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The Nightmare Room Thrillogy #1: Fear Games - R. L. Stine

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Genre: Junior Books / Author: R. L. Stine / Paperback / Reading Level: Ages 9-12 / 160 Pages / Book is published 2001-06 by Avon Books

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    1 Review
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      27.04.2007 01:07
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      An excellent book by an excellent author.

      "Fear Games" is the first book in a special 3 part "Thrillogy" by R.L. Stine. It's split into three parts. Parts one and three are about a girl called April Powers who is invited to a uninhabited carribean island along with eleven other talented children for two weeks to compete in "Life Games". What they don't know is that they will really be competing for their lives...
      Part two is about a young girl named Deborah Andersen and is set in Ravenswoode, a small English village, in the year 1680. Deborah is accused of witchcraft by her neighbours and is sentaced to live the rest of her life on a uninhabited island in the "New World".

      April Powers
      The main character in the story. She is invited to an uninhabited island in the carribean to compete with eleven other children for a prize of $100,000. They are split up into three teams of four.

      Marlin Davis
      The leader of April's team. He's an African american and is really smart. He stops a few quarrels between April and Anthony (another person in the team).

      Anthony Thomas
      Anthony is a real pain in the backside. He is contantly critiscising April and teasing her. He is my least favourite character... in this book, anyway.

      Kristen Wood
      On the journey to the island, April and Kristen had become instant friends. All the way through the story, Kristen is really nice and friendly. She's my favourite character in this book.

      Donald Marks
      The person in charge of the whole event. He's the "Big Cheese" and, in my opinion, isn't very nice because at one point Marlin disappeared and April wanted to go and find him but Donald told her not to... April did anyway which led to her team winning part of the competition.

      *THE PAST - 1680*
      Deborah Anderson
      Deborah is a poor little girl who is accused of witchcraft by her whole village.She has a blue cresent-shaped birthmark on her forehead which convinces the villagers she is a witch... and lots of terrible things happen to the village which doesn't help her much!

      Kathrine Anderson
      Deborah's mother. She seems very nice but she has a terrible secret...

      There aren't any illustrations in this book, which I think is a real shame as it would help make the book scarier if there was pictures of what was happening. There is a really good picture on the front coven (by Richard Newton) which is excellently drawn and looks almost real. The picture above shows the front cover.

      RL STINE is a very talented writer he has writtenover 200 books, many of which for children. He is the authour of the very popular "Goosebumps" series which has sold millions of copies! He is an excellent writer and I really enjoy reading all of his books.

      I loved this book. I thought the characters were excelent, the choice of setting was great and the fact that it was sent in both the past and the present was just brilliant! I can't wait to finish reading all three books to see how it ends!

      Fear Games is an excellent book by an excellent authour. I recommend it to teenagers who like horror books and I give it 10/10!


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      Kids with special powers are taken to a tropical island to battle for $100,000. What they don't know is that an ancient evil is lurking just around the corner. Poor kids.

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