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The Mummy Case - Franklin W. Dixon

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Genre: Junior Books / Author: Franklin W. Dixon / Hardcover / Reading Level: Ages 9-12 / 192 Pages / Book is published 2005-04-21 by Grosset & Dunlap / Alternative title: The Hardy Boys: The Mummy Case

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    2 Reviews
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      10.08.2009 08:06
      Very helpful
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      Sixty Third Hardy Boys Book

      Frank & Joe Hardy are the teenage sons of famous private detective Fenton Hardy & his wife Laura. Together, (& sometimes from help with family & friends) they investigate all sorts of crimes & strange occurences....

      The Mummy Case was published in the US in 1980 & was the sixty third in the series. The book first appeared in the UK in 1981 & was numbered 61 when it was published by Armada.

      The book opens with Frank & Joe being asked by their father to look into the disappearance of some statuettes at the Egyptian Museum in New York. After arriving at the museum Frank & Joe are suspicious of a security guard called Ahmed Ali. They are also shown & unidentified Egyptian mummy & are told that it's belongs to Egypt & will be returned to that country shortly aboard the freighter Admiral Halsey.

      Events take an unexpected turn when Mr. Salim, the man due to accompany the mummy on its trip, is drugged & his heart condition is aggravated. The Doctor won't allow him to travel. The curator has other commitments & with Salim unwell the museum cannot spare assistant curator Mr. Colden so Frank & Joe are asked if they'd be prepared to accompany the mummy to Egypt.

      Of course they agree, but this is just the start of an adventure that sees them pitted against a gang of thieves determined that Frank & Joe won't interfere in their business. The boys also find time to stall a potential revolution (as you do!) but then find that, when they reach Egypt the mummy is missing......

      The usual supporting characters who appear in this book are:-

      + Fenton Hardy
      + Laura Hardy
      + Aunt Gertrude
      + Chet Morton
      + Biff Hooper
      + Tony Prito
      + Phil Cohen
      + Chief Ezra Collig (mentioned but doesn't appear)

      The original series of book published in the US by Grosset & Dunlap (numbers 1 - 58) had its own set of issues but when Simon & Schuster took over (volume 59 onwards) it seems as if whatever vestiges of realism the Grosset & Dunlap books had held onto were thrown out of the window by the new publishers. This is evident in "The Mummy Case" when the boys stop of on an island called Rubassa & not only manage to prevent a revolution but also manage to round up the majority of the gang at the same time! Of course, the fact that there are only 6 people in the gang could also be seen as a bit implausible for the purposes of a revolution.

      Still, that's me looking at this book again through adult eyes. When I was growing up, it along with The Pentagon Spy & a few others, was one of my favourite Hardy Books books. The fact that it deals with mummies & has Frank & Joe doing various things at various locations in Egypt probably explains part of the attraction because I was interested in Egyptian history, pharoahs, mummies, pyramids etc at that time.

      The plot itself (if you can ignore the various implausible elements of it) unfolds at a decent pace & provides Frank & Joe with enough excitement & suspense to keep the reader interested. There's some information given about Egypt, mummies etc but given the title of the book that's hardly surprising. The language used is undemanding & the style in which the book's written is simple & straightforward.

      All in all the should keep any Hardy Boys reader happy & is an ideal book if you're looking for one ot introduce a child to the series with. Those children who are showing an interest in Egypt, mummies, pharoahs etc may also find it an interesting read.

      At the time of writing the book is available in hardback for £4.26 from Amazon Prime. New & used paperbacks are available from 1p upwards.

      # Hardcover: 192 pages
      # Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap (21 April 2005)
      # ISBN-10: 0448437007
      # ISBN-13: 978-0448437002


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        11.03.2009 12:55
        Very helpful



        The 63rd Hardy Boys book

        The Mummy Case is the 63rd Hardy Boys book, and the 5th published by Simon & Schuster. As such, it is sometimes referred to as the 5th Hardy Boys book, but is not to be confused with Hunting For Hidden Gold, which was the 5th one ever published way back in the first half of the 20th Century.

        The books are all published under the pseudonym Franklin W Dixon, but have been written by a number of different ghost writers through the years. I often find that the stories start off in unlikely fashion, but generally end up being well written and enjoyable.

        The Hardy Boys are brothers Frank and Joe Hardy, teen supersleuths and sons of detective Fenton Hardy. The boys have built up quite a reputation after all of their adventures, and the magic of the books retains their age, keeping the target audience of teenage boys with something to relate to and a couple fo characters to make icons out of.

        This particular story is well written, with the unlikeliness coming in how the brothers find themselves in adventure. They are usually recruited by someone to solve a crime or a mystery, as opposed to them seeking more adult or professional help. However, this is the appeal for teenage readers, and here, we see Frank and Joe travel to Egypt following a theft at a museum. They are asked to guard a mummy, and soon realise that there is an international crime ring at work, and lots of hidden treasure waiting to be found.

        This story is very well written, and it is quite enjoyable to experience the brothers as they travel once more to a far off and relatively exotic location (in comaprison to their home town of Bayport!). The characters are well developed and the plot unfolds in quite an exciting fashion, making it very easy to read.

        When I was in the target range, as a teenage boy, I thoroughly enjoyed these books, and like quite a lot of them still now as an adult. This one was very good to read, although it won't challenge and doesn't get very deep at any point. The Mummy Case is currently available from amazon at a decent price.


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      Book Series: The Hardy Boys

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