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The Resistance - Gemma Malley

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2 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Author: Gemma Malley / Edition: 1st Edition / Hardcover / 336 Pages / Book is published 2008-09-01 by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

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    2 Reviews
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      11.10.2010 23:59
      Very helpful



      A series that just gets better....

      * Warning! This is the second book in the series and while I've done my best to aviod spoilers there may be some for those who haven't read the first book' *

      Peter and Anna have finally escaped Grange Hall, the cruel institution that imprisons children born after The Declaration, and after dramatic events have achieved the impossible by becoming legal citizens. But adjusting to the outside world is more difficult than they ever imagined and neither can forget the horrors of their childhood years, where they were deemed surplus in a world where no one ever dies. Determined to right the wrongs that have been done to them, Peter infiltrates Pincent Pharma, home of the wonder drug Longevity. But what he finds behind those walls is so horrific it begs belief and a corporation so powerful and corrupt it seems impossible that one boy can even attempt to overturn it and survive.

      I loved the first book in Gemma Malley's dystopian series, The Declaration (which I've also reviewed), so much that once I turned the last page I eagerly picked up this second instalment straight away. The Resistance picks up Anna and Peter's story not long after the first left off and I found it a very easy continuation to make. In fact I loved The Resistance even more and once again flew through the pages.

      While The Declaration focuses mainly on Anna and life for the Surplus children, this time the focus is on Peter and life outside amongst 'legals'. Finding it difficult to adjust to life outside the Surplus Halls in a world were the young are always treated with suspicion and resentment, and both still heavily involved with the underground movement, Peter seeks to infiltrate Pincent Pharma, where longevity is made by getting a job. But the lure of eternal life is difficult to resist and Peter finds his loyalties tested to the limit, putting everything and everyone he cares about in danger.

      The action really steps up in The Resistance. I mentioned in my review of The Declaration that despite being set in the future it had a Dickensian workhouse feel about it. Now we're outside the Surplus Halls and right in the middle of Pincent Pharma, the huge and powerful home of Longevity, and in the midst of another scientific breakthrough. I'm not the most scientifically minded person ever (understatement) but this fascinated me. Malley gives us enough information to really imagine the world of Longevity without overloading my brain and forcing me to switch off.

      The Resistance also takes an even more sinister turn than The Declaration, one that is truly shocking and horrific and yet again, being aware of how hideous humans can be, I still believed it. Nothing about this series seems far fetched at all, many of the themes are ones we can identify even now- only magnified, and this makes it all the more scary.

      There are several new characters introduced in this novel. We meet Jude, the half brother who robbed Peter of his legal status by being born just weeks earlier. There's a real air of mystery around him, I couldn't work out if he was a good guy or bad guy for most of the book, and I actually don't think he could. Richard Pincent, owner of Pincent Pharma is ruthless and cruel, making a fantastic villain while Pip, head of the Underground has the true spirit of a resistance leader. He's both terrifying yet compassionate in equal measures and very mysterious. I continued to like both Anna and Peter too. Malley doesn't make her heroes perfect, they have flaws which make them all the more human. I thought having Peter question his previous beliefs regarding longevity was a brilliant move and his battle within himself was honest and believable.

      Gemma Malley's writing style is incredibly accessible and readable yet remains intelligent throughout, and I think this series will appeal to a very wide audience, young and old. There are some quite adult themes in this book, and I probably wouldn't recommend this one in particular to anyone under twelve, however I think they are tackled appropriately enough that I'd be happy for my own children to read these books from around that age. I'd also strongly recommend these books to reluctant readers because of their readability and especially boys who may be put of a little by the very attractive covers. I think it's pretty important to read the series in order as I think I may have been a little lost if I hadn't read The Declaration first. As far as sequels go, this is a winner and exceeded my expectation. Again, once I'd read the last page I went straight on to the third and final book in the series, the Legacy.


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      12.04.2010 21:08
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A nice little book

      The Resistance by Gemma Malley..............

      **The Plot***

      We meet up again with Anna and Peter in the year 2140 after having escaped the boarding school from hell that was Grange Hall where illegal children were imprisoned and trained for work when they finally became of age Anna and Peter are now free. The drug, Longevity is being taken by almost everyone in the bid to combat the aging process and therefore keeping everyone from death so Anna and Peter are the youngest members of their community and really feel the daily stares and the growing pressure.

      After Anna finally meeting her parents and then having to watch them take their own lives in a swap to keep both Anna and her brother alive and the authorities from taking them back to Grange Hall both Anna and Ben are free to live as legal's and with the death of Peters father he too is able to live a legal life. They both have now come of age and are due to sign "The Declaration" which means that they would take the Longevity drug but in return would sign away the chance of having children themselves. However this is not something that either Anna or Peter want to do but a lot of other people want and need them to sign.

      Peter is a member of "The Underground", a community who are fighting the Longevity drug and want it all to end. They have asked him t o get a job working for his grandfather who is the owner and creator of the Longevity drug and as Peter infiltrates the Princelet Pharma Corporation he uncovers a whole lot more than was expected with the discovery of the testing for Longevity + the new drug in not only staying alive but being able to give cell regeneration and thus reversing the aging process and Peter wonders if he is able to get himself out of this terrible mess his life has found itself in!

      **My Opinion**

      This book is the second novel from Gemma Malley and a continuation from The Declaration book and it runs in perfectly with it. I had previously read that book and I don't think that it would have really meant as much if I hadn't of read it so I felt this book wasn't just one you could pick up and get into straight away as it doesn't really give you enough of the background information to set the right scene.

      However the book was very easy to read and I read the entire thing within a few days. This is probably because it is aimed at a slightly younger audience category than I perhaps fit into and I had only realised this after reading the first book and looking it up on the internet found that it was aimed at young adults but still I found nothing wrong with reading it and did again enjoy it.

      The writing style is easy to follow but the only downside for me was that I felt that the whole concept could have been delved into a lot more. I guess because it is aimed at young adults perhaps the author didn't feel she could go any deeper or make it more complex than it was. The idea is again great and the whole scene setting of being in the future worked well and was believable.

      I really did enjoy reading this book and have now seen that there are now two more follow on books to this one and will probably try to find these out. I think for adults young and old it is a good book to read even if I did feel it was rather easy and perhaps not as good as the potential.

      I think a 4 out of 5 star rating is perfect for this book and I would certainly five it a good recommendation.

      **Price and Availability*

      I was luckily enough to pick this up in Poundland for the surprising price of £1 which I feel is a total bargain. The RRP is £10.99p but I have seen it for a few pounds on various sites online too so it is both widely available and indeed a cheap price.

      I had also previously bought the first book in this series from Poundland so it must be some sort of special they are doing and I will have to perhaps keep my eyes peeled in case they decide to shift the next book in the series as for the price it is well worth picking up.

      **Other Info**

      The book is in a hard backed cover and does have a very good picture to the front with a spider on and looks very appealing just from the cover. Although I am not overly sure what a spider really has to do with the story so perhaps the cover picture is not overly appropriate.
      There are 336 pages in the book but compared to most I find the writing rather large and the pages small which enabled me to read it so quickly.

      ISBN: 978 074 758 7736

      Published by Bloomsbury

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.


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