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Spot's Touch and Feel Farm - Eric Hill

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2 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Author: Eric Hill / Hardcover / 12 Pages / Book is published 2005-04-07 by Warne

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    2 Reviews
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      29.06.2012 23:11
      Very helpful



      Spot's off to the farm in this touch and feel book

      I loved Spot growing up, as did my husband, so when we had our son, Spot books were a must. There are lots of Spot books, and dvds out there and my son has many, some of which used to be his Daddy's. I have previously reviewed the Spot Loves His Mum book.

      We bought this book for my son on his first birthday and it was one of the first spot books we bought him.

      Spot's Touch and feel farm is one of many spot books by Eric Hall. This book is one of the larger spot books available and is slightly smaller than A4 in size. The pages are that of a board book. The cover is slightly thicker than the pages. Like I mentioned in my other Spot Book review I really like books with sturdy board pages as they tend to last longer and are alot harder to damage. They also have that wipe clean feel, so they can be easily wiped clean with a baby wipe. The book consists of 10 pages. Each page has a large bright classic spot illustration, and has large font, bold black writing.

      Like most Spot books, this book doesn't follow a story as such, more like statements of things Spot has seen or done at the farm. I think this is a good thing with this book as it is aimed at young children, and due to all the touch and feel elements that feature on each page, there is lots to see and do (feel). Each two pages feature one thing spot has seen or done while at the farm. For example the first two pages, "Moo! Spot milks a cow.' There is a detailed picture of Spot milking a cow, and the surrounding farm, there is a touch and feel element on one page. The next eight pages follow the same layout, and each feature a different animal, and also each have two touch and feel elements. The front cover also has some touch and feels, including a bright yellow fluffy chick.

      The book states it is suitable for 12 months plus. I believe that it would be fine for a slightly younger child too. This book is a great way to introduce children to different textures, and I used to love watching my son's face when he experienced a new texture for the first time, that look of what's that mummy. I also think that the farm is a good topic you can talk to your child about, and this book helps teach children about farm animals and there surroundings. It also helped my son to understand where things came from. For example milk comes from a cow and chickens give us eggs. The touch and feel elements allowed my son to entertain himself, as he didn't need me to read it to him for him to be able to enjoy it. This was handy for when I needed to get a quick job done. I have also found Spot books, including this one excellent at helping my son to read, as the words are mostly basic and there are only 5 or so words on each page. Plus the words are in a large font.

      Overall I think this is a really great book, not only for very young children, but for those a little older and starting to learn to read, like my son who is now 3 almost 4. It provides a good topic to discuss with your child, but also has an element of fun with the touch and feel magic.

      The RRP of this book is £6.99, but you can get it much cheaper online. We picked it up in a local discounted book store for a few pounds.


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      12.10.2009 14:26
      Very helpful



      We won't be completing the collection, but an enjoyable book for children nonetheless!

      Spot's Touch and Feel Farm was published by Penguin Books in 2005 and it part of the huge series of 'Spot' books, following the adventures of Spot the Dog.

      The book was written by Eric Hill and illustrated by Frederick Warne.

      This book is said to be suitable for children aged 12 months plus.

      **First Appearances**
      The front cover of this book features the well known Spot the Dog with a little chick sat on his shoulder. The chick has yellow fluff on its body area made to mimic the feel of a fluffy chick. Spot appeared to be filling a bowl with food for the chick and the inside of the bowl is textured also.

      **A Read Through The Short Story**
      Moo! Spot milks a cow.
      Spot appears in the farm milking a cow, surrounded by grass, a farm house, grass and flowers. There is a gate post nearby with a small bird sat upon it. The gate post has a textured wooden feel to it, which is done with the effort of paper, no splinters!

      Neigh! Spot helps out in the stable.
      Spot now appears sat on a bale of hay, which is textured with something similar to plastic raffia (if that makes sense..?) Spot is holding a carrot out the feed a horse, whose mane is textured to imitate horse hair.

      Baa! Hello woolly sheep.
      Spot is seen sat down next to a tuft of grass which is textured to imitate grass and he wants to play with the woolly sheep, which are, yes you guessed it, woolly!

      No spoilers here, so I won't describe the last two pages!

      **What My Son Makes of This Book**
      Jake's Grandma bought this book, in a charity shop I believe, and gave it to him on one of her visits around two months ago, so Jake would have been around nine and a half months at that time. Having been used to having books always around Jake has been able to turn the 'pages' on this book quite easily, but does tend to start at the back and stop flicking when he reaches his favourite page - he loves stroking the horses mane. This book with keep him entertained on his own for a short period, just turning the pages and feeling the textured bits. He is now at the stage where he is happy to sit on my lap while I read to him and with this book I point out the various animals and objects and he laughs - particularly at the horse (hoping this is not a sign of things to come - we have no room for a pony!!)

      **A Parent's Perspective**
      I think this book is great. The wording is very basic and short but still has the ability to tell a story about Spot's adventures at the Farm. I really like the way that each pages shows many different animals and surroundings and I use these to point out each object or animal and tell him what they are. The touchy feely parts are great and all adequate enough to show a small child and enable them to feel the textures and identify the creatures.

      When I say to Jake 'where is the bird?' he points upwards (to the sky, lol)and I actually credit that to this book and other educational tools we use.

      I would like to get hold of other books in the Spot series, but it is not a collection I would complete as I think they might all be a bit samey.

      Check out the website www.funwithspot.com for the other titles.


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