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Ten Little Ladybirds - Melanie Gerth

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3 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Author: Melanie Gerth / Hardcover / 24 Pages / Book is published 2008-07-07 by Gullane Children's Books

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    3 Reviews
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      21.02.2010 11:45
      Very helpful



      A great book for young children.

      ~ Content, Style and Format ~

      This is a lovely book for very young children, from as young as 1 upwards. It is a hardcover book with internal pages that aren't quite as thick as a board book but certainly sturdier than usual pages in a book which is great for little fingers and hands as there is less chance of accidental tearing of the pages.

      The front of the book shows all ten ladybirds through holes in cover. These ladybirds are plastic, 3D and range from orange, red and yellow with varying numbers of spots on each. Independent of the book, these can be used for early counting skills by encouraging counting of the number of spots and asking questions such as which ladybird has the most spots? Which has the least?....

      The story is very rhythmical and there is a chance for children to identify the rhyming number, for example:
      'TEN little ladybirds sitting on a vine, along came a butterfly - then there were....' Turn the page and you are able to read on, ' NINE little ladybirds skipping on a gate, along came a caterpillar - then there were....'
      This continues until only one ladybird is left and she decides to fly home.

      The content of the writing is therefore very simple, certainly easy enough for children to join in with the words by committing them to memory. The sentences run along the bottom of each double page, in a large, clear font. As well as this the corresponding digit is shown on each page so that children recognise the number and the word.

      Each double page has one ladybird stuck to it so that when the page is turned, one less is shown on the page. A lot of counting can take place, as you encourage the child to count each ladybird.

      The illustrations are bright, bold and cheerful and instantly appeal to most young children due to the colours and the fact that there are animals / insects shown which are usually always of big appeal to children.

      ~ Educational Content ~

      * It develops and encourages early counting skills to 10, forwards and backwards.
      * Children can learn the sequence of numbers.
      * The concept of subtraction can be looked at with slightly older children, of school age.
      * Early addition, by counting the number of spots on each small ladybird.
      * Develops the recognition of rhyme.
      * Encourages number recognition.

      ~ Price and Availability ~

      ISBN: 158117358X
      The RRP for this book is currently £8.99 but amazon are selling used versions from just 1p and new copies from £3.31.
      I purchased mine from a Book Club at work and paid £2.99 for it a few years ago.

      ~ Overall ~

      This is a very good book for pre-school and early years children. It has lots of teaching opportunities whilst children are enjoying the illustrations and content of it. A good investment.

      The book is recommended for ages 3 and up but I've used it recently with one of my youngest nephews who is 14 months old. I can only assume that this recommendation is based on the fact that if the plastic ladybirds come off the page they could be swallowed so close supervision is needed!


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        05.11.2009 19:14
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A fun and educational read for pre-school children!

        I bought 'Ten Little Ladybirds' for my nephew's first birthday and it luckily turned out to be a really big hit. A few years later, with a toddler of my own, I came across a copy of this book at a NCT newly new toy sale. Despite being pre-owned, the book remained in excellent condition. It was priced at 50p so I didn't waste any time snapping it up. This book has turned out to be a firm favourite in our house and very much loved by the smaller residents. Due to the extremely durable pages in the hardcover version it is still going strong after 5 months of frequent page turning.

        'Ten Little Ladybirds' was written by Melanie Gerth and illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith. It is an extremely cute countdown book aimed at pre-schoolers. The book contains 10 touchable plastic ladybirds. It is just 24 pages long, which is an ideal length for young children - as they can so easily get bored.

        The book begins: "Ten little ladybirds sitting on a vine, along came a butterfly and that left..." (now flip the page). The story continues: "Nine little ladybirds skipping on a gate, along came a caterpillar - and that left...". It goes on in this fashion until one little ladybird is left and she decides to fly home. The final two pages show a brightly painted scene full of garden creatures (plus the other nine ladybirds who hot-footed it away earlier). Apologies for the ending spoiler!

        The book is illustrated with cute, brightly coloured cartoon style drawings. Due to the tactile nature of the book, toddlers can use their fingertips to count out the ladybirds. As they progress through the book the ladybirds gradually disappear. 'Ten Little Ladybirds' is an ideal learning tool and teaches toddlers to count backwards in sequence. The sing-song rhymes make this simple little story all the more enjoyable for a young audience. It is not a very wordy book (with one short sentence on each page) so just right for toddlers.

        This book is recommended for children aged 3 years and upwards. I do, however, feel that it is probably better suited to slightly younger children. This minimum age is likely to be down to the fact that the plastic ladybirds could be considered choking hazards if removed. This is obviously not a problem if children are always supervised with the book. The ladybirds are very firmly attached to the pages so it would take a very determined child to prize one off.

        Overall, a fun and enjoyable read for young children. Highly recommended!

        Hardcover: 24 pages
        Publisher: Gullane Children's Books (7 Jul 2008)
        ISBN-10: 1862333505 ISBN-13: 978-1862333505
        Product Dimensions: 23.4 x 18 x 1.4 cm

        This title is widely available from all good bookshops. The board book version is currently priced at £5.48 from Amazon. The hardcover book can be bought for just under a tenner from there. If you look around the shops you can find several books with a similar format: 10 Friendly Fish, 10 Tiny Tadpoles, 10 Wriggly Wiggly Caterpillars etc.


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          26.09.2008 22:41
          Very helpful



          Good book for learning numbers

          This book was bought for my daughter by her Granny the other day. I had seen it around in the shops but had avoided buying it because she already has 'Ten Friendly Fish' which is a book that runs along very similar lines. Anyway, of course it was gratefully received because my daughter is actually obsessed with ladybirds so this is a perfect book for her.

          The book has a hardcover and is approx 23cm x 18cm in size. There are 10 circular holes on the cover through which you can see ten plastic little ladybirds in red, yellow and orange.

          The pages in the book are all double spreads. When you open the book, on the left hand side of the page is a big number ten, on the right are the ten ladybirds, and along the bottom is the text. The text reads - 'Ten little ladybirds sitting on a vine, along came a butterfly and that left...' Then obviously you turn the page to find a big number 9 on the left, nine little ladybirds on the right, and the corresponding text along the bottom, and this carries on throughout the book until you reach only one lonely ladybird who decides to fly home - and of course there she finds all her friends and they are all reunited.

          As you read through the book the ladybirds meet a different creature on each page - a butterfly, a bird, a grasshopper, and bumblebee etc... and you get the impression that the ladybirds are disappearing because they are being eaten. But the happy ending is that they are all just playing together and they all meet up at the end and you see all the ladybirds together again along with all the creatures they have met along the way.

          The text in the book is very good in that it is simple and rhyming, and so is very easy to read (and also easy to remember if your child is a page turner who likes to turn the pages before you've finished reading...!) And I think it's good that they have written the number on each page as well which will help your child to start counting and recognising numbers. My daughter can count to ten (not because of this book as we've only had it a week) and loves to count the ladybirds, so I try to get her to look at the number as well so that she can make the connection.

          The book is beautifully illustrated. The colours are bright but not garish in the slightest, and there seems to be a greeny-orangey theme to it, although there are lots of other colours as well. The pictures have a sort of soft focus feel to them which I really like; I think the illustrator must have used water colours or something to get this effect. It really is lovely to look at.

          My daughter really enjoys reading this book (or having it read to her should I say) and for the first few days we had it she had to take it everywhere with her, but now she's happy enough to keep it at home and have a quick read once or twice a day!

          I think you can buy this from Mothercare from around £7.99 at the moment.


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