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The Brave Little Puppy and Other Stories - Enid Blyton

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Genre: Junior Books / Author: Enid Blyton / Edition: 6th impression / Hardcover / 192 Pages / Book is published 1993-03 by Award Publications Ltd

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    1 Review
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      06.10.2010 19:43
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      Another good collection of stories from Enid Blyton

      This book The Brave Little Puppy and Other Stories by Enid Blyton was published in 1993 as part of the popular rewards series.

      It is a hardback book which contains 12 short stories and is aimed at children aged 3 to 7 years old. The stories vary in length and range from 8 pages to 20 pages long. Each story is written in nice big clear print and is accompanied by simple black and white illustrations. The stories are ideal for children who are ready to move away from picture books but not yet confident to tackle full length story books but are also great for reading aloud to younger children.

      The stories included in this book are:

      The Brave Little Puppy
      The Clockwork Duck
      The Goblin Aeroplane
      The Little Pink Pig
      The Runaway Toys
      A Puppy In Wonderland
      Snfity's Lamp Post
      A Cat In Fairyland
      The Very Little Hen
      The Enchanted Sea
      The Goldfish That Grew
      The Goblin In The Train

      My two favourite stories from this book are The Runaway Toys and The Little Pink Pig.

      The runaway toys is the story of two children named Diane and David. Diane and David were very spoilt with more toys than any of the other little boys and girls. They were very disagreeable children who simply didn't appreciate how lucky they were. They had no respect for their toys, breaking and stamping on them. The toys hated the children and were rather afraid of them and after a particularly bad day in the company of Diane and David decided to run away. They all boarded the toy clockwork train and made their escape from the nursery. Eventually the toys came upon a little cottage which they discovered was the home to three nice little children. The toys soon made themselves at home and at last had children who loved them and treated them with the love and kindness they deserved. Meanwhile David and Diane learned a hard lesson when they discovered there toys were all gone, believing that Santa had taken them away because they were so cruel to them. The two children vowed never to be so horrible ever again.

      The little pink pig is the story of a little piglet called Curly. Curly unlike all his brothers and sisters was simply not satisfied with his life in the pig sty. He longed for more, he was convinced that there had to be something better to be than a pig. One day Curly decided to run away and be something else. At first Curly decided he would quite like to be a horse, but when he asked Dobbin the old farm horse to teach him how to be a horse, old Dobbin thought Curly was being very silly he neighed loudly and kicked his rear legs frightening the little pig so much he ran off. This story was to be repeated time and time again as Curly made his way all around the farmyard asking all the animals from the ducks to farm dog. All the animals thought he was being silly and each in turn chased him away. The last for Curly to approach was the Farmer himself who chased Curly back to the pig sty. His Mother and all his brothers and sisters were so pleased to have him back and Curly finally realises how nice it is to be a pig and settles down to a happy and contented life.

      This book contains a good mix of stories to keep children entertained. In this book they will come across toys that come to life, talking animals, brownies, gnomes, witches and goblins, it will take them to far away lands and magical places. A great book with a good variety of stories all of which are suitable for girls and boys alike


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