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Take Two - Meg Cabot

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2 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Author: Meg Cabot / Edition: Unabridged / Paperback / 224 Pages / Book is published 2001-09-07 by Macmillan Children's Books / Alternative title: The Princess Diaries: Take Two

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    2 Reviews
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      15.12.2012 03:08
      Very helpful



      Good for young girls


      The first book in this series was on my list of books to read, the list also contains some long and difficult books so I decided to pick this up in the library after reading the first book as something light and easy to read in between some more tricky titles.

      There are 10 books in the series, these are listed in my review of the first book, this is the second and each title contains the book number so it's easy to keep track of the order.

      The price of this book varies from place to place but can be bought online reasonably at between £3-4 including delivery.

      This paperback book has 213 pages.

      The cover of the book is different to that pictured. It looks a lot more girly than that in the picture. This book is aimed at girls, I think it depends on the maturity of the individual as to what age I would recommend. I would guess at an age where girls are starting to see boys as anything other than disgusting.

      The story so far.....

      In book one we were introduced to Mia, a girl who lives a normal teenage life with her mum who starts dating her algebra teacher. Her dad is recovering from cancer and lives abroad and turns up one day to tell her that as a side effect of his treatment he is no longer able to have children and as an only child this makes her heir to the throne. Mia had no idea that her dad was a prince and isn't very happy about becoming a princess and would much rather live the normal life she has been leading so far.

      In this book.......

      The book is set out in the form of Mia's diary, as is the first book. In this book we learn that Mias mum is still dating her algebra teacher who she started dating in the first book. She discovers that she is pregnant and the two decide to get married and move in together.
      Mia has a TV interview about her recently finding out she was a princess and is so flustered and nervous that she ends up blurting out her mothers news in front of millions of viewers which is when Mia's paternal grandmother takes over and decides to plan a big wedding with lots of celebrity guests.
      I find this really far fetched. I know it's a work of fiction but why a woman would want to organize a wedding for her son's ex partner and her new boyfriend is a bit much. Especially as they don't seem to talk to each other. Mia tries to stop her grandmother interfering and tries to tell her mum about this lavish, celebrity packed wedding that seems to be being organised without her input but other things keep cropping up and she doesn't know how it's all going to pan out. This is what keeps the reader interested as you want to find out if the wedding goes ahead or if someone puts a stop to it.

      Another part of the story that keeps us interested is that Mia seems to have a secret admirer. She is hoping that it is her best friends' brother who she has a crush on, but doesn't want to ask him in case it isn't and she embarrasses herself.
      The friends all have a big night out planned for Halloween, which happens to be the night the wedding is scheduled for so you are left wondering will she be able to make it? Will she find out who her secret admirer is? And is it who she hopes it is?

      If you want to find out any more you will have to read it for yourself!


      The book then seems to be filled up with the same content the first book was filled up with, Mia talking about her algebra homework and lack of breasts.
      I felt with a lot of the book that I had read the same thing before in the previous book and although there were some new characters such as her mothers parents who she doesn't really see, who also bring along her good looking cousin who all the girls seem to love, I don't think that these characters added a lot to the story.

      This isn't a bad book and would obviously be better to younger readers. I found it really easy and quick to read due to the diary format. A lot of pages contained only a few words or a list.
      I found the story a bit too unbelievable and the diary entries too similar to the first book to rate it any higher than I have.
      This wouldn't put me off reading the others though, as I know that in the final book Mia turns 18 so hopefully as we follow her growing up through her teenage years the story will improve somewhat.
      I won't be rushing out to look for the next one but I probably would pick it up if I saw it in the library as I don't like to start a series and not finish it and I would read one of these books in a day.


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      24.11.2008 19:28
      Very helpful
      1 Comment




      Now I'm pretty sure by now that everyone knows that I'm a massive Meg Cabot fan and I also presume that you assumed I'd start reading this series, and therefore you have been proved correct.

      I don't specifically know why I'm soooooooo in love with Meg Cabot books; there must be hundreds of reasons from the structure of the books to the special ability to draw people into the book. But to be totally honest I reckon that the reason I love Meg Cabot books must be because I get all caught up, and these books are magnificently well written, it intrigues me most definitely. Now I personally don't know what you actually think about Meg Cabot books, but I reckon you must have read at least one of them, probably the prequel to this book, and if your an adult and you've read "The Princess Diaries" and aren't very fond of them, I highly recommend you reading one of her adult books as these books are not so intriguing.

      Now this book happens to be the 2nd book in a series under the name of "The Princess Diaries". These books happen to be one of the best sellers and Meg Cabot is most famously known for these books. However her other books are not as popular or not as better sellers than these, although personally I definitely think that you should give the adult books a try as they are a lot more intriguing and personally I think "The Princess Diaries" are one of the poorest works of Meg Cabot. That happens to be saying something due to the fact that, these are best sellers, so if these are as good as most people say they are, I truly insist you trying one of her other books as they are something to read, honestly.

      Now this story continues where the prequel: "The Princess Diaries" Left off. Mia had just found out about her being the heir to the throne, and she has been taking princess lessons, but things have got a lot worse for Princess Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo. Not only is her mother going out with her Algebra Teacher but Mia has been told the worst of news (well for her anyway). She also happens to have a secret admirer who she thinks is someone else... And also she has her first ever proper interview with a proper interviewer. Her best friend Lilly is totally mad at her for not letting Lilly be the first to interview her. And all her friends are totally angry at her, what's her life become of, will it be a really bed ending or a good ending? Find out by reading this slightly amazing book.

      Now I presume you're pretty mad at me too due to the fact that you've searched and searched for a review from me on the first book of this series. I am soooooooo sorry but I had finished the prequel to this book before I started reviewing, and therefore I had not reviewed that book, but if on any occasion I find it, I shall re-read it and review it if that's ok with you?

      Now I have a feeling that you're expecting me to tell you to go out right now and buy this book, but I shall not do that, and the reason is not because this is the sequel to the book "The Princess Diaries" But also there are a lot of things you still don't know about the book. Like the fact that I didn't enjoy reading the book as such, and became extraordinarily bored reading it and I couldn't keep my eyes open. There were a lot of things written in the book that was by far not needed. I have also recently finished a book called "Twilight - by Stephenie Meyer" and I finished that in 4 days, and trust me that book has at least double the amount of pages this has and I finished this book within 7 days, or maybe 8, I can't remember now. Anyway all I'm trying to say is that if you think that this book will intrigue you and you did enjoy reading the first book I recommend this book to you poorly on the basis of showing to you that this book is not as good as anyone would have thought it would be.

      Now as you quite already know that this review is not on here to try to persuade you to buy or not buy this book, in my opinion it happens to be on here so that it will influence you upon a decision you'll choose and also let you make your own mind up with my personal opinion.

      I do recommend this book to you however I expect you will not enjoy it. I too expect you not to do anything stupid like buy this book and read it before you have even read the prequel. Now I hope I have helped you out by lots and hopefully I'll get some feedback.


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      Book Series: The Princess Diaries