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Teen Idol - Meg Cabot

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Author: Meg Cabot / Format: Paperback / Date of publication: 06 January 2006 / Genre: Children's General Fiction / Publisher: Pan Macmillan / Title: Teen Idol / ISBN 13: 9780330433006 / ISBN 10: 0330433006

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    1 Review
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      03.11.2008 21:23
      Very helpful




      I reckon you all know by now that I'm a major Meg Cabot fan. And you wouldn't be surprised to see me eventually review every single book she has ever written. But seriously everyone who has ever read 1 of her books can see why I'm a massive fan. Even if I didn't like her as a person (I currently do not know due to the fact that I've never met as of yet) but if I didn't like her as a person, I'd still fall in love with her writing technique and style.

      To be totally honest, I have read quite possibly a lot of her books (There is many more I shall read). And I can safely say this book has to be the worst book she has written. On a Meg Cabot scale from 1-10, 10 being the best I'd put this at a 1.5. However on a scale, about all the books I have ever read, of 1-10, 10 being the best this would be a 7.5. Therefore what I am trying to tell you is that this story is a really rubbish book, but for all the great writing skills Meg Cabot uses I reckon she could have made this book a lot more intriguing.

      Here's what the blurb says about the book:
      "'I should have known everybody in school was going to fall in love with Luke. And, let's face it, any guy who doesn't have an obsession with monster trucks or a mullet can be considered hot at Clayton High.'

      "Everyone loves Jen Greenley. But being the world's best listener doesn't always get you far. Until Jen's asked to look after 'Lucas Smith' - better known as Luke Striker, Hollywood's most famous teenage movie star, who's coming to Clayton to research a new role.

      "Can Jen keep Luke's identity a secret? And can she manage not to fall for the most gorgeous guy on the planet? Jen's starring in her very own Mission: Impossibly. Or is she?"

      Now what I liked about the story was that I could imagine it happening in real life. It was seriously captivating (I'm sure I say that about every single Meg Cabot book). Anyway, I could see it happening. Although this book did nothing apart from entertain me. Unlike other Meg Cabot book, this book didn't make me feel pathos (make me feel sorry for Jen), didn't make me happy for Jen or anything. Unlike her many other stories Meg Cabot has written. I even quince every time I read horrible words like in the recent book I've finished when somebody called Kate is sick all over this guy, and he didn't care. Right I'm pretty sure I'm going off my point, and that is that if you have failed to retrieve the captivate ness I get from reading Meg Cabot book, I truly recommend this to you as it wasn't captivating me and it may captivate you if you never get captivated by any of her other books. I am seriously sorry if I have confused you. That was not my intention.

      What I really did enjoy about the book was that in the book was a page before every chapter and that was an "Ask Annie" page. This is where everyone in Clayton asks Annie the answer to the question, usually about love for someone or problems with parents. The funny thing is that once you read it you think "HUH?" but then you read a few chapters afterwards and understand it, but then you become amazed because Annie knows exactly who has typed the message even though it is left anonymous. And that is because Annie is the best Listener in the world, oh and so is Jen, how can 2 people be the same person hmmmmm..... Because they are the same person. Ask Annie is in the newspaper and no one apart from Jen and the newspaper editor knows who it is.

      What I disliked about this book was, of course, the obvious and that it didn't captivate me, but it may captivate you. What in particular did I dislike about the story was that it was too quick. I don't know whether it's just me turning into an adult or what? But I've been reading more and more adult books recently (especially Meg Cabot books, as expected). And they seem to captivate me in a slow sort of story, if you understand where I'm coming from. Because before I could not finish a whole adult book as it was boring me how slowly it gets into the story, but nowadays I can get into almost any adult book, as you may have noticed. This book however was too fast moving for me and that probably hence why it's for children aged 9-13. Although I think it should be for teenagers and young adults, probably ones who have some sort of reading block and can only get into fast-moving books. Okay that was a bit harsh but I think a 10 year old wouldn't be able to relate very much to the story as most of Meg Cabot books revolves around some sort of love interest. Which I'm pretty sure no 10 year old would have a major crush on someone.

      now here's the bit where I go on about the cover, the book I currently have standing up on a table to the right of me is much better. It shows some sort of award/trophy and it has a boy and a girl on it who I presume is Lucas (Luke) and Jen. So I'm going to try and describe what the cover would show to someone who wouldn't have read the book, and that the 2 main characters might possibly win an award/trophy because it is in gold. And also there are spotlights all over the book, hence there could be some sort of party or something (you know I feel as if there is no point in saying this due to the fact I'm either telling you the truth about the book or leading you astray from the story... You shall never know, UNLESS YOU BUY THIS BOOK).

      Guess where I got this book from! Yup you got it, it's from Amazon. But it was definitely £0.01 or maybe a bit more due to P&P I really do not like P&P and who does? Anyway, if you are less fortunate and you happen to buy the book for its original price: £5.99 then I'd say that's worth it. Although maybe only the ones that would feel like they'd be captivated into this story, I shall not give you my opinion on whether you should get it or not, because personally that's your decision and not mine, and my review is only there as a guide to whether you shall or shall not buy this book, so I'm sorry but I am not choosing the decision for you, although if you generously did ask me I'd say get it NOW.


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