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The Usborne Big Book of Things to Spot - Ruth Brocklehurst

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3 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Author: Ruth Brocklehurst, Gillian Doherty, Anna Milbourne / Paperback / Reading Level: Baby-Preschool / 132 Pages / Book is published 2003-06 by E.D.C. Publishing

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    3 Reviews
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      24.04.2013 17:28
      Very helpful



      5 stars

      My daughter is a massive fan of the 1001 things to spot series by Usbourne so when I saw the Big Book of Things to Spot in a discount book store I just had to buy it. Reasonably priced at £7.99, I managed to pay half of the RRP and was very happy as you can imagine!

      For those familiar with the 1001 things to spot series, this book is like a bumper book with four of the books in this one book. These include 1001 animals, 1001 things to spot on the farm, 1001 things to spot in the town and our favourite 1001 things to spot long ago.

      Each double page has a very fussy scene full of lots of different detail and of course lots of things to spot. On the side of each page is the things to find for example 10 fishes or 3 sharks. Some are easier to spot than others and my daughter always feels a great sense of achievement as she completes each scene. The written word underneath each item is also a great way for your child to be able to begin to associate pictures and the words that go along with them.

      As my daughter is just learning to read, she isn't confident reading without adult supervision, and after our nighttime story always wants something else to do before she falls asleep. These books are the perfect option as she can happily complete them without me being there and of course this makes her feel grown up.

      Unlike the 1001 things to spot in fairyland, this bumper book isn't made for either sex specifically and for this reason can be enjoyed as a small group of friends as it doesn't matter if there are boys too. There is quite a large range of different books available in the 1001 range though such as pirates, farm, etc so if you want one more specific for girls / boys then they are available.

      They are well made and have a soft spongy front cover despite being a hardback.


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      19.04.2010 19:06
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Fantastic activity book, value for money for 3-7 yr olds

      After borrowing '1001 things to spot in fairyland' from the library and having hours of fun with it with my daughter, I decided that it well deserved a purchase.
      Shopping around I found that the individual hardback Usbourne 1001 things to spot book retailed at around the £5 mark with RRP of £7.99.

      An amazon search unearthed this little gem. For just £5.49 a paperback version of the A4 sized book containing 4 of the hardbacks in one big bumper sized 132 page book.

      1001 Animals to spot.
      1001 Things to spot on the farm.
      1001 Things to spot in the town.
      1001 Things to spot Long Ago.

      For those of you unfamiliar with these activity books the general idea is that each double page spread has a scene depicted of either animals, farm or town etc. Around the outside of the large pictures are 10 smaller pictures with a number next to them. These are what you must find within the large picture and the number next to them tell you how many of that item you must find.
      As an example '1001 Animals to spot' is split into 13 scenes.
      On the farm
      On safari
      In the desert
      In the arctic
      In the woods
      In the ocean
      In the rainforest
      In the garden
      In the outback
      In the swamp
      In the mountains
      By the sea
      Childrens farm.

      The first scene, On the farm is pictured over a double spread. Around the outside are ten small pictures. A puppy, a duck, ducklings, lambs, hens, foals, chicks, cows and calves. Next to each smaller picture is a number. THis is how many of each object you need to find in the scene.

      This is repeated on every page / scene so as you can imagine there is hours of fun to be had from this book.
      My daughter is 4 but in my opinion she may have enjoyed this from age 3 with help from mummy. Although it is not actually necessary to be able to read because of the pictures I find my four year old sounding out the letters. It is great to see her so engrossed in a book. As well as encouraging children to study the pictures and read odd words this book is excellent at encouraging counting also. I often find my little one trying to count whilst spreading her fingers across the page so she knows which items she has already counted.

      Unlike the very pink and girly fairyland book 'The Big Book of Things to Spot' would be enjoyed by both girls and boys.

      I would highly recommend this book as a value for money 4-in-1 edition for boys or girls aged 3 -7.


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        28.02.2010 19:22
        Very helpful



        A life saver on long journeys, great value, timeless book.

        NB: It is worth noting that the title of the book in the image that Dooyoo has given is actually different to the one that I am reviewing. Instead of the general 'things to spot' my review is on:

        This hardback, 32 page book by Anna Milbourne, published by Usborne has a RRP of £7.99. I purchased mine from Amazon for about £5 and have since seen used and new offers from as little as £2.50, so it is definitely worth shopping around.

        Usborne's 1001 things to spot range is definitely inspired by the 'Where's Wally' collection. This is what made me purchase the book as my 4 year old loved joining his older cousins search for Wally but always found it a bit too hard.
        Usborne's versions are much more suited to the younger reader, as the pictures are not as complex, yet still detailed enough to give a challenge. I would say the book is most suited to kids aged 4-8.

        1001 things to spot is one of many in this range. Other titles include: 1001 things .... In Fairyland, Pirates, long ago, animals and many, many more.

        This book features a girl called Sam who is going to visit all the different towns. One of the tasks is to spot her on each page. At the back of the book there are a couple of puzzles featuring photos that she has taken from each place as well as items bought back. These puzzles are memory & matching orientated.

        The main body of the book is made up of a colourful, double page, superb illustration for 13 different towns. These include:
        Street café, market town, nightlife, river town, town square, fortress town, town park, traffic jam, fishing port, country village, shopping street, snowy town and carnival.

        On each page there are pictures of things to spot, accompanied with a number- this indicates how many of these things are on each page for you to find.

        There are minimal words, on the main pages the only writing is the title of what town it is and the things to spot- all which have pictures. This is great for non/new readers.

        This book, just like 'Where's Wally' is surprisingly addictive! It will provide hours of fun, making it an ideal choice of things to bring on long journeys.

        As well as being great fun, this book also develops vital word and number skills and is a great memory game too especially the puzzles at the end.
        For me Usborne never fail to deliver the perfect balance of fun and education in their books, and this is no exception.

        This is a charming picture book of bustling town scenes bursting with things for children to find, count and talk about. Many of the scenes have been very well researched, such as the villages in West Africa and Alaska so introduce a much wider learning.

        I would definitely recommend this book, if the town scenes do not appeal then opt for one of your choice, I'm sure you wont be disappointed!


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