback version was £4.99

            Check out www.amazon.co.uk for the following cheaper options:

            Paperbacks, hardcovers and boardbooks, the latter of which are even better for pre-school children's little hands, used and new from just 1p!
            This book is also available in a new Pop-up version at £4.99 but again, amazon have some good deals which start from just 76p.

            Overall this is a great book for early years so keep it in mind in the last few frantic weeks prior to Christmas!!


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